A Soul For A Soul; Part Three (Percy Jackson/MCU Crossover FanFiction)

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Adventure Drama

Nebula, a blue robot lady, stood with her arms crossed while Bruce and Tony worked on the glove.

Her behavior had been different since she came back from the past, but Annabeth didn’t really think too in depth about it. She just sort of observed.

She was starting to get kind of suspicious of her, though. Nebula would narrow her eyes and glance around the room, and then appear kind of shocked when her eyes came across a piece of tech.

It was like she had never seen it before, but...she had been here a little bit ago. She had seen all this before.

Something wasn’t checking out…

Annabeth walked over to her.

β€œSo, Nebula, do you miss anyone who dusted?” Annabeth asked.

β€œNo.” She said shortly.

β€œI miss my dad, and my stepmom, and my stepbrothers.” Annabeth looked at her. β€œDo you have step siblings?”

Annabeth knew that Nebula had been a child of Thanos, but had denounced them.Β 

β€œI have step siblings.” She said.

β€œOh, really?” Annabeth said, narrowing her eyes. β€œI thought you didn’t consider them family anymore because they were evil.”

β€œWell, demigod, do you not have evil family?”

β€œNo. Because there’s a difference.”

Nebula raised an eyebrow.

β€œMy family is Athena, Matthew, Bobby, Dad, and my stepmom. I have so many more people related to me. But they are not my family. Technically, Gaea and Kronos are related to me. But they aren’t my family.”

Nebula nodded.

β€œSo how are you enjoying the future?” Annabeth asked, placing a hand on her bronze dagger.

β€œT-this is the present.”

β€œNot for you.”

Annabeth prepared for Nebula to launch herself at her, but Nebula went straight towards Bruce, Tony, and the Stones.

β€œNo!” Annabeth shouted, and drew her knife.

Luckily, Tony heard her, and his armor came flying out of nowhere (she had to ask him where he put that). Annabeth charged towards the Nebula.

β€œDr. Banner, get the glove out of here!” Annabeth shouted.

He grabbed the glove and ran. Nebula tried to chase after him, but Annabeth tackled her.

β€œNuh uh.” Annabeth said, pinning her.

The rest of the Avengers had weapons drawn and pointed at Nebula, but Annabeth gestured to wait.

β€œShe may have sent out a signal to the Thanos of her timeline.” Annabeth said. β€œWe need to make sure she didn’t, but if she did, then we need to disable it, or rescind it.”

They searched Nebula, and found a small device, like a pager. They crushed it.

β€œNow, let's do this thing.” Bruce had returned, and he held up the glove. It had all but one of the Stones in it.

β€œWho’s gonna put it on?” Clint asked.

β€œMe.” Thor said.

Annabeth had been introduced to Thor, but in a way that had been, β€œSee that guy over there? That's Thor.”

Annabeth tried to steer clear of him. He was a god. She had a rule: avoid gods at all costs.

He stood up, his beer belly poking out from under his shirt. He stank, and Annabeth had to fight the impulse to pinch her nose.

β€œNo.” Tony said.

β€œYou know what I’ve got flowing through my veins right now?” Thor asked, his words slurred.

β€œCheez Whiz?” Rhodes asked.

β€œLighting!” Thor said, glaring at him.

β€œDr. Banner should do it.” Annabeth said. β€œHe’s the same size as Thanos now. If any of us tried, we’d be blown to smithereens by pure power. He’s got a better chance than any of us.”

Everyone muttered an agreement, except for Thor, of course.

β€œWell, let's do it, then.” Steve said.


The glove expanded to fit Bruce’s hand. He put it on, but before he popped the last Stone in, Steve said, β€œThink about everyone lost. Focus on bringing them back.”

Bruce nodded, then popped in the sixth Stone.

Suddenly, streams of magic flowed up Bruce’s arm, charring his skin. He gritted his teeth in pain, and struggled to move his hand.

He raised his fingers up, and snapped.

The glove fell off his hand as he collapsed.

β€œDid it work?” Annabeth asked.

Scott walked over to the window, where he could see birds chirping and playing.

A phone on one of the metal tables vibrated. Clint walked over, and answered it.

Annabeth felt her own phone vibrate in her pocket. The caller ID read Dad.

β€œDad?” Annabeth said.

