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“WHO BURNT MY TURNIP?” I yelled, dismayed.

“I thought you said to turn it to 400 degrees…” said my little sister innocently. My blood boiled.


I ran to my room holding my turnip, crying.

“I’m so sorry my little turnip.” I said apologetically.

My turnip blinked its huge black eyes and said, “It’s okay mommy.” She smiled a tiny little smile. “I’ll heal, it feels nice actually.”

I got her a warm towel and wrapped it around her. Her eyes closed, and her breathing became heavier. I knew she had fallen asleep.

I wasn’t always a turnip mother. It started like this. My sister had been invited to her best friend’s house for her birthday party sleepover. My parents said she could only go if they went with her.

She picked the logical choice. I was home alone, and I made myself a roasted turnip. I put it in the oven, and a few minutes later I heard the strangest sound coming from the oven.


I opened the oven to find the turnip I was roasting flailing around. It stared at me with huge black eyes. I couldn’t resist. I took it out and the turnip smiled a little smile.

“Thank you! Thank you so so so so much!” I bet you have lots of questions huh...” The turnip said.

I thought of all of the choices in my head and said, “ A lot a lot of questions.”

“Okay” the turnip said.

“I’m a girl, my name is Rutabaga, and I need a mommy. Will you be my mommy?” Rutabaga’s large eyes looked at me hopefully.

“Sure. Why not? I’ll be a turnip mom.”

And that’s how my life became the strangest one ever.

“We’re back we have to-”

“Ummmm….. It’s…….. exactly what it looks like.”

“That is so cool!! The turnip is alive!!!” my sister Amy said. “What’s its name?!?!?!”

“Rutabaga. I was trying to make myself a turnip and Rutabaga came out. I couldn’t resist. I’m her mom now.”

“That’s so cool! I’m her aunt!!! I promise I won’t tell. I promise everything on it!!”

“You better.”

My sister used to be nice. She was very kind, and we were best friends. But then she started hanging out with the bullies. She pretends to be mean, but she’s still nice. And sensitive. Now, back to the present.

My sister came into my room. “My friends just left. I am so sorry. Rutabaga are you okay?”

Rutabaga had woken, and nodded. She was completely back to normal.

“Lets go, it’s time for horse-back riding lessons,” my mom said.

I waved Rutabaga goodbye, got dressed, and hopped in the car.

“Are you excited Tephi?” My mom asked kindly.

SO excited!”

I had wanted to do horseback riding for so so so long. Now I can finally do it. We rode to the stable. When we got there we got to ride. It was so fun. We were almost done when a firework went of right by my horse’s feet. There was a gang of evil rutabagas on the ground, holding fireworks! They get mistaken for turnips sometimes, but they’re different. They wore all black.

“Give us your money!” They said, and shot another firework.

I didn’t know what to do. But my horse did. It kicked up its front legs and ran. And it was fast and I’m talking horse Olympics kind of fast. Is that a thing? If it isn’t it’s copyrighted now. BAM! That jolted me back to reality and I realize my horse has taken me a long way. I look back to see the stable a small dot in the distance.

“Rutabaga!” I had just remembered her. But I thought to myself, “ Amy will take care of her…… My family might not be alive by now!” I realized this and a million bad thoughts clouded my head.

We went deeper and deeper into the wilderness. “I have my phone!” I said, astonished at my own stupidity. “ I have a phone I can just call for help.”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to find out I had no reception. “Stay calm. You always wanted to be a superhero when you were growing up. So be one.” I said to no one in particular but myself. You can do it. But at that very moment I saw something astonishing. Purely…. Laughable? I don’t think that’s the right word.

The rutabaga gang was trying to burn down the town. Quite unsuccessfully at that.

They were throwing fireworks everywhere. But then, just when a fire started they freaked out and put it out. Everyone in town seemed scared and distraught they were trying to burn it down, but also quite amused in a way. Some of the kids were laughing, which the kids got in trouble and scolded for, but at this point some of the parents were laughing too. The monstrosity before everyone’s eyes was very very hard not to laugh at.

Some of the Rutabagas had set themselves on fire. Those ones were running around screaming. A few had lit a firework that had exploded very loudly and continued to in bright colors that the kids loved and laughed at, but that the Rutabagas got very scared by. There was running and screaming and laughing. But surprisingly it was the opposite of what you would think. The people under (f you could even call it this) “attack” where laughing and giggling. They seemed as happy as if they just got cake for breakfast. On the other hand, the rutabagas who where so called “attacking” were running and screaming and running. Everything you would think the people under attack would think. There was so much to say about this that I’m not even half way done.

The premise of this attack was that the attackers where being attacked by themselves, fireworks and fires. But the people under attack were laughing, chatting and having an overall fun time. I wanted to be a hero so on my horse I made a dramatic entrance.

“Stop attacking the city. Don’t worry citizens. I will save you! (Though you don’t need much saving.)” I said heroically. All the rutabagas looked at me, and then started running away and screaming. The people cheered for me, and my mom, my dad, my sister, my baby turnip and me were safe and together. And I’d saved the town doing it. Just an added bonus.

January 29, 2022 02:39

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Hannah Barrett
19:59 Jan 29, 2022

Wow, Silva! Two in one week! I loved little Rutabaga and the description of her big eyes. I imagined her as a little kawaii character. Great work, and I just love how fun you make all these prompts.


Silva Fox
18:33 Nov 14, 2022

That is exactly how I imagined Rutabaga too. I work so hard and love positive feedback. Thank you so much.


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