American Fiction Romance


twirls down the stairs, carrying a tray of

crossants, her

cropped, silky blond hair and

diamond-blue eyes shining.

She's like the

Ellen DeGenres

of baking. She has the same first name after

all. Same eyes. But her

hair is softer and prettier, and she is


She is dressed in a black and white

dress, with a wide

skirt, button-up top like an anime character.

Me, a character.


eyes sparkle as she walks

into her bakery, from

her apartment upstairs.

Her employees

Ryan and Liza, are standing there, behind the counter, their

reflections shining on the

surface of the

granite countertop


faces too close

like a




to their souls.

They're in love, and

Ellen knows it.

I know it.

Customers come pouring in like

a flood, Ryan giggling

as Liza hands him a paper bag, for some old cat-loving lady's

muffins, as

their hands


Ellen sighs.

She has no lover.

Have no lover.

A couple comes strolling in,


Ellen can tell by their rings,

their smiles, their

ways their

eyes their

love comes pouring off of them.

Ellen sighs again,

her lovely face forming a slight frown.

Why won't he ever

love her?

Love me?


gives them their coffee, the lady's cinnamon-colored

hair and coffee-brown eyes


in her beverage.

The beverage they share.

Shares with me.

By noontime,

everyone is coming in

for their lunch-break bagels.

These people

are too devoted to just pick up a dry everything from


It used to have donuts in its


Nowadays, simple is better.

But not for Ellen.

For me, for me.

Meanwhile, on

the other side of town, Joseph,

a round man wit a brown beard and warm hazel eyes like tea leaves

swirling in a cup, about

to tell your fortune.

Your future holds love, why not mine?

He walks away form his coffeeshop, going to get a

bagel, from the lady at the place

across the street.

"Ellen's Sweet Treats," he



alive, alive, alive until he remembers


leaving him.

She was the love of his life, he thought.

She thought

differently. She'd left Joseph. Now he was alone, looking into an

empty window, sleeping in an empty bed, speaking

empty words.

My empty, empty words.

Joseph enters Ellen's

Sweet Treats. he waits in line, looking at the lovers. Only a few

customers over ten are


Those fourteen-year-old-kids

are together, obviously in love,

and over there, a boy hardly old enough to drive is with a girl;

she smiles at him.

Only a twenty-two-year-old girl with black hair,

frowning at her laptop as she writes, dressed

in black, obviously a goth,

and a young man drinking coffee

are alone.

Elderly couples

and teenage crushes and their crush-ees

are all in here.

Here, here.

Joseph's eyes meet Ellen's.

The lady behind the counter sees him, her

gaze never breaking,

eyes as sharp as the eyes of that girl

in that email ad for the Netflix show The Queen's Gambit,

which Joseph didn't watch.

He looks at his phone.

The wallpaper is a picture of Vivian...

Vivian and him, at a beach, him in a button-up blue shirt, her

in a cranberry-red bikini, dark hair blown in the sea breezes. Her


sit upon her head like a crown.

Joseph puts his phone away.

He'll change that picture someday.

Or never look

at his phone again.

Never look at my phone again.

That song by Elvis, Can't Help Falling in Love With You, by

that girl

Ingrid Michaelson,

plays, slow and


It is, clearly, a

love song.

Ellen regrets her playlist choices and blushes.

Joseph looks at he girl behind the counter.

"I can't... help... fall-ing in love with... you..." Ingrid sings.

Falling in love with you.



Says the flyer

stapled to a nearby telephone pole, more metal

than wood from all the staples and

pins there.

Joseph sees it.

Ellen see it.

They join.

We joined, see how happy...

The competition

is on.

It's war, only instead of freedom and rights and power, they're battling

for cupcake, cookie, and coffee domination.

World domination.

Or town-wide.

The town of Everfair, Oregon,

is always perfect, and


Known for its small communities,

a girl named Emilia Watt had arrived

to get some small-town experience.


spent every spare second typing away, in Ellen's coffeeshop and

sweets shop.

Sometimes she got a coffee from Joseph's though.

Her star-crossed

lovers story was not going well.

So she looked around.

Everyone was in love. Everyone but her.

But me.

Joseph and Ellen were

trying to be perfect.

This bit gets sped up, because

I am not writing a poem on how to brew the perfect coffee,

of how to

get your shop perfect for the judges.

let's just say

that they


I did.

On the day of

judging, judges

disguised as ordinary customers would come in,

sample everything, and

see how they liked the

decor and the staff and the coffeeshop vibes.

After that, they all go to the

town square, and see who has won.

First prize: Ellen's Sweet Treats, for

vibe, flavors, and kindness.

And decor.

Can't forget the


Joseph stares at Ellen,

her beautiful face,

her elegant movements,

the sound of her voice-- sweet

and melodic.

Maybe he could give love another chance.

Another chance.

Ellen looked at Joseph. He was her

rival, but he was a nice man.


she could try out this "love".

My love.


approaches Joseph with a


My gift.


approaches Ellen

with a smile.

His smile...

They meet.

"Chocolate Kiss Eclair?"



Joseph takes it.

He tries a bite at the

same time Ellen goes for it.

The laugh

when their heads bump.

They try to eat the eclair from

both ends. Their eyes

sparkle like diamonds.

The diamond he gave me.

They stand there, faces so close

from eating

the eclair from Bothe ends, it brought them closer.






c l o s e r...

Closer to him, to you, to


They kiss.

We kissed.

