A Message From A Perfect Planet

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Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure

My Dear Friends,

I do hope that you will receive this transmission. This place I have found myself in is very different to our own world, and I do not know if my message will be able to pass through the dense layer of protection that surrounds the planet. However, I will send this with the best of intentions that it will reach you, and that you will perhaps be able to join me in this wondrous place, for I do believe that it is here we can finally find the peace and understanding that we have all been searching for.

I can only attempt to explain to you what I have experienced, in the hope that you will somehow be able to conceptualise the incredible beauty of what I have found myself to become a part of. Can you imagine a world where everything exists together in absolute harmony? Where each thing is a part of another, nothing is separate and alone, and where the actions of every being affect the whole? I expect not, for I would never have been able to envision this kind of unity and perfection before I came here. After all, all we know is chaos. Our world is a mess. But I do believe that this place is itself a kind of medicine, that perhaps just being here can bring us the understanding we need to free ourselves from our own madness and chaos. To teach us that we are all connected as part of a greater whole, so that we can live together in a more loving and united way.

I expect I sound crazy saying this to you. All I can do is tell you what I can of this incredible place and hope that through my words you will find some kind of understanding. My deepest wish, of course, is that you will decide to join me here, and that we can all learn from this miraculous world together.

This place is unusual, for it has a kind of density to it. A solid and definite structure. Everything follows its own natural order, and yet all parts are connected and there is a greater order driving the whole thing. I would almost go so far as to say that this world itself is a kind of being, an entity of its own, which lives through its many individual parts; and that just by being here I am also a part of it. Although, of course, I am merely a visitor; once I put on the special space suit, I agreed to temporarily become a part of this system. My actions here affect everything else, and I am dependent on what is here for my own survival and well being. This is how I am learning to exist as a part of something greater than only myself.

The space suit is essential for my survival, and really is an ingenious invention if I have ever seen one, for it is perfectly designed to carry me through this world. As I have said before, life here is dense yet all is connected. It is through the space suit that I become a part of this place and connect to the great system, and also that I am able to witness and understand all that is happening here. The suit is covered with sensors, allowing information to enter in a myriad of ways, so that each moment becomes a blissful reception of infinite and miraculous beauty. I receive continuous impressions of colours, sounds, smells, touch and tastes, each moment entirely different to the last. I know it is hard for you to perceive this, but every second brings a new experience of the incredible expression of life around me. My time here has been filled with a permanent sense of awe. It is as if this place, this being, is choosing to show me more and more what perfection and harmony look like; and how there are infinite ways for it to demonstrate this and infinite ways for me to experience it.

There are three things so far which I consider essential to life here, and of course they are all connected to myself and to everything else. The first, which I am continually singing prayers of gratitude to, is the great force of power which brings me the life I need to be here. It is everywhere, but it is invisible. I can hear you laughing as I write this. I can hear you scoffing at those ideas of something invisible that allows us to live and survive; of which we never find any evidence in our own world of disorder, and only speculate over half-heartedly. But please, at least consider what I am saying. It is invisible, but I can feel its presence, for it moves everything around me in a glorious range of speeds and directions. If it feels playful, it gently caresses the tall green beings of the landscape, allowing them to dance and sway in a harmonious display of synchronised joy. If it is angry, it has the power to destroy anything in it's path. And as for me, I am in constant communion with this powerful force, for I am continually drawing it into my space suit through tiny holes, and it penetrates and energises every aspect of the suit, bringing me the life force and energy I need to survive here; and then I push it back out, expelling all the things that have gathered inside which I no longer need; and then the cycle begins again.

The next thing I consider to be essential for my life here, is the bright yellow flame that hovers above me and sails through the vast blue shield which protects this place. It is quite incredible that this flame never ceases to move, and yet does so so perfectly and with such impecable rhythm, that everything here gets exactly what it needs from it. It brings a magnificent power that allows me to see the wonderful array of colours around me, and the way that it moves means that the colours and patterns are ever changing. Each moment the picture is slightly different.

