“Mom. What is the point of Springing Forward?” Kelly asked, setting the microwave clock forward. She was wearing her favorite pajamas; a pair of orange polka-dotted capri pants, and her mom’s old Matchbox 20 t-shirt. She set the time to 11:46. That was an hour and two minutes ahead of the actual time.

“Well, you like playing outside and swimming late at night, right?” Said her mom, “Springing Forward is how we get longer days. It’s how we have light so long in summertime.” Kelly nodded her head, in understanding of her mom’s response.

“I guess that makes sense. I just think that school should be canceled on Monday. Because everyone is still getting used to the time change.” Kelly sighed and grabbed her heating pad off the counter. She stuck it in the microwave and set it to high for one minute. 

“If only that was an actual thing. I don’t want to go to school on Monday either. My students are terrible!” Kelly’s mom worked at the high school. Kelly wasn’t in her mom’s class yet, because she was in seventh grade. Kelly giggled because her mom was always talking about how bad her class was. They sounded so horrendous, that it was funny.

Kelly pulled out her heating pad and held it to her lower stomach. She had been having really bad stomach aches all week. Her mom thought that a heating pad would help. It actually did help, because the heat was soothing. Kelly head-butted her mom in the shoulder.

“I love you, Momma. Sleep good.” Kelly’s mom kissed her on the head and gave her a hug.

“Sleep well, my sweet. Have sweet dreams.” Kelly’s mom responded. She locked the door and headed to her room. 

Kelly went to the bathroom. She stared into the mirror for a solid five seconds. She examined her straight black hair. She took in her icy blue eyes and pale skin. She shrugged and grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste from the cabinet. She brushed her teeth and rinsed with some Listerine. Her eyes watered, as the Listerine was burning the inside of her cheeks. She spit out the icy blue liquid, and swished a few swigs of warm water around her mouth. She spit it out, then smiled in the mirror. She nodded in approval, as she left the bathroom, and went to her bedroom across the hall. 

She set the time on her alarm clock, and turned off the light. She quickly hopped over to her bed and she buried herself under the covers. She wasn’t even tired just minutes ago, and now, it was as if a magical fog of sleep had fallen over her. She had drifted off to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. 

“Honey, it's time to get up. You, Krissy, and I have a spa appointment at eight.” Kelly’s mom said. Kelly was a bit too big for her old bed. Her feet stuck out at the end of the bed. She had such a bad headache.

“Momma, who’s Krissy? And why aren’t we going to church today?” Kelly asked. Her mom laughed at her and looked over to a woman, who looked like she was about 30. 

“You must have had one too many drinks, Kel.” Said this so-called ‘Krissy.’ Her white blonde hair was blinding in the LED light of the room. She pulled a pair of yoga pants out of my drawer and a volleyball shirt that Kelly hadn’t remembered even having. Krissy pulled the covers off of Kelly and handed Kelly her clothes. Kelly pushed them away.

“I want to wear my own clothes. Not yours.” Kelly said, standing up. She was wobbly and nearly fell, but her mom caught her before she did. 

“Kelly, are you okay? This is just an old shirt from high school. It’s yours. See, the back says ‘Freta,’ and the front has the name of your high school. Krissy didn’t go there.” Her mom made her sit on the bed. Kelly was extremely confused. “We are going out to the kitchen. Come out when you are dressed. Love you!” Kelly’s mom and Krissy left her alone with her thoughts.

Kelly got dressed and ready, looking around her room to see if she could find anything different. She saw the mirror on the vanity and decided to take a look. She looked the same. Almost the same. Her hair was a good eight inches shorter, cropped to the middle of her neck. To her surprise, Kelly liked the hair cut. She also had stronger shoulders, a thinner face, and high cheekbones. She was an adult. She wasn’t her thirteen year old self, but an older version. She then found that she was a foot taller than normal. And she had big hands. Her hands were soft; nothing like her hands as a thirteen year old.

Kelly left her room to the kitchen. She stopped abruptly as she saw the kitchen. It was awesome! The island now had a granite counter top and bar stools. It was new and refreshing. Kelly looked at her mom and Krissy and shook her head. She had so many questions. She didn’t know what year it was, she didn’t know her age, and she didn’t know the state of being that her brother and father were in. 

“How’re Connor and Dad? Are they okay?” Kelly asked. She poured herself some coffee. She looked into the fridge and grabbed the creamer. Mmm, she thought, Hazelnut creamer is my favorite! 