β€œAnnabeth!” Her dad said. β€œThe weirdest thing-”

β€œI love you, Dad.” Annabeth said, and tears fell down her face.

β€œI- Annabeth, I love you too. What happened? Something mortals shouldn’t be involved in?”

β€œNo. Most of the people on the team I’m working with are mortals. It's a crazy story. But, Dad, how long do you think it’s been?”

β€œWhat do you mean?” Frederick sounded confused. β€œIt only felt like a few hours. Like a nap.”

β€œDad, it’s been…” Annabeth took a breath to stop her tears. β€œIt’s been five years.”



β€œFive years?”

β€œYeah. You and Matthew and Bobby and Mom didn’t age. But I did.”


β€œYes. Now, Dad, I promise to fill you in on everything later. But I have to go.”

β€œI love you, Annabeth.”

β€œI love you, Dad.”


There were an equal amount of smiles, high fives, and tears all around. Nico even smiled.

β€œSo, what now?” Annabeth asked.

β€œWe all go home.” Steve said.

The ground began to shake.

The sky darkened.

Annabeth drew her knife, and everyone else drew their weapons.

Too late, Annabeth realized what was happening.

β€œTake cover! Get out of the building!” She shouted, as the spaceship descended above them.

She looked up as she was running, and saw the ammunition coming at the building.

Then it hit.

Annabeth went weightless.

Next thing she could remember, she was in a pile of rubble, coughing.

She still had her dagger, luckily, and her Avengers earpiece.

β€œEveryone okay?” She asked.

Several voices chimed across, confirming.

β€œI have the glove.” Clint said.

β€œGreat.” Tony and Steve said at the same time.

β€œWho just bombed us?” Annabeth wondered.

β€œIt's Thanos. It has to be.” Scott said.

β€œI killed him!” Thor shouted angrily.

β€œIt's him from the past.” Annabeth said.

β€œThey’ll be looking for us.” Rhodes said.

β€œGet moving. Don’t be a sitting target. Meet at the ice cream shop down the road.” Annabeth said. β€œDon’t bunch together. Scatter. Go.”

Everyone agreed and started to move.

Annabeth started to move. She heard rustling behind her, and held out her knife.

She decided she didn’t have time for a fight. She clawed her way out to the top of the rubble.

She stuck her head out first, just to make sure. There could be hostile forces that she couldn’t take by herself.

It was a smart move. Thanos himself, the big grape, was just a hundred feet away.

β€œFind them!” He roared.

He reminded Annabeth of the Titan Atlas, just...more purple.

She dug in her pockets, looking for her invisibility cap. She found it, luckily, and put it on.

Just then, her phone vibrated in her pocket.

No. No no no no. She thought.

It was a scam call.

If she survived this, she was going to trace that number and kill them.

β€œWhat. Was. That?” Thanos said.

Annabeth stayed as still as humanly possible.

β€œThere is someone here.” He said.

Clint popped out of another hole in the rubble behind Thanos.

Thanos was turned away from both of them, so Annabeth took off her cap for a split second and gestured wildly: Don’t! Don’t!

Clint saw her, and drew his bow, but lowered down a little.

Annabeth climbed out as quietly as possible. Her foot slipped, and the Mad Titan heard.

β€œWho’s there?” He said. β€œReveal yourself, and I may spare your life.”

Annabeth tiptoed swiftly to Clint.Β 

β€œTake the cap.” She whispered. β€œYou have a family.”

She took off her cap and became visible, then placed the hat on his head.

β€œI’ll see you on the other side of this, Clint. I expect my hat back, though.”

Then she turned to Thanos.

β€œOver here, you big grape!”


β€œA girl.” Thanos’s mouth crept into a thin, upturned line.

β€œI am no girl.” Annabeth said. β€œI am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Holder of the Sky, Daughter of the Gods.”

β€œImpressive.” Thanos drew out the word, as if he was savoring it. β€œBut how will that help you defeat me?”

β€œIt may not. But it will hold you at bay.” Annabeth said.

Just then, she saw something flicker out of the corner of her eye.

Thanos looked at it, so she turned her head to look.

It was a portal...just like the one Dr. Strange had created that day in New York, five years ago.

Out of it came Dr. Strange himself, a man in leather, a girl with antennae, a grey muscly man, and a guy in red and blue tights.

