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If you are new to Reedsy and looking for some great stories to read, you're in the right place. I've been here a relatively short time and found that the stories are rivaled by the incredible spirit of support that exists here. Among (so many) others, I would happily point you to any of these wonderful authors: Deidra Lovegren, Ryan Dupont, Leilani Lane, Rayhan Hidayat, A.g. Scott, Meggy House, Anna Elizabeth, Maggie Deese, Molly Leasure, and Bianka Nova. It feels like I discover another name that should be on this list every time I return to the site, so please take no offense if I did not include you. Most of these folks were the ones who welcomed me to Reedsy when I first arrived, and I'm happy to do the same to folks who have come after. As the man said, "Enter freely and leave a little of the happiness you bring!"