Funny Adventure Fiction

Ben is a very enthusiastic person, well, at least he used to be. He loved nature when he was younger. Going to the park every afternoon with his parents was always the highlight of the day. Playing on the colorful swings, see-saws, and slides made his day. But sadly, that may never happen again. The area that used the be the park is now a city dump. More factories are being built in the city, so the waste is dumped in the park. Just a few years ago, a climate crisis happened. The smoke from the factories left only specks of the ozone layer. The air was now unbreathable. The only way to breathe was to put government air filters in windows and wear helmets outside. Since food and water were rare, governments give us artificial food and water to survive. 

But hope is not lost. There is still one standing tree in the whole world, and that is in the center of Ben’s town. Its name is The Home Tree. No one was is allowed to go near the tree because the government thinks someone could accidentally drop something harmful onto the grass and destroy the last living tree. Its seeds are still on the tree, but the law states that they should naturally spread and grow without the help of us. Ben never knew that this would happen. He always wished his life was normal; just like his childhood.

Ben, like most commoners in the world, worked in factories. The wealthier, however, still made business as usual. Every worker hated their job, but it was the only way to make money. His schedule was simple:

9 AM - Go To The Factory

9 AM to 7 PM - Do Whatever The Boss Says

7 PM - Go Home

When he first worked at the factory, he was assigned a partner that was also a newbie. His name was Henry. Ever since then, they saw each other every day at work. Every task they had to do was together. They were the best of friends, but one day, something terrible happened.

June 19, 3145

It was a normal day at work, but something terrible happened. His helmet ran out of oxygen and he died. The end. No, I’m joking. *Late April Fools Joke*. So, here’s what actually happened.

June 19, 3145

There was a spider. He tried climbing up a waterspout, but sadly, he never made it and failed time and time again.

Producer: Umm, you're live on TV. Soooo, please stop talking to yourself.

Narrator: Oh, umm, ok. Sorry about that. *AHEM*. *Tries copying Super Mario 64 sound: Here We Goooo*

June 19, 3145

The sun was hotter than normal, so the police put around the protective dome around the tree. Huh, Sandy Cheeks has helped us… Anyway, Ben had to put on a bit more gear and had more air conditioning in his suit. He wanted to go to his local store to get more food for his pantry before leaving for work. The place was less crowded than usual. He grabbed bags of potato chips, veggies, cheese, and other items. He wanted the make his signature dish, the Big Ben Slice. His neighborhood loved his pizza and asked him to make some for them. Of course, it’s always free. 

After putting everything in his pantry, he looked at the time and noticed there were 10 minutes left. Putting his suit back on, he raced to the factory where he arrived in the nick of time.

The boss appeared in front of us a bit later and told each pair our assignment. Today’s assignment was to clean the pipes. He hated that job. All-day he had to clean and get laughed at by the executives when they passed by. 

After hours of cleaning, it was their lunch break. Ben and Henry walked out of the factory and went to the town's best hot dog store, ‘Petco Without Roofs’. Basically, the dogs are already sweating and are very hot, therefore, hotdogs.

Producer: *Chuckles*, Nice commercial break!

Narrator: Why thank you! Anyway,

The hot dog store was called, ‘Yummy Dogs’. There were a variety of hot dogs available such as chili cheese dog, pizza dog, and dogs for sale, although it was not edible.

Henry took the Hot Dog Flavored Hot Dog, while Ben took the Mario Dog, which was just a scribble of classic Mario with ketchup and mustard. After the lunch break, it was back to sweeping and dusting.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon, there was a huge clacking sound inside one of the pipes. It was happening continuously and felt like the sound was falling down. Ben realized someone dropped something down a pipe. He went to the 2nd floor of the building, where the pipe starts and saw one of the executives staring down the pipe in fear.

“I dropped my phone down it!” he exclaimed. Henry soon appeared behind Ben.

“That could explode easily,” he shouted.

Ben and Henry ran down the stairs and saw the phone drop just in time into the chemicals.

“Aww C’mon,” Ben shouted.


They raced around the building saying the factory was going to explode. Everyone immediately evacuated the building just in time to see the insides explode and fall everywhere. Luckily, no one was injured. After a few seconds, all-metal pieces fell on the ground. Well, except one. 

It was heading straight for The Home Tree. Ben rushed to the tree with all the energy he had. Jumping over the small fence guarding the tree, he grabbed a piece of metal that was lying on the floor and threw it at the larger flying piece. Its aim was weak but slowed the thing down a bit. It didn’t do any damage to the tree. He was the hero of the trees. Lorax of The Home Tree. The End

Narrator: Are we done yet?

Producer: No

*5 seconds later*

Narrator: Are we done yet?

Producer: Nope

*10 seconds later*

Narrator: Are we done yet?

Producer: Why are you keep asking?

Narrator: Because I want to play mInEcRaFt.

Producer: Oh My God why certainly, Minecraft is the best game in the work. Download it for free at thissitewillhackyourcomputer.com.

Narrator: Nice talking ad there

Producer: Why thank you!

Narrator: Well, we can talk more in the next story!

Producer: Yup. See ya. I trust that you will keep your identity as dReAm

Narrator: I will.

Producer: I know you will!

Edit: iMaGiNe ThIs DuMb StOrY wInNiNG?!?!

April 22, 2021 21:51

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