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This story has noting to do with the topic and is long but yeah let me know If you like it and enjoy. Also this is part 1

The Untwistable Untwisted

Hi I am Clare and I am going to tell you A story about when I went to summer camp. I just graduated from my senior year of school. I was going to summer camp with my girlfriend Emma. Yes you heard me right my girlfriend and yes I am A girl. We could not wait to go. Me and Emma have been dating for two years now. Well our anniversary is tomorrow. Can you believe it we were going to be sitting on the bus all day riding to camp on our anniversary well the day we started dating.

Emma came over to my house and she helped me pack my bags. Then I went to her house and helped her pack her bags. Soon I went back home.

The next day we got on the bus at 8.30. I gave Emma some flowers and chocolate for our anniversary and she gave me a promise ring and she had a matching one. I gave her a kiss on the lips and said thank you. The ride on the bus was pretty boring but I had Emma so it was not that boring. There were lots of teens on the bus but some teens were coming from other places so I knew this would not be all the people at camp.

We arrived at camp later in the day we made one stop on the way. We had to sign in when we got there. I noticed a gay cople infront of us in line. One of them was really hot. I have never been attracted to a boy before but he was hot.

After we were signed in we went to our cabin and met some of the girls in it. They were so nice. Their names were sierra, lily, Isabella, and Sophia. Then Emma said that we had two go to the bathroom. I had no clue why because we just went. But I followed her and she brought me to this tree by the water and then I know why she brought me there. We made out for a while and we talked about our future. Her strawberry chapstick tasted really good. I wonder if she could taste my cotton candy chapstick.

Then we went back to camp we had dinner in camp I watch the really hot gay guy but looked away when I seen him kiss his boyfriend. When I saw him kiss his boyfriend I looked at Emma and felt guilty and wondered why I could not stop thinking about him and staring at him. When I was staring into his beautiful brown eyes I bumped, a water glass and it splashed all over me. When it did it reminded me of when I fell in love with Emma and why it was because she had beautiful light blue eyes and they reminded me of the ocean. I told Emma I was going back to the cabin to change. She said ok and I left to go change.

when I came back in ten minutes they were not there then I saw them at the campfire. You will never guess what Emma was laughing and talking with the hot gay guy boyfriend and him. I went over to them and I said “Hi I am Clare'' Emma said “Oh hi you are back this is Liam and James.” “Oh nice to meet you guys.” Then Liam said “Nice to meet you two.” I could not believe it the hot gay guy was talking to me well I gess I dident have to call him gay guy any more I can call him hot Liam. Then his boyfriend Jammes said “are you ok Clare? your face is really red.” I said yes as I got up on the bench.

 I was very wobbly and everything was blurry. I slipped and next thing you know I woke up in the infirmary at the camp. The nurse was sitting right next to me. She says “oh good you're up how are you feeling?” I say “good” right before I could ask her what happened she said I had a visitor. I assumed It was Emma but no it was hot Laim. he said “hi how are you feeling?” I said “good what happened?” “You slipped and hit your head on a rock and then tumbled into the water so I had to jump in and save you and you had to get stitches on your forehead.” “Oh so that's why my head hurts so bad.” “yeah probably” 

We were laughing and talking and I got tired of sitting there so I tried to stand up. I felt dizzy and was going to fall on the floor. Liam tried to catch me but his hand slipped. I fell on top of him, my lips almost touching his as I fell. I stared in his eyes. as I layed on top of him almost kissing him as he almost kissed me. But then we heard Emma's voice outside and he quickly helped me up. 

I lay on the bed for only a second then Emma came rushing in. She gave me a long kiss and said she was so worried but as she gave me that kiss I no longer stared into her eyes but I stared into Liam’s. Then she said “I had no clue you woke up. If I did I would have come sooner” she gave Liam a nasty look and then he said he had to go. I said “don’t leave” Then he looked at Emma and he said “I should really get going” Then Emma said “Yeah” after he left I yelled at Emma. about how rude she was to say yeah. Then I asked her why she was so mad? She said “I am mad because he didn't come and tell me you woke up and I told anyone who hears that you are up to let me know right away. I am your girlfriend. I should get to see you right away. It is so selfish of him to do that it is my job to tell you what happened and to be the first face you see besides the nurse.” I was really mad at her because she had no right to be rude because he saved me not her but I said I forgave her but I really did not.

The next day I was all better. I was just taking it easy. I did not talk to Liam the next couple of days. Because I did not see him and when I did Emma pulled me away. But I really wanted to thank him for saving my life. 

Then I went to the tree Emma brought me to on the first day of camp I was just going to sit by the water but Liam was already there sitting by the water. He stood up as he saw me walking towards him and we went under the tree. He said “ How are you? I have not seen you in a couple of days” I said “ I am good, how about you?”he said “That's good, I am good.” I said “That's good.” He said “We need to talk about what happened when we almost you know I really like like you but you are with Emma and I am with James and I don’t want to runin you and Emma. I am so sorry I will back off from you.” But before he could say anything else I gave him A big long kiss. Then he gave me a big long kiss and said my lips taste good. I gave him one more kiss on the lips and ran off.

When I was running I bumped into Emma. she yelled “watch out stupid.” I said “what did you say?” she said “I am sorry I thought you were someone else.” I said “that still gives you no right to yell at them.” She said “I am sorry I am just having a bad day” and she gave me a kiss on the lips she said “your lips taste different. They taste like cherry and they usually taste like cotton candy.” So she did notice the cotton candy and curse Liam hot cherry tasting lips. I said that “it is a new lipstick I got at the camp shop.” She said “then why are your lips the same color they usually are'' I said because it was lipstick with no color” she said “don't you mean chapstick.” “Yeah” Then she walked off.  

    I am so stupid I should have just said chapstick in the first place. The Next couple of days I have been meeting Liam at the tree. He kept on asking me when I was going to tell Emma That we were dating? I told him soon but I did not want to, she has been mean but I still Love her and want her. I don”t want to let her go. We ate lunch and Emma said she wanted “to go by the tree we went to on the first day of camp” I said “yeah” Then I went to it first and Emma was going to grab something. Then I saw Liam there. I quickly ran to him and said he had to go, he said why and just stayed there. I tried to expand and tell him to go into the woods. But he just kissed me then Emma said “I can’t believe you.” Then ran off crying I yelled “Emma” and started to run after her then Liam grabbed my hand. I slapped him with my other hand so he let go and ran after her. 

go reed Part 2 it will just reepeet the last sentence then it will say the next thing I had to do this because my story was 366 worlds to long

March 04, 2021 22:36

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23:21 Mar 04, 2021

Wow, Ruby! This story was really good, and you've already made so much improvement in your writing skills, and you haven't even been here a month!! :D One thing that I think you can improve on is whenever you have someone new talking you start a new paragraph. If you want to see some examples then you can go look at one of my stories if you want and see what I mean by that. Like I said before, I really liked this story a lot! It had some drama in it, like all good stories do! I'll go read part 2 right now!-CJ


Ruby Collins
23:35 Mar 04, 2021

thank you you are so nice and thank you for telling me that you start a new paragraph every time some one new is talking that will really help me and I will look at some of you storys in a little bit for exsaples


23:36 Mar 04, 2021

Ok! Sounds good, and you're welcome! I can't wait to read your next story that you come out with!


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