The flame also brings heat. What is heat? You will be wondering. I can only say that it feels good, and right, and comfortable; and that I have observed that when the flame is glowing brightly many things open up to greet it and this place becomes yet more expansive and beautiful.

The flame comes and goes. It moves across the shield then disappears for a while. But it always returns. There is an order to it, a very clear and definite structure. At first I was very afraid when it went away. Without it's brightness, I did not know what to do. I could no longer see what was around me, and it became cold. Cold is a feeling that is somehow not right. It is uneasy and uncomfortable. I will be honest with you, my friends, that first time the flame went away was the most terrified that I have ever been. How would I survive? I wondered, if I could not see around me to find the fuel I needed for my suit, of which I will tell you more about soon! How would I find a way back to you all? I had no idea how it would be possible to live through this mysterious absence.

But then, during the deepest part of my fear, the most wonderful thing happened and the landscape slowly began to reappear, as the flame gradually returned. What joy and gratitude I felt at this miracle! I have since come to learn that there is a routine which the flame follows; it comes and goes but it is certainly not random. Through this routine I have begun to trust that this being in which I find myself is a loving and reliable structure, and that all I have to do is learn the flame's pattern of coming and going, and it will always return exactly on time.

I have also discovered something else that is quite incredible; and yet another confirmation that this place exhibits a love for all who inhabit it. I found that it is possible to create my own smaller versions of the flame, using items I can find around me! Since this discovery, the dark times have been neither cold nor difficult, and I know in my heart that the flame is always here and available whenever I need it, even when it appears to have gone away. To me, this has provided true evidence of a love and support, a caring for my own well being and safety, which is beyond that which we have ever witnessed in our own home.

There is more, friends! For although the first time the flame went away, the shield was very dark; each time it has been quite different. I started to notice that sometimes a silver ball would fly over the shield and bring light whenever it wanted to, in various shapes and patterns. What I mean to say, friends, is that at first I thought it brought light whenever it wanted to, but I have come to realise that it too follows its own order and rhythm, which is really quite remarkable. It is a sign of a truly complex and miraculous place, that something so seemingly chaotic is actually following a larger cycle. I am continuing to observe this and hope to have a greater understanding of how this pattern works over time.

Furthermore; and I do not want to go on so much as to begin to bore you but I do find this fascinatinig; it is being speculated by some of our other friends here that the silver ball also has an affect on the wet substance that moves around us everywhere. and also on our own space suits and the feelings which they generate. As of yet we do not have any concrete evidence of this but all the signs of a pattern are there and I cannot see any reason why it would not be true, for everything in this land is connected to each other, and we are all a part of this thing.

There is another great happening which occurs during the dark time, that also appears to happen randomly but which I am sure has some kind of divine order behind it that I am yet to discover. Sometimes the dark shield becomes illuminated with silver sparkles, that glimmer so wondrously, I have never seen anything to rival their beauty. These sparkles, I feel, are speaking to me; only I am yet to understand what it is they are saying. It was the first time I saw the shield completely illuminated with silver that I knew for sure that whatever this being I have become a part of is, it is loving and magical; and is nothing but clear evidence of a truly magnificent creator behind all of it. A creator which in our world we have only ever pretended to believe in.

Oh friends, there is so much more! However, I do not have time to tell you everything about this place, for there is a much more serious and urgent plea within this message. But first do let me relay to you just one more thing which I consider to be of the utmost importance for my life here. This is what we have been calling fuel. You see, all around us are things that we can put into our space suits to give them the energy and power they need to carry us around this world. These things are wonderful and seem to be infinite in their variety. Every one has its own unique quality of flavour to experience and enjoy, and as it enters the space suit it provides us with its own explosion of blissful impression. A signature of itself, if you will. I have begun to consider this entry point a kind of divine communion with the substance. As we unite on it's way into the space suit, it then transforms into something quite different and essential for my life here. These items not only become fuel to enable us to move around, but also help to keep our suits in good working order.

