Trolls from the rainforest

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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest (sponsored by Amazon) was life. 

Not just any life, but magical life. 

That is because, it was called ‘Troll’s Street’, that’s where the Brazilian trolls lived. 

These were simple, small trolls with green hair, long green hair. 

Their hair always stuck up into the air, like a lamppost of some kind. 

Like ears a bug. 

Or an antenna. 

They had small black eyes, a nose that fitted perfectly into their face and a mouth with green lips. 

They had short green legs, and Green boots on top of their long green nails. 

That’s right- green hair, Green jacket, green skin, Green lips, green Boots, Green nails, green...EVERYTHING! 

They were pure green, that’s why they lived in the rainforest. 

If a predator was meant to hunt them, they would just simply jump into the GREEN, long grass. 

They were green and perfectly mixed in with the grass. 

They had perfect camouflage.  

But one day they came. 

The men came. 

They came with their large yellow trucks. 

They destroyed the troll’s home. 

They destroyed everything. 

They cut down the trees, until there was nothing left, and then carried on the rainforest. 

This was at night, and all of the trolls had to evacuate. 

But because they were so good at blending in, no one ever saw them escaping. 

They had never been out of their natural habitat before- the rainforest. 

The first night they all slept in the grass, but the next day, they had discovered a weird, exotic and yet magical place. 

There were big long tubes everywhere, with sticky-out thingies of some sort, which could fly in the air like an over-sized bird. 

WAY over-sized. 

Yes- you've guessed it! It was an airport! 

But to these creatures- it was just an exotic place they had never seen before whole they were still living in the rainforest. 

They walked along the weird hard concrete floor, but this time...they didn’t blend in! 

They noticed that soon, and every time somebody (or a big un-hairy ape, as they called them) looked their direction, they hid in the nearby bushes. 

Soon, they had reached the airport, which was full of weird, big un-hairy apes (humans). 

 They had to hide in plants, trees or anything else green that they could see or think of. 

Once, they even had to hide in a salad sandwich, which they luckily, quickly escaped before they had the chance to be eaten alive! 

It was a weird few days, they slept wherever they could, which once even included in a green bag of Potatoe crisps. 

On Wednesday, they had hidden in someone’s tropical green bag when a big, long-haired ape picked the bag up, by the time the long-haired ape had done that, it was already too late! 

She had grabbed the bag, and it was too late to do anything now. 

They just had to stay in there, perfectly still and quiet. 

Soon, the door had opened, and they felt a cool breeze coming inside the bag, and the noisy noise of a huge pan. 

Then, the ape talked to another ape, walked a few steps and finally had sat down. 

They were now inside the airplane... 

There was a loud booming voice over the plane, and a loud noise, and they were up ,up, high in the air!!! 

After some time, a troll peaked its head over the bag, and saw the plane. 

2 trolls were hungry, so they jumped out of the bag, and looked around the plane, trying to find something to eat. 

They finally found a trolley full of food, which was abandoned. 

They ate sandwiches, crisps, cakes, burgers and many, many more things, soon more trolls came to join them in the act. 

They also drank coffee, hot chocolate and plenty of tea. 

When they were full, some went back into the bag and some stayed out to explore the plane. 

What would you do? 

One even tried to escape by jumping out of the window, having no understanding of glass what-so-ever. 

3 trolls jumped into the toilet ball, which was a bit like a pond. 

4 trolls went under the seats and explored all goods they could find. 

The rest went into the pilot room, where they discovered EVEN MORE coffee!!! 

Soon, they had started farting from all of this new, unexpected food, and the air was not smelling so great, and the people started blaming one another. 

The trolls caused some mayhem too, they stole sandwiches out of people’s hands when they weren’t looking and opened cabinet, spilled hot coffee onto people’s trousers, and some even went BELOW the plane, and opened the bottom door, which meant that plenty of suitcases fell out of the plane, and down into the land below. 

In Mexico, the people started saying that clothing, toothbrushes and other items were falling over the sky. 

An angry-looking man even complained that some pants had hit his car window! 

Luckily, the plane had landed in America before the plane had become a riot. 

The plane landed in the U.S.A and the trolls quickly ran out of the plane, and into the airport. 

The trolls all ran out, far, far away from the airplane. 

They were lost. 

They were lost in a crazy, different world from which they knew very, very well- The Amazon Rainforest, it was their home, it was where they belonged, but they seemed to be lost far, far away from it. 

They were in a different world, or maybe even universes. 

Looking back, they should have bit the men on the legs with their (green) teeth- the Greenier, the healthier! 

Suddenly, a man came up to them, but they were too slow to hide. 

There was nothing green around them, nothing natural. 

The man picked up 3 trolls, as the other ones ran far, far away, as fast as their short, green legs would carry them. 

The moment the man picked the trolls up, the trolls felt relived.

They didn't feel scared or anxious, they felt perfectly safe.

They knew that this old non-hairy ape was kind to the heart- they were safe in his hands.

The man bought them home, fed them cat food (not knowing anything else to feed some green trolls) and made their own troll-like bed.

That was when the trolls were the man's pet, he was nice to them, and they were kind back.

The trolls were more than just pets, they were friends.

best friends.

The old man trusted the 3 trolls.

The 3 trolls trusted the old man.

But fitting in with other people was HARD.

Everybody made fun of the green trolls, and often they wouldhave to hide in trees or bushes to stop from being mocked.

One day, the four of them were lying in the park, enjoying the sun when the old man asked:

"You don't fit in. Time will help you. Everything new that happens is rejected. Face it, people hate changes. Hopefully, next year they will all like you. You will fit in then. one day, son. one day..."

April 07, 2021 17:24

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