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Peace Corps 97 Chuma Bolivia. That is when I walked over to the other reality.. Lost? I have been there. I am a lost time traveler to be honest. Don’t believe me? Ask my shrink. He will quietly agree with some of what I showed him. However, my most lost event is August 1997.

I had been invited to two separate parties. One at the museum of Lake Titikaka, Bolivia. There I had one of the more memorable drinking contest with a colleague. We drank for a few days. I had been in Bolivia without a vacation for sometime so I had saved up a month of vacation.

The party was with graduate students from an anthropology school from the states. That I sat with one person who had been there for three years and explained to him that his toy tops were stones used to crush spicy sauce was interesting. Why? If he ever went into Bolivia kitchen, he would have seen a Bolivian crushing chili and tomatoes and herbs together to make llajua sauce. A sauce in some areas that can be rather hot.

After which?

I went on a wild drive with a friend that just passed away in 2021.

We drank some of the better wine from Chevisive and drove 110 miles to Chuma. The party started and someone there dressed me as a bear. I danced for two weeks. I ate at 50 or more homes. And I danced from 5 am until 3 am drinking Triago and singing. I danced as a bear, a slave, a slaver holder, and miner. It was a blast. Now as a time traveler what has this got to do with my story? People here say that party only last two or three days. I remember 14 days. Memories. Most people remember strange little unexpected things in their life. There are several weird stories I could tell. From fairies dancing across a mountain in Caracato, Bolivia. On that day I heard thunder for miles around. Or the lightning storm with faes dancing in the yard on a farm outside of Fallon, Montana. Likewise the time, the strange lights danced for hours on a hill top in Lame Deer, Montana. Or the time the tornado touched down right where I was in Ekalaka, Montana.

I suppose the one that gets me most questionable in my mind is the faes of Chuma, Bolivia. I have told this story several times and people laugh and laugh. In yet, to me it is truthful as the weeks I spent there.

I had gotten to spend a week elsewhere dancing as a bear on the altiplano with the colleague. The party was okay. Nothing awkward. I had met several anthropologists from a local museum. And solved two of their issues which they had been studying for a few years. How? I live.

The first was a guy with several stones that looked like tops. The guy did not understand why they had so many of these stones. I was not really paying attention I said “oh you are into yakwa.” which is spelled in this reality llajua. It is a spicy sauce that country Bolivians put on everything. He looked at me. The stones are used to pound spices into sauce.

I doubt I have made it back to my real reality since then. Meaning? Oh, look me up on prose. “A wondering mind through the Multiverse”. Once you party with me. I could very likely take you to worlds so close to yours that you would not know they were different until it is too late. That is to say. I might lose you and you? Well, if I have not made it home since 1997. I doubt you will make it home either. Just saying.

You are not a time traveler.. I smile.. They call it Mandela effect here in this reality. In my reality? Secrets are held more closely than here. I was born on an earth considered being on the outer edge of Sagittarius arm. There the galaxy measurement on the internet was 377,000 light years across. No known black holes within the galaxy. Earth was on the outer edge of the Sagittarius arm. Earth was 6.5 billion years old and the next galaxy to hit was supposed due in 365,000 years.

Am I making this up? I doubt it. My imagination was into other stories. Like? Oh, I once was someone else for a time. Seriously? Yes. But who cares. Who knows me these days? I doubt if that party had me stolen away to a completely different reality and spacetime. I mean how unlikely is a kid from Montana to end up in the country where Sundance and Che were murdered?

Come now. A festival in Chuma and a time traveling Peace Corps member lost in Spacetime. That is the lost ness of this story.

You must be a wino? No. I am a pirate. I drink rum. And that would bring up another story of being lost for a time.

I was sitting at Cafe Shi. It is an tea shop that moves around a bit. I had found it in Bozeman, Montana a long time ago. Or if closed time curved loop reality exists just moments ago and this story along with reality is like "Time and Belief "nothing more than a memory of someone dead a lot longer than you want to know. What am I saying? Well, if I am a time traveler. You would be dead a long timea ago. And I? To be speaking to the dead. I am dead to welcome to my ghost story.

I had entered Cafe Shi in Washington DC. Wait a moment I thought you said Bozeman, Montana was where Cafe Shi was? I said it moved around a lot. The owner is a lady of defined refined style and taste. Afterall she was once upon a time ruler of a province in China a lot longer ago than I realized when I bumped into her in 1993 in Bozeman. She was looking for something. And? I happened into her tea shop because I was hungry. And that began a story that no one would believe even if I was to write more about it.

May 07, 2021 23:23

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