October 4th, 2023.

Hello there Diary! I'm Hero. Wait- okay i'm not an ACTUAL Hero, My name is Hero. It's kind of a strange name, don't you think? I like it but why wasn't my name Hector or something?

I'm kind of home-schooled so i don't know a lot people, mom decided to give me this so i could talk to at least something. She said a diary was "Something to tell your secrets to and that it won't spill the bean's like a liar."

My mother's name is Iris, at least i think. A lot of people come to visit and that's what they call her. Her friend's always love to see me when they come and visit. I guess they love little kid's.

Though every-time she and her friend's talk around me, she seems really nervous about something. She'll always tell them, "Not here! come on let's go outside" That's at least what i remember though.

Though whenever that weirdness isn't happening there's a few of her friends- or are they her family? Are they my family? Well anyway, I love learning about Greek myths.

There's one friend of my mother's who's name is Apollo, which remind's me of the Greek god Apollo. He loves it as well, who wouldn't? i don't think you can have a name like that and not like any of it.

Well, I think it's getting a bit late now. Good-bye for now Diary i'll talk more later.

October 6th, 2023.

Hello again Diary, it's me Hero! Wait who else would even be writing in this? i have a lock! eh doesn't matter, sorry. Every things still a bit strange.

Yesterday Apollo came back to visit for a while with me and mother. Though while me and him were talking in the living room she still seemed nervous.

It seemed a bit worse than usual though. She was watching us from the kitchen while faintly twitching and holding her back. Apollo didn't really seem bothered by this, he had sorta just stared at her for a few seconds.

I've only been alive for i think eleven years but i can tell that SOMETHING is wrong. Every time they all come over and sometimes when it's just ME talking to her she'll act like that.

I think i'm going to try and figure out what's going on here. I think mom is keeping a secret from me. Maybe i could even get someone to help me with it.

I'm not entirely sure HOW i will but i know that i WILL find out. You can't keep a secret for long, someone would eventually find it out.

October 9th, 2023.

I kinda tried to sneak into her room last night to try and find any clues. Oh wait, hi again. Though she kept her door locked at night for some reason.

I didn't know how to get in so that was a fail. Though I DID find something else. I had been looking around in some cabinets just because when i found some old pictures.

A lot of thing's in the pictures were either blurred like it was trying to hide something. Though if you don't think that was trying to hide something, then other ones had parts of it ripped off.

On one of the pictures was my mother and a girl maybe around the age of sixteen. This was one of the pictures that was both blurred and had some parts ripped off.

I couldn't tell what had even been there, who had even done that? On the back of the picture it said "Harmony" Who was that? Was she a cousin or something?

Man, Imagine if i had a Greek God helping me figure this out. We'd probably figure it out in a flash. I honestly wish i could have been there, No one believes in them that much anymore.

October 13th, 2023.

I don't think we really need to do any introductions or anything anymore. I've managed to actually sneak into my mothers room while she was out doing something today.

It was a single picture of her and "Harmony" again that was in a drawer. In the picture they were above a sign i could make out the word "Camp"

The back of the picture had the word's "My sweet little daughter." Do you know what this means?? I have a SISTER. Where did she even go? Was she still at that camp place?

Good-bye for now again. I know this won't really be able to help me but i'm going to look at the Greek Gods again. Maybe something they did could help me figure this out. I really wish i actually had been there.

October 16th, 2023.

Holy crap! I have no idea on what even just happened. I was wanting to ask my mother something when i saw something strange.

I walked into her room since the door had been a bit opened and i wasn't even prepared. Mom was looking out her large window though the blinds were sorta closed. She had some large wings.

They weren't just really large, they were also Golden. They seemed to be faintly moving around while she looked out the window. How did she have those?

Well, It IS close to Halloween. I think those wing's are just for a Halloween costume. Mom is really good at making them then, maybe she could help me with mine.

The good thing about this at least is that she DIDN'T see me. Though the wing's are fake she doesn't really like when i go into her room. At least without knocking first or something.

I still need to try and find out her secret though. Her family, Yes i learned they are our family aren't really coming around that often now. Why not??

October 21st, 2023.

Holy. Crap. So you know how i haven't written in this for a little while now? Well a LOT of thing's happened in the past few days. Nothing bad though, really AMAZING thing's.

It had been a bit after breakfast when mom took me and sat me onto the couch. She had told me something like, "Honey, i need to explain something to you.." This was it.

I don't even know how I DIDN'T realize it! My sister who was named Harmony was a demi-god. I know i wouldn't have known, but how did i NOT notice anything about mom?

It turns out that Mom was Iris the goddess of rainbows and messenger of the Gods. I don't even know how i didn't notice that. So of course, i did ask her.

I can't really remember the explanation but one of the reasons at least for me was that she wasn't really a known goddess. I mostly remembered all of the other ones.

You also wanna know something else? All of those people that kept visiting me where the actual God's and Goddesses. Apollo was the ACTUAL Apollo.

They were at least disguising themselves a bit more than how mom was. That must have been what mom was so nervous about when they all came to visit.

She was waiting for the perfect time or moment to tell me all of this. She didn't want any of the others like Apollo to go and tell me already.

Wait a minute. If mom is a Goddess and my older sister is a Demi-god. Does that mean that I'M a demi-god as well??

October 25th, 2023.

I probably am. Though there's a chance that i might not be. There's very small chances of this happening where you aren't a demi-god. At least that's what Apollo told me.

I guess that's probably why i don't have wings or some type of powers yet. That, or i just don't know how to bring any of that out yet.

Though i'm going to try. I HAVE to be a Demi-god. I have to see my older sister as well. If she's at the camp and i'm not a demi-god, how would i be able to see her?

I know what i have to try and do. Maybe i should try to leave, that would be the best way to figure out if i am or not. Apollo had also told me where "Camp Illusion" was.

I think i can do all of this. Good-bye for now Diary. Hm i wonder if there's a ghost in this thing. Eh, anyway good-bye, I'll tell you how this all goes.

Okay, this actually takes place during the cross-over. Though he probably won't appear in the full actual cross-over. I know it seems like it's been a long time and that everyone would be older but, no. Hero just kinda popped into existence not long ago and he was already eleven. This isn't the weirdest thing because there's a lot more weird thing's that have been in the Myths. Trust me. What do you all think of this? He's probably not even a demi-god- but what do you think would happen if he was or if he isnt?

September 26, 2020 19:37

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Onur Yürür
06:49 Oct 08, 2020

This reads like the tip of an enormous iceberg. The personal mythology standing behind the story is working like clockwork. Honestly, I didn't understand anything, but I heard that big-arse clock ticking beautifully. Great style, too! Oh wait, hi :)


B. W.
13:26 Oct 08, 2020

Well, i've always loved Greek Mythology and some other ones so i've been making these types of things. Though i'm glad you at least liked it and i think that you should check out Greek Mythology, it's interesting ^^ did you maybe have a favorite part?


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