β€œThanos.” Dr. Strange said. β€œSo we meet again.”

β€œI will crush you all, just like before.” He turned to Annabeth. β€œI give you one more chance, daughter of wisdom. Join me and survive.”

β€œNever. I would rather rot in Tartarus than join you.”

β€œVery well.”

Thanos and his forces charged at the heroes. Just then, more portals opened.

Heroes from everywhere came through the portals. Wizards. Wakandans. Armies.Β 

A group of teenagers in bright orange shirts stepped as one out of a portal.Β 

It was her family. Camp Half Blood campers.

Annabeth shed a few tears seeing them all assembled.

And leading them was…

β€œCampers, advance!” Percy Jackson yelled, and the campers obeyed.

Annabeth almost started bawling.

Percy was alive.

All the Avengers climbed out of various holes in the rubble.

Steve raised Mjolnir. β€œAvengers, ASSEMBLE!”

And they all charged the Mad Titan and his army.


Annabeth found herself fighting next to the guy in red and blue tights.

β€œHi!” He said as he wrapped spider webs (what was his deal? Annabeth wondered) around the enemy. β€œI’m Peter Parker!”

β€œAnnabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Pleased to meet you.” She said, as she pulled her knife out of an alien. β€œWhat's with the webs?”

β€œRadioactive spider bite.” Peter said, and Annabeth almost jumped back ten feet.

β€œI don’t like spiders.” Annabeth said.

β€œI actually didn’t really either.” Peter admitted.

They battled, and eventually Annabeth made her way to Percy’s side as he slashed like a demon with Riptide.

β€œYou died, Seaweed Brain. Do you know how much I grieved?”

β€œSorry.” He said, and flashed her that trickster grin. β€œI remember a guy in a cloak, and then nothing, until I randomly showed up at camp. They told me...it's been five years?”


β€œWhat’d I miss?”

β€œNothing much.”


And they went forth to slay monsters together.


Finally, Tony came out over the radio.

β€œWe’re not gonna beat this guy by brute force.” 

β€œI agree.” Annabeth said. β€œWe have to snap. But who has the glove?”

Peter said, β€œMe!” at the same time that Tony said, β€œI gave it to the kid.”

β€œOkay. Who’s gonna snap? Bruce can’t do it again.” Steve said.

β€œMe. I’ll do it.” Annabeth and Thor said at the same time.

β€œAnnabeth, that thing’ll kill you.”

β€œIf that's what it takes to set things right, then I’m ready.” She looked over at Percy, slashing through monsters, Riptide glowing amongst the chaos.

Just then, something exploded in the ship directly above Annabeth. It started to fall.

Straight towards her.

She tried to run, but she tripped on a piece of rubble, and her foot got stuck.

The ship stopped, mid-fall.

Everything got super bright. Annabeth remembered the day in the parking lot, when she had thought it was Apollo…

The ship rose a little, then got flung away, far away, crushing a legion of monsters when it landed.

Finally, she saw the source of the light. β€œCarol!” Annabeth said.

Carol flew down, and helped Annabeth pull her foot out of the rubble. β€œI heard there was a battle on earth I couldn't miss.”

She looked over at Peter, who was a hundred feet away. He clutched the glove close to his chest.

β€œI’m gonna need that glove, kid.” She said, and he tossed it, farther than Annabeth thought he should have been able.

Carol caught it, and offered it to Annabeth.

β€œThis won’t be easy, Annabeth. I’ll see you on the other side of all this.”

Annabeth took the glove. β€œSee you, Carol.”

And she put it on.

Pain went up her arm. She felt like she was in front of a god when they revealed their mortal form, or in other words, she felt like she was disintegrating.

Thanos noticed. β€œYou were stupid to have the girl do it!” He said. β€œI am inevitable!”

β€œNo.” Annabeth said through her pain. β€œAnd I. Am. Annabeth.”

She snapped her fingers, and the world turned white.


She dreamed she was in Olympus.

She opened her eyes, and Athena stood in front of her.

Annabeth bowed, but she said, β€œRise, Annabeth.”

Annabeth stood.

β€œMy daughter, you are almost dead in the mortal world above.”

β€œDid I do it? Is Thanos gone?”

β€œYes, and you are five years younger.” Athena raised an eyebrow, and Annabeth blushed.