They are.

we were.

They will become.

We have become.

Ellen is my mother.

Joseph is my father.

Emilia is my best friend, even though she's twenty years

older than I.

I am Chocolate, their


Named for the thing that brought

them together.

Us together.

Me together.

We together.

Love together.

Someday, my love,

I will come for you.

And we will be together




--Chocolate Eclair Abbot.

December 07, 2020 00:58

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Amel Parvez
11:30 Feb 17, 2021

BEAUTIFUL! i just loved it and secondly i loved the way!


Loved the way?


Amel Parvez
11:20 Feb 18, 2021

u know the way u hv written it in a poetry from


Oh, okay!!


Amel Parvez
18:10 Feb 18, 2021



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Izzie Chan
21:46 Dec 30, 2020

Hi, Emmie! The poem-like format worked really well for your story! I loved the topic and the way the story progressed. I know it’s pretty late for me to be looking at this, haha, but I saw that you mentioned it in a comment on someone else’s story and I couldn’t help but check it out. You now have another follower :)


Wow! Thanks, Izzie! The story continues in Spices, Rescue, Storm, John's Tale, and Willow, if you want some more, however, I will admit that they get darker, falling into a creepy mystery-thriller genre. I'll check out your submissions sometime!


Izzie Chan
17:40 Dec 31, 2020

No problem, Emmie! Ooooh, I’ll definitely check them out soon (wow, you made so many parts)! I like mystery-thrillers, lol Oh, thank you so much!


You're welcome! My pleasure! I love writing, and these stories are so easy and fun, so I have lots o them :)


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Cassandra Dennis
00:29 Dec 20, 2020

Your simplistic imbalance of words through the past, present and future create a ever flowing poetic pulse that kept me engaged. Thank you for sharing.


You're welcome! This was, for all the reasons you listed, really fun to write. Poetry is easier to write than normal stories for me, too, because you have completer freedom to mess with the punctuation and make it run and dance down the page in strange and beautiful ways. Have you read any of my other poetry stories? They all branch from the same world, but just a note, they kind of become a thriller-mystery-adventure story because I wanted a bit of drama... so they're a little different. They start with "spices" and end at John's tale" if ...


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Syeda Fatima
02:23 Dec 16, 2020

THIS IS AWESOME! just love how the this story winds up all the future and present in one finger twirl. keep writing...


I will! :)


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Kylie Wallis
00:35 Dec 16, 2020

I've never had a go at poetry verses, but you seem to have a knack for it.


Thank you! (I was supposed to stay off Reedsy to work on my editing, but wow, I'm shameless.I came back on.)


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Hey, guys! I'll be leaving Reedsy for a little while, so I won't get your comments. Don't worry, I'll come back in a week or two, but I won't be able to get your comments. If you want to comment please like this story and go to it later. (in a week or two weeks) Thank you!


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This is the beginning of a continuation I'm working on, all with "a poetry verse story" somewhere in their name. I'm calling it Bridgebrook Tales, since (I don't mention it in this one) that's the name of the town. It becomes a sort of mystery-thriller-adventure later on, with some darker elements, so it isn't as lighthearted as Ellen and Joseph's romance, but they're all done like this, in this style.


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21:06 Dec 08, 2020

This is the best thing I've read today. Loved it.


Thank you! I'm working on another like this, about a girl who isn't from Earth, and who's family has been hidu=ing her form the world. I can't find a prompt that matches it, though.... Edit: hiding. I don't know where the u or the equal sign came from. Please no one copy this idea, because I'm already working on it!


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18:34 Dec 08, 2020

Yes, yes yes!! This story is just amazing. The poetry format fits in so well, and I just loved it! You deserve more followers and more likes!!!! What a beautiful write to the prompt! You officially have also, gained another follower. So happy to have stumbled upon your name on reedsy. :)


Thank you Amber! You as well! :)


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Yolanda Wu
06:29 Dec 08, 2020

This story was so cute! I love how it's in verse, it really adds to the whole romantic feel of the story. I loved it! Amazing work, Emmie!


Thanks Yolnada! Ops, I think I misspelled your name


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Oops! noticed a typo just now! I was describing Joseph and said that he was a "round man wit a brown beard" and it was supposed to be "with."


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Ray Dyer
02:03 Dec 07, 2020

Emmie, this was so much fun to read. There are so many little moments in here that I love. The reflections, on the granite countertop, in the coffee--they're so visual. I enjoyed all of it, but there were definitely a few lines that stood out taller than the rest. I loved the way lines pop out, like punchlines, that define or redefine what led up to them, or just remind us of things that we all know or think to ourselves. I loved, "It used to have donuts in its name." And also "which Joseph didn't watch." There are quite a few ...


Thank you so much! I've been writing a poem every day since Covid came to R.I, and I got into the hundreds before I eventually stopped, but I've only attempted to tell a story in verse a few times. The first few were pretty depressing, but I'm so glad that you like this one! Did you pick up that the girl writing on her laptop, alone and without a boyfriend, represented the writer, AKA me? That might not pop instantly, but I put myself in the story just because. Thanks for your kind words!


I had been using the "tab" key to put extra space between the lines, like when I said "closer... closer... c l o s e r..." but that didn't show up. It still looks good, though. Right? :)


Ray Dyer
18:57 Dec 07, 2020

I actually like the spacing that you used, from the choice in line breaks to the way you spelled out c l o s er r - that was part of what made the poem jump out at me. It definitely looks good.


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