And here is the most incredible thing: we have begun to realise that each item affects the suit in a different way. Some items help it to grow in strength and size, and others have specific uses for various parts of the space suit. There have been times when someone has had a problem with their suit, something has stopped functioning properly, and we have found the right item to put into it to repair it. Can you imagine the magnificence? That this place loves and understands us so much, that is wants us to be here so dearly; so it provides us with exactly what we need to keep our suits in order and to keep us comfortable and well! I have just started to investigate ways of preparing different substances for different results. I feel that there could be no end to discovering how our suits interact with the rest of this planet and I do hope that you will join me here and become a part of this incredible discovery.

I feel that all the time in the Universe would not be enough to fully learn and understand the magic of this wonderful place. Through this inter-connected miracle of simultaneous separation and unity, and through the experience of actually being a part of it, inter-dependent with all other aspects and beings; I am beginning to realise where our mistakes are in our own world, and how we could begin to exist more harmoniously. I am becoming aware of how our sense of separation from each other creates nothing but conflict, and this place is proof to me that there is a better way of being, which is happier and more beneficial for all of us.

I hope that you will not simply dismiss my words, for I know it is difficult for you to understand something that none of us had ever before even dreamed of. And I also pray that you are still listening, for there is more; and if you are still listening and this place feels like somewhere you would want to be, please hear the rest of my message; for this beautiful world is also in need of your help.

When our small group first arrived here, of course we all felt the magic and the wonder, amazed by the harmony and beauty in which we found ourselves to be a part of. But during that first time of darkness, that very first time the flame went away, something terrible happened. Where half of us greeted the next flame with joy and gratitude, and learnt to understand the natural cycle of its coming and going; the other half became scared. Fearful from the perception of abandonment and traumatised by the fear for their own survival, they lost trust in this place and what it appeared to be showing and teaching us.

They began to separate areas for themselves and hoard as much fuel as they could find for their suits, and also items to create flames from during the dark times. They took much more than they could ever need and stored it away in secret places. They will not allow us anything which they claim to be theirs unless we bring them something more in return. And friends, this is not the way that this place works, for it only flourishes when we are all understanding our part in the harmony of the system, using just what we need; for then there is enough for everyone and everything. Our fellow friends are not taking time to learn and understand the way that things work here, they are simply taking as much as possible and keeping it for themselves. They fear that one day there will not be enough for all of us. And we have already observed that the natural patterns are changing. For although they do not believe it, they are a part of this too, and their actions are affecting the whole of it.

I know, my friends, that you are used to living in a world of separation and chaos. A world where nothing appears to connect or to make any sense. But I fear that if you were to see the greed and disconnect in the way that our fellow souls are living, you too would be shocked and disappointed; for there is at least in our world a sense that we are all in some way the same. Here, amongst this great diversity, they do not even have that to cling to. To them, we have become aliens; and they are beginning to seem that way to us too.

So I am hoping that you will also come here to help. I hope that through my words you will understand what a truly magical and divine world we have stumbled upon and the potential to heal our own understandings of ourselves and the Universe we are a part of. I hope that you will be inspired to come here and help to teach our misguided friends what a wonderful gift it is to be able to exist in such a place. For as you know, there is tremendous power in numbers, and if we all share in this love and beauty together, perhaps the others will let go of their fears and join us in experiencing what I truly believe is the greatest miracle to have ever been discovered.

November 12, 2020 00:44

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Chris Wagner
04:12 Dec 24, 2020

The reading is smooth on this. Nothing distracting in the writing itself. Being a fan of the movie Contact, and the Solaris book , and The silent planet by Cs lewis, I excused a lot, and enjoyed the ride. The problem I had was a lack of conflict. It would have helped if either the astronaut had some important equipment failures, or caused problems with her own personality flaws. Either that, or you need to drill down the message at the end that your story is just a big metaphor for how humankind needs to behave to achieve the described utopi...


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