Dancing In The Woods

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Adventure Fantasy Friendship

"Morning young lady and what is your name?"

Abigail froze. Who said that!

"It's me, Emma, and don't stand on me and break a wing!"

Looking up at Abigail, with very big eyes, was Emma. Adorable in her green pointed hat, dancing and twirling in front of Abigail. She couldn't stand still.

"Has the cat got your tongue, young lady?" Emma carried on.

Abigail could not grasp what was going on. Am I dreaming? Am I really seeing this? Hearing this?

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you. My name is Abigail." she felt silly and looked around to see if anyone was watching.

"No problem. Just be careful. I'm going to gather a few more friends to teach them a new dance. What are you doing in the woods today, shouldn't you be in school?"

"I should be but now that the Covid virus is around we only have school on certain days," Abigail answered. "by the way, I'm Abigail.

"Oh poppycock, children should be in school. This virus nonsense is an excuse. It is essential to study and be with your friends!" huffed Emma.

"I do miss my friends very much," Abigail sighed as she thought how lonely she had been since school days were cut back. "I have to go now Emma, will you be here tomorrow?

"This is my favourite spot where I can relax in the sun. I'll be here. Would you like to join me and the gang practice our new dance tomorrow?"

"Sure I'll be here," Abigail skipped off home.

As she pushed the back door open she wondered what her Mum would say if she told her what had just happened in the woods.

I won't tell. Mum will just tell me my imagination is running away with me again.

The next day Abigail returned to the spot where she had left Emma but there was no one there. "Emma, Emma!" she called, but the woods were silent. I'm sure this was the spot. Abigail kept calling and searching for Emma but all in vain.

Maybe I did imagine Emma, silly me, Mum does say my imagination is over the top.

"Why so quiet tonight Abby?" Mum asked. "You spent the entire day in the woods, what were you doing?"

"Nothing in particular. I'm going to spend the day there again tomorrow. Goodnight Mum."

At the crack of dawn Abigail was up and dressed. She had to make sure she wasn't imagining things. Emma had been so real. Their conversation had been so real.

Again she called "Emma, Emma!"

"Oh shush Abigail, you will have the entire village out here with all that noise!"

"Emma, I'm so glad to see you. I thought you might not come back."

"Right young lady are you ready to learn to dance like a pixie should," Emma clapped her hands and pixies started appearing from behind bushes and skipped down the path to the clearing.

There was singing and music the rest of the day. Emma was quite the real driving force behind the scenes. Correcting fumbled steps or making sure how to properly execute a pirouette. She checked that hands were an extension of the arms. "Relax the hands!" she would remind her troupe.

Day after day Abigail arrived at the clearing and twirled in the sun with her friends, learning all the steps.

"Emma, my days with you are magical. I can't wait to get up in the morning to get out here."

"I am sure your Mum and friends would not believe you If you told them what was happening out here in the forest Abigail. Or could I call you Abby?"

"Sure you can Emma."

"Abby, I have some bad news. Tomorrow we all move on, we have stayed here far too long. I do hope you will still join us for tomorrow for one more day."

Abigail slowly trudged home. Devastated.

She didn't close an eye that night and at breakfast she looked out the window. The weather outside was like her heart, she thought. Overcast and dark. No sunshine today.

"Are you sure about going into the woods today Abby, you could get caught in a rain storm.

"I have to go Mum"

What's so important to this child of mine that she has to go to the woods each day thought Mum. "Be back for tea this afternoon Abby."

"Okey dokey Mum. Promise!" Abbey blew her Mum a kiss as she peddled her bike hard to get to the woods quick as possible.

Arriving at the clearing Abigail found herself alone. Not a friend in sight. The skies were dull as Abigail's heart. I would have loved just one more day with the Pixies and at least say goodbye.

Sitting a a rock, she waited. They might still pitch. She was hoping they might just be a bit late but as the day dragged by, she resided herself to the fact that they had left. Her heart broken, she pushed her bike home.

"I'm not hungry Mum. I'll bath and go to bed."

"What's wrong Abby, I've never seen you so despondent. Talk to me."

"Maybe later, Mum." Abigail was off to her room. She lay on her bed thinking back about this past week. She had been so happy. Nothing like this had ever happened to her.

Thunder and lightning filled her room and she heard the rain on the windows. Abigail tossed and turned but could not get to sleep.

Eventually the moon peeked through the window and ..... Am I imagining it - I am sure that is music outside. 

Abigail peered through the window. There on the front lawn were the pixies dancing and twirling in the moonlight. Emma was directing as usual, at the end of the dance she looked up at the window and waved at Abigail, blew a kiss and in one scoop all the pixies left.

"Thank you for coming to say goodbye Emma," said Abigail as she stared at the troupe departing. Waving at them.

"Abigail, love, are you alright. Who are you talking to?" Mum stood next to her at the window.

"They came to say goodbye, Mum."

"Into bed Abby. You must have had a dream. There is no one out there."

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