β€œWhy did you age yourself down?”

β€œI...All my friends, my dad, my stepmom and step brothers, they all dusted. I don’t want to be five years older than I was.”

β€œWhen you say friend, I think I know which friend you have in mind.” Athena said. β€œAnd I still do not entirely approve. Watch out with him, Annabeth.”

She blushed at the mention of Percy. β€œAm I going to live?”

β€œYes, it seems. The gods are keeping you alive. We would not let the person who brought us back die.”

β€œIt wasn’t just me-”

β€œThey couldn’t have done it without you, Annabeth.”

Athena tilted her head, like someone was whispering to her. β€œYou must go now. You are waking.”

And Olympus dissolved.


β€œAnnabeth! Annabeth!” Someone was shaking her.

She squinted her eyes open. β€œPercy?” Her voice sounded like a frog that had been microwaved.

β€œI’m here.” She saw that he had tears running down his face.

β€œStop shaking me. Everything hurts.”

β€œOf course, of course.”

β€œWhat...what now?”

β€œWe go home.”

β€œThe last time I heard that, we got bombed three seconds after.” Annabeth coughed.

She saw Steve smile. β€œFor real this time.”


Epilogue: Two Weeks Later.

Annabeth sat watching the sunset over the Long Island Sound. She was finally healed enough to be out of the infirmary, according to Will Solace.

Percy sat next to her on the sand.

β€œSo, when I died, did you cry, like, a lot?” He said.

Annabeth tried to give him one of her β€œPerfect Evil Ten” looks, but she couldn’t.Β 

β€œYeah, Seaweed Brain. Any other stupid questions?”

β€œJust one.” 

He pulled her in for a kiss. His lips were salty, and he smelled like the sea air.

β€œDid you enjoy that?” He asked.

Annabeth smiled. β€œI did.”

And they kissed again.

The End.

April 20, 2021 13:13

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00:43 Apr 21, 2021

Hi! P. S. I know this doesn’t matter, but I just liked two stories so CONGRATS ON 1K! P. S. S. YAY YOU FINISHED A SERIES p. S. S. S. Wow all these S’s are stupid lol


Hiiiiiiii! PS Yay! Thank you so much! PSS: YAY IKKKK I DID IT! PSSS lololol


01:37 Apr 21, 2021

Heyloooooo! I’m so bored lol, so instead of going to bed or doing homework like a reason homework, I’m on Reedsy. SKRRRRRRRRT P. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. Actually nothing is β€œpost secret”, I just wanted to write a bunch of S’s :P Like above: I love spending my time in non-productive ways 😎 *cough*, rambling, binging YT, scrolling Pinterest for hours, trying to meet my daily goal on like Swagbucks or somethin’, all while listening to my Hebrew audio in the background to attempt to memorize prayers without giving it much time lol...*c...


SKRRRRRRRTTTTTT all understandable hey but i'd rather be wasting time here than on homework XD


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Somegenius Kid
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OMG I'M SO SO GLAD!! I have had some more ideas bouncing around! You'll see!


Somegenius Kid
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YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍


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wow i- you rickrolled me gurl- rUde haha jkjkjkjkjk but shEEsh who knEw?


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Nainika Gupta
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OH WOW This was amzinggg I loved the mcu crossover and I can't even type anymore AHHHHHH


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Sunny 🌼
21:25 May 02, 2021

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW- so cute percabeth rules also idk why but I feel like if Percy and Peter met up they'd just be best friends


I'll admit, in the first draft of this, Percy met Peter first, then they hung out. I deleted it, and wrote this instead. percabeth rulleeeeesssss!


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AntMan 🐜
13:52 Apr 20, 2021

OH MY G O S H ! ! ! That was so goooood!!!!! OMB!!!! Perfect ending!!! literally, that was the best crossover literally between Marvel and PJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 One (other) super-teeny mistake [Definitely NOT looking for these as I'm re-reading each part] β€œMy family are Athena, Matthew, Bobby, Dad, and my stepmom. I have so many more people related to me. But they are not my family. Technically, Gaea or Kronos are related to me. But they aren’t my family.” Idk, but I think 'my family is' or 'my family members are' sounds a little...


AntMan 🐜
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Delia Tomkus
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OMG SO GOOD(figured I'd join the all-caps party)


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