“Well they’re over with James. Don’t you remember?” Krissy asked. Kelly shook her head. “Put that in a Yeti cup. We need to pick up Riley.” She added. Kelly wondered how Krissy knew Riley. Riley had been her best friend since fourth grade.

“How do you know Riley?” Kelly asked. Krissy froze. Her head tilted in confusion. Kelly felt embarrassed because she was ignorant to the situation.

“She is your Maid of Honor. I met her six months ago, along with the other two bridesmaids. We are meeting them today for lunch.” Kelly blinked. Maid of Honor. She was getting married. Today. 

“Where did I meet you then?” Kelly asked Krissy. Krissy turned around and almost dropped her car keys. 

“Are you okay? Do you need to go to the Emergency Room? I am Connor’s wife.” Kelly felt stupid. She could feel heat rising in her cheeks.

“Oh I knew that. That dream seemed so real.” Kelly said. Krissy looked at her and shrugged. Kelly’s mom chuckled as she grabbed her purse. 

“Where’s my wallet, Momma?” Kelly asked. She unplugged the coffee and searched for her wallet on the counter. 

“I saw it on the table. Go get it. Krissy and I will be in the car.” Her mom answered. Her and Krissy walked out the front door, leaving the door open, as the screen door shut. Kelly hurried over to the coffee table and grabbed the only wallet on the table. Though, it wasn’t the same pink one as she had as a thirteen year old. She rushed out the door, and hopped into the back seat of the car.

My dad was standing in the back of the church as Kelly entered. She could see the priest and a man at the steps of the altar. Everyone else was in the back of the church. She gave her dad a hug and he held her hand.

“You look absolutely beautiful, Kelly.” He hugged her again. He had tears of joy in his eyes. Kelly heard the Presidential March and snickered. When she  was twelve, Kelly told her friend, Jamie, that she was going to walk down the aisle to that song. Evidently, she thought, I am walking down the aisle to the Presidential March. 

First, her apparent college friend walked down with one of the groom's friends.

Next, was Luna, Kelly's apparent best friend, from a law firm that she worked at. Luna walked down with another one of the groom's friends. After her, was Krissy and Connor. Then, Riley and a guy named Luke walled down the aisle. Then an adorable little girl skipped down the aisle with a basket of flowers; she went with a quiet little boy, who was going slower than the skipping girl. 

It was finally Kelly's turn. She was nervous. First of all, because she was thirteen and couldn't kiss, and second of all, she didn't know who her groom was. Her dad shot her a slight smile. She flashed back a nervous grin. As she got closer to the altar, she saw the groom and smiled. It was her current school 'crush.' It was unmistakably Jamie Kanton. Kelly knew that smile anywhere.

"Jamie." She whispered underneath her breath. Her dad kissed her on the cheek. He had a tear rolling down his face. Kelly gave him a hug and headed to the altar step. 

"You look beautiful, Kel." Jamie said, flashing a handsome grin.

The ceremony went on. They recited their vows, and took their oaths. Then, Kelly snapped out of her state when she heard the priest say, "You may now kiss the bride!" Kelly quickly shuddered as she went in for the kiss. 

Kelly opened her eyes and shook her head. “Lord hear our prayer.” Said the people around her. She looked around. She was standing in a church pew. She wasn’t getting married. She grabbed a strand of hair, and It was really long. She examined her dry, swollen hands. They were no longer soft and luscious. She realized that she was back to her normal self. As much as she enjoyed being an adult, and getting married, she missed being thirteen. Back to normal. Kelly thought. 

That day, after church, Kelly vowed never to use that old alarm clock again. She sold it off of eBay for twenty dollars. But what Kelly didn’t realize was that she sold her old alarm clock to a little boy who had a crush on her. A little boy that went by the name of Jamie Kanton. A little boy, that would be married to Kelly in the distant future. A little boy, who would have the same journey the following year...


March 27, 2020 22:04

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Izabel C
12:14 Mar 03, 2021

Oh, that's such a cute story! I got way too invested in it by the middle, but it was honestly really intriguing! I love the hint that Jamie gets the alarm clock after, I think it's such a perfect touch.


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Felicity Anne
16:22 Oct 19, 2020

Oooh!! Arte, I love this story!! The title is amazing, and it's what initially caught my attention. I love the idea of the alarm clock showing Kelly the future! Wonderful job, keep up the good work!!


Artemisia Pearl
13:51 Oct 20, 2020

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback!


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