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One night A Woman named Alice was at home laying in bed trying to find something entertaining to watch on television because she couldn't fall asleep . When suddenly she came across a dating show called " The Dating Show" The host on the show began to speak about how they are looking for a couple not just any couple a happy couple! who explains to the audience why they are meant for each other & if the host feels like they are the perfect couple they will win 100,000 dollars!!! Alice sits up & says "100,000 dollars!! I could use that money" she starts to become excited but then realizes that she is currently single! "Oh no I'm single I will never get that money!" The next day at work her fabulous gay best friend Chance approaches her desk " Hey Girl what's up?!" Alice responds " Nothing much just working my ass off as usual" " oh that's a bummer" says Chance " yea". Chance gets excited unexpectedly " I cant hide it did you hear about this dating show the perfect couple gets 100,000 dollars"! (Alice face lights up) "Yes I was watching it last night" Chance - " great I was thinking of something" looking confused Alice responds " What's that?" " you & I should go on there pretending to be a couple!" (Alice looking confused) " I'm sorry what?! You're Gay that is not possible"! Chance responds " Duh We can pretend I'm very good at pretending to be straight" (Alice starts to laugh) Chance responds " What's so funny?! I am great at that everytime that we go to any club the girls are always up on me"! Alice responds " ok just by you saying that is just weird"! " oh c'mon alice we can do this we'll split the money 50/50 itll be great you know you want to do this" (Alice shrugs her shoulders) " I do want that money.....ok I'm I'm in!" Chance stands up & claps " great I knew you would do it so after work help me pick out some clothes that a straight guy would wear because knowing me I'd pick something pink or purple"! Yea let's not have you do that they'll definitely notice that we are a fake" Alice responds " dont worry itll work trust me" Chance winks at alice & returns back to his desk. Alice whispers to herself " I hope so" as shes looking at buildings for sale on the internet so she can open her floral shop shes always dreamed of doing since a little girl! After work Chance & Alice go to the nearest mall & begin to shop for Chance. Chance grabs a floral shirt from one of the racks " Cute! Isnt it?" " yes it's pretty cute for a gay guy but we are supposed to be shopping for a straight guy did you forget"! Alice responds Chance says nervously "oh yea how could I forget?" Alice grabs a black button shirt " how about this one it says straight all over it" That's too plain" chance responds. "OH CMON CHANCE I KNEW IT WAS A LIE WHEN YOU SAID THAT YOU WERE GOOD WITH PRETENDING STRAIGHT" " Relax Alice Ok I'll get serious" " you better or I'm out of this" Alice responds. " you know what I have an idea how about you leave me to this & you go find what you are going to wear" Chance responds. " No I already have an outfit" says Alice " oh I need to approve of that because your taste in fashion is horrible" Chance says disgusted " Oh please coming from a guy who picked up a hideous floral shirt" says alice " Let me see a picture of your outfit" Chance says, " What I'm not showing you a picture of my outfit " " why not"? If we are going to be a couple I need to like what you are wearing" says Chance " I dont have a picture of it ok when you & I head back to my place I'll put it on for you" alice says " Ooh cant wait honey"! Chance says excited (Alice looking weirded out) " what? Is that not how straight guys talk to their girlfriends" chance says laughing Next scene Alice & Chance are at Alice's apartment Alice slips on the silky dress to show Chance. " Ta da" Alice says " what the hell is that?" Chance says " What its sexy"! " yea for a one night stand but we are going to be on a reality talk show more ladylike" chance adds (Alice looking confused) " This is Ladylike with my black stilettos " "Stilettos! Why the hell do you get to dress so sexy but I have to wear a boring attire that will never get me laid" (Chance says annoyed). Alice adds " because I'm the woman in this relationship & you are the man!" This is the rules" " you know what you are absolutely right I love your outfit we are going to psych that crowd with our dishonesty!" Chance says. " Alright I'm packed tomorrow is the big day! We got this right?" ALICE says nervously " of course we do girl" Chance raises his glass & Alice does the same!

The next scene Alice & Chance are in the car on the way to the show! Alice says nervously " I'm not gonna lie Chance I'm nervous!" " Oh Dont be I look fabulous you look fabulous we look a million dollar couple!" Chance says " Really a million dollars? I was thinking maybe 2 dollars!" ALICE Adds. " oh stop it I dont want to deal with negativity before the show that's bad luck" Chance says looking annoyed " ok I'll quit it" " good!" The driver responds " Alright you are here good luck on the show!" (Chance blows him a kiss) " oh thank you sir"Chance adds (The driver winks at him) " No thats not noticeable at all" Alice says sarcastically " oh shush we are not on stage yet I can have a little fun" chance adds. " yes you are right we might not be on stage just yet but shouldn't you start getting into character! Alice says " yea definitely let's go babe " chance says in the most weirdest straight guy tone (Alice pretends like shes throwing up) Alice & Chance are back stage with the other couples getting ready to enter the stage " Chance pinky swear" Alice lifts her pinky up " yes pinky swear we are definitely winning" chance gives Alice a pinky promise A random couple approaches Chance & Alice and says " You two are so cute! Alice & chance both says " Thank You" The host Michael Dawn begins to speak " Hows everyone doing tonight!" The crowd goes ballistic! " Well back stage we have 4 lovely couples ready to win 100,000 let's give them a round of a applause Couples come on out!" The couples starts to approach the stage waving to the audience. " Alright we have this lovely couple right here what are your names?" MICHAEL DAWN ADDS putting his microphone up to Alice & Chance at the same time they both say "ALICE & CHANCE!" " OH what an incredible duo this two! So are you guys ready to win 100,000 dollars!!! Chance responds " yes girl"! The crowd stops cheering & looks confused Alice kicks Chance! "AS MY GIRLFRIEND WOULD SAY YES GIRL! ISNT THAT RIGHT BABE" CHance says nervously. The crowd begins to laugh & carry on with cheering. " Alright since you two were the first my eyes went to what makes you a happy couple?," Alice grabs the mic " What makes us a happy couple is we love each other we knew that we were meant for each other since the moment we met" the crowd says " Awe" " How sweet now how did you two meet?" The host adds " We met a work love at first sight" Alice says nervously " Great Chance is it? I'm going to give you the mic now why do you love your girlfriend so much?" The host says to Chance " Because she is the only one who understands me & who's been there for me I wouldn't want any other man in this world" " Man?" THE host says confused " Man? No I said WOMAN!" CHance says nervously. The woman of one of the couples on snatches the mic from Chance & Says " This couple is a bit odd dont you think I've heard wayy too many slip ups!" The answers "yea" Michael Dawn takes his mic out of the womans hand & says " are you two actually a real couple?" ALICE ANSWERS NERVOUSLY " what? Of course we are what kind of question is that" " Are you 100 percent positive?" The host adds " Yes I'm very positive" "Well I guess we have our winners Alice & Chance you are our WINNERS! YOU JUST WON 100,000 DOLLARS!!! " What? There's no way? This can't be happening"" chance starts to jump up & down " oh my god yes I told you we could do it"! The woman grabs the mic again " wait there's no way that they could've won they are clearly a fake couple me & boyfriend deserves that money not them! I thought this show was about real happy couples?" The host adds " No sweetheart there's no such thing as a happy perfect couple this two were the ones I was looking for you are disqualified have a good future" the crowd begins to cheer & yell!

November 07, 2020 03:09

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