Science Fiction Friendship Fantasy

“What are they looking for?”


“Why so far? We have one here.”

“Do we?”

“That strange jellyfish taken by the big ship and stranded here alone. Isn’t it alien too?”

Look up and down, up and down, up and down “your brain must be eaten by aliens.”

“Do I have a brain?”

“Do we have a brain?”

“Guys stop! They are looking for a new home.”


“They wrecked Earth down and forget how to fix it.”



“’Wreck’ used when they know the consequences, but they were too stupid to know that. Remember when they found that oil from the ground? The whales were cheering along with them. Oh, poor whales, I was shouted out loud when I heard the news about the old Cachalot. They, humans, need to pay some price too.”

 “We have four already, do we?”


“What is it about?”

“The mass extinction”


 “So, it’s better to stay or run away?”

“Sssst, don’t tell them. Let they do their thing”


“They will know eventually. It’s almost there, the sixth.”

“How did you know?”

“Some birds told me last summer that the warmth was getting longer and longer.”

“Yeaahh, it’s finally here!!! I want to be the soil this time.”

“You will be the ground. Layered by the dust and hold the water down.”

“That’s better, you know? Up here was too bad. I can’t imagine, what’s another worse creature would arise after this one.”

“I was creeped out by those dinosaurs and excited for nothing when that smaller creature was created. I thought, it’s finally peace, little did I know that they were even worse.”

“Those dinosaurs might be scary and noisy but they didn’t take more than what they needed.”

“I like Luca better.”

“What’s Luca?”

“The first”

“Since when is it called Luca?”

“Humans name it, I think it's cool.”

“Why Luca?”

“Because it’s the first.”

“Luca is not better. They eat each other.”

“But that makes them exist, living things.”

“You know, what’s funnier?”


“They tried to plant the trees. But same tree, all the same species.”

“What? Monogenous?”

“Ridiculous! What luck for us to have no brain.”

“There’s nothing good about having one.”


“I thought it was the worst, when fire and all those meteors attacked Earth. Little did I know that humans could do this far.”

“Actually, they are not that bad. Remember, when they used to give us food and share anything, they had with us?”

“They didn’t do that anymore.”

“When I was a melted magma down there, I heard something interesting from the plates.”

“What? The land married with the water?”

“ugh, muddy”

“No, you silly! The glacier was in pain.”

“’is’ in pain. It had been worsening for the last few decades. Don’t try to be the smart one. Everyone had heard about it. The wind told me yesterday that one of the lands in the south will soon be claimed by the ocean. It’s all because that human let the glacier melt.”

“I hate being magma”

“So, what’s you want to be when the sixth comes?”

“Can I just be water?”

“You are a rock, silly!”

“You said nothing is impossible!”

“That’s for humans! There’s something fundamental that is impossible, except for God.”

“What God?”

“This conversation must end here. Talking about God's existence would take time until the sun supernova.”

“The worst was for the Mus. They owned this land before and then those bloody humans started to claim the land and now, they said that they were pests in their own land.”

“But they’re warriors. After all of this madness, they managed to survive.”

“What’s the point of surviving? When you are not worthy in your own land.”

“I mean. The humans, aren’t they smart enough to be the global superpredator? Why didn’t they realize that their existence was in danger?”

“If you think you are smartest of all, nothing can help you from catastrophic destruction.”

“They even think that planting some trees would fix everything and it's monogenous.”

“hahaha, I could die of tears, ahhh my stomach is hurt.”

“How many times do I have to remind you? You are rock! A stone made from atoms. You have no stomach!”

“Why didn’t I have one? I want to have one! When the sixth comes, I’ll pledge a wish to Zeus to give me one.”

“Ask Zeus to give you a brain too.”

“But they learn though, some are good enough to realize it. I saw some that tracked the ecological history.”


“In the north forest before I was drawn by the flood.”

“I missed the Bramble.”

“Why suddenly brought the Bramble?”

“I see none of them recently. They are kind little mates.”

“They gone! Four of five winters ago. I heard from people passing by that they were extinct.”

“Now, even a small mammal is also extinct. I missed the Mammoth too.”

“Why do you have to miss them? I always had to be wary around them.”

“Not all of them extinct, some of ‘sane-enough’ humans had tried to save anything they could save. The old Mega was lucky enough to have a secure life in his old day. I heard that humans have an agreement to protect his family.”

“Who knows what the future would be like, those big cats everyone always feared were gone now.”

“What about us?”


“Is there any among us that get bad luck?”

“HAH! What could be bad luck for us? We’ve been burning, sweeping, freezing, and more. We still remain a rock.”

“They didn’t care about us. Plethora of us here, yet they tried to find more on the moon.”

“How did you know that?”

“A human talked to me.”

“That human must be crazy.”

“She cried.”


She told me that no one in her family seems to care about the lost. She feels bad for Earth and me.”

“I hope she died before the sixth comes.”

 “How long until the sixth arrive?”

“Soon, maybe a few years or decades.”

“Do they know, human?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Don’t tell them then.”



If you wonder how was the rock's life

October 23, 2020 11:38

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L. B. Walt
09:54 Nov 04, 2020

Hi Amy, First off, apologies this review is a little late. I know editing is now closed for entires but I wanted to give my thoughts. I really like the idea and creativity of the story, of rocks having a reflective moment and commenting of aliens, earth and Monogenous tree plantings.. etc.. But I admit, it took me a little while to get my head into this story, mainly due to the staccato nature of how it is written. It made me feel like I was reading a sccreenplay or a script of sorts and I found myself looking for other theatrical ref...


Amy Utami
13:37 Nov 04, 2020

Hi Walt, First, I'd like to thank you for your delightful feedback and support. I was honoured by your words and humbled by it. Actually, I also don't know why I wrote this and post it. As I stuck with my other writing, I opened a blank page and start to write what's on my mind. This story has been a bit special for me, since this the one confirmed my desire to collect the similar stories I wrote about nature into a book. I have to admit that writes in English put me into alot of limits. English is my third language. I'm trying m...


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B. W.
04:00 Oct 25, 2020

i'll give this a 10/10 :)


Amy Utami
04:55 Oct 25, 2020

Thank you 🐣


B. W.
05:05 Oct 25, 2020

no problem ^^ if its alright, could you maybe check out "Ghostly fun times" and then leave some feedback for it?


Amy Utami
05:11 Oct 25, 2020

Alright, I'm not done with your last recommendation. I'll try and give you feedback soon 🐣


B. W.
05:33 Oct 25, 2020

thats alright ^^


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Juan Phoenix
11:55 Oct 23, 2020

You literally make the dinner's talk into a work. So that's why you always ignite the argument, hmm


Amy Utami
11:57 Oct 23, 2020

Thanks Po! 😂🐣


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