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Hi, I'm Izzie! This is my old account. Here's the link to my new one: https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/isabella-chan/ Make sure to upvote: - Writer Maniac: (https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/writer-maniac/) - Raquel Rodriguez: (https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/raquel-rodriguez/) They've gotten downvoted a lot in such a short period of time. Please help bring their points back up! Some of my favorite Reedsy authors: - Yolanda Wu: I really admire her writing style. Her story, "Red Tea Dream" is incredible. - Zilla Babbitt: Her stories are so powerful. She deserves her spot on the leaderboard. - A.Dot Ram: She's an amazing and talented writer, one of the first people I followed when I started. - Writer Maniac: She's a wonderful writer. I love all the stories she's posted in my time on Reedsy. - Emmie Greensgate: She left, but still, go read her stories. She's so talented, and they're always amazing. - Maya W.: A really, really talented writer. Her story, "Roux and Rue" is one of my favorites. I love the way she wrote it in the format of a cookbook. - Alex Allison: She only posted once, but it was enough for me to follow her! Go read her story, "For Ever, Sugar". - Raquel Rodriguez: One of my irl friends! She's so talented, and really good at writing descriptive scenes and characters. (follow and upvote her so she can take back her spot on the leaderboard 👀) - Arham Ishraq: Another one of my irl friends! An amazing writer. He writes incredible suspense scenes. (follow and upvote him too 👀) - Ash M: Also one of my irl friends! She describes characters' feelings and thoughts in a way I could never. (you know what to do 👀) You can find all of them on my following list :)