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The alarm did not stop ringing, which forced Sandra to wake up, I turned it off, then turned it off the second, third and fourth time, since the weekend was heavily iced, the cold made Sandra unable to leave her bed, she hates the cold weather but she had to wake up for her date with her friend Emily at the library, the alarm ringing the sixth time.

"Yes Emily I'm on the road."Sandra.

"But you're too late, half an hour and I'm waiting for you, hurry up, come on."Emily.

"I'm on arrival, I'll come right away."Sandra.

Sandra quickly headed to the library, luckily her apartment is one block away from the main library .

"Finally I arrived, for what the last."Emily.

"You know the cold makes me linger, I can't wake up."Sandra.

"But our PhD thesis is not waiting , we have to submit it this week or it was rejected for the third time."Emily with a sullen face.

"I know where we are."Sandra.

"Let's sit down, I chose a warm place for you, I know you hate the cold."Amy with a wry smile.

Emily and Sandra, studying at momtedown University at the Institute for the future history of peoples, are now preparing their doctoral thesis on the future of peoples under the threat of water loss.

"We only have a few steps left and finish the PhD."Sandra.

"What about the book of the future , I did not find it on the shelves even though the librarian confirmed that it existed."Emily.

"what his number, I'll look it up again."Sandra.

Sandra headed toward the bookshelves holding in her hand a little paper indicating the book's number and classification, she did not find it either, but she noticed that there was another book in its place, she took it and before she could carry it, the book fell out of her hand on the floor, unintentionally, she carried it back.

Before Put it on the shelf I noticed the Book  radiates slightly, but   Emily She called her , put the book  on the shelf and walked .

"Have you found the book .".Emily.

"No, I didn't find him."Sandra.

"We won't look for it anymore, I found a digital book similar to it on the site of the books, so we are, we finished the thesis and the last chapter of it."Emily happily .

"Thank God, how painful it was ."Sandra .

Sandra and Emily returned home and that night Sandra felt something strange happening with her, she noticed that any object she held on to breaks, it started right after she left the library or to be more precise after the book fell from her hand and carried it and returned it to the shelf dedicated to him, at that moment, The cup from which she was drinking hot chocolate milk broke , She bumped into the transparent door of the library, even though she walked through it more than a thousand times , She fell down the stairs while she was being You're coming into her house , Her clothes burned . she almost burned the whole apartment if she didn't have the fire safety system , Broke her leg when she tried to cross the street from her house to the grocery store.

"Strange, what's going on with you Sandra, a lot of accidents in one week, so strange."Emily.

"It's even weirder than you think, I no longer know myself, spell of bad luck."Sandra.

" I've had a fight so far with all our professors, how you're gonna graduate, how you're gonna get your PhD."Emily.

"It's not me assuring you that it's not me, I don't know what exactly is going on with me."Sandra is amazed.

"Don't you remember exactly when it started and how it started, I see there's a dramatic sequence of events."Emily.

"No I can't, I've never been in such situations in my life, until Jason abandoned me, I quarreled with him and fired him."Sandra.

"Sandra, remember, focus well when these strange things start happening to you."Emily speaks seriously .

"No I can't even think about it."Sandra is very nervous.

"Focus well Sandra, about remembering, when it started."Emily.

Sandra silenced a little and took a look, glanced her eyes and looked at Emily with Wonder.

She glinted her eyes and looked at Emily with Wonder.

"Reasonable, book,  book from the library "Sandra.

"The book, What book Are you talking about, please, Sandra."Emily fell silent after Sandra pointed her out in silence.

"For the book, when she went to look for writing the final thesis, I took a book from the shelf, fell from my hands, began radiating gradually and before I open it, called me, and I put him and walked away, but I'm sure he was radiating, for he radiates."Sandra speaks Emily with confidence.

Emily looked at Sandra with great admiration and took her words seriously , waited until Sandra was out of the hospital and was able to walk and headed to the library.

"It does not exist that is already strange."Sandra.

"Let's look further, maybe someone changed their place."Emily.

I took the girls searching all over the library, until Sandra found him.

"Emily found him. he's Here , Come on."Sandra.

"Let's take him home with us."Emily.

The girls put the book on the table and kept staring at it, they didn't dare open it and it kept shining and radiating and suddenly it opened on its own, a strong wind appeared inside the room like a sandstorm, the book started talking.

"Sandra, we met again."The book.

Sandra and Emily got into it and panicked, a book that speaks on its own that's weird .

"Who are you and who are you, what do you want from me, you didn't Following me, I didn't caused me all these accidents?."Sandra.

"Quietly, quietly, all questions, you know the answer in a little while."The book.

"I want answers now , I turned my life upside down, I want answers from you now."Sandra with great fear.

"I didn't respect me, didn't you think of me, carried me and put me on a shelf every bad literature."The book is very angry.

"I didn't mean it, I was a hurry."Sandra.

"So bear the consequences of your actions, the worst hasn't happened yet, it's all just banter and just to see if you'll think of me or not."The book with a sarcastic smile and silence and closed itself.

"We have to get rid of it.it must be an enchanted book."Emily.

"An enchanted book, any curse befell me."Sandra.

"we put him back, we try to talk to the librarian about him maybe he knows something about him."Emily.

"Didn't you hear him now, he said he was joking and just didn't do things the hard yet."Sandra.

"If all these incidents are a joke, how seriously, I feel so scared ."Emily.

The girls returned the book to its place and went to talk to the librarian, but they didn't find it, they found someone in its place.

"Where's the old librarian, Sir."Sandra.

"He died last week due to an accident."The new librarian.

"An accident, any kind of accident."Emily.

"He threw himself off the roof of the building, he had hallucinations, he said the book was after him, he threw himself off the roof of the building."The librarian.

"He killed himself?."Sandra.

"Yeah, apparently, I'm quitting this job. all the librarians before me have had strange accidents.I'm leaving this job right away."The librarian.

"You don't know what book he was talking about."Emily.

While Sandra and Emily were talking the fell a lamp on Sandra's head.

"Sandra, are you okay ."Emily.


"Are all the librarians before you , killed or committed suicide, please answer me it's important."Sandra.

"Yeah, except for one, he worked here two months ago, but then he left the job and became a businessman."The librarian.

"Can you tell us his name."Emily.

"Mark, his name is Mark Cain, he lives in sencik memau . I'll write you the address."The librarian.

Sandra and Emily immediately went to Mr. Mark to find out why he didn't have the Curse of the book and the opposite happened with him, the length of the trip and the accidents follow Sandra until she tripped on the railway and almost ran over if it wasn't for Emily's help and one of the passengers.

They arrived at Mark Caine's house, knocked on the door hoping he was there, fortunately for them he was there.

"Who are you?."Mac.

"We need to talk about the book."Sandra.

"The book is about which book you speak."Mark stammered.

"Please, my life is in danger, I could be killed any minute."Sandra begs mark.

Mark took pity on Sandra.

"Why is he After You, What Have you done with him."Mark.

"I dropped it, I didn't apologize to him."Sandra.

"You dropped him .you didn't apologize. you went crazy. he must be mad."mark.

"Angry What do you mean."Sandra.

"All you have to do is enter."Mark.

Sandra and Emily returned to the library, searching for the book and apologizing, Sandra's life returned to normal, but they decided to get rid of the book once and for all, searching the entire library for something to help them, getting rid of it by burying it in a cemetery away from human hands.

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