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(In this story the witches live forever and 3,000 is not very old for a witch.  Or so they thought they lived forever...)

“WITCHES! GATHER NOW!” the master witch yelled at me and all of the other witches who were suddenly gathered around the master witch.  The master witch’s witch name is Amber Magic, but we call her Magic Amber.  It just sounds cool.  

Oh!  Hello there, my name is Lola.  My friends call me Lo but you can call me whatever you want.  This year at the ISLAND OF WITCHES we are brewing up some great tricks for Halloween to scare the young ones.  We have only been doing this for about 5,000 years.  Which is not very long.  I have only been scaring people for 3,000 years.  I heard that the first year was the best.  Because they were not expecting it.

  My father moved to the US a long time ago when I was only about 100 years old.  He’s probably dead by now.  He was a jerk for leaving the witch society.  Wizard Island is a neighboring island that he came from.

  Boys live on Wizard Island and all of the girls live on the ISLAND OF WITCHES.  There is a faraway place where my dad went because he disobeyed the wizard code.  Only because of one stupid thing.  He did it to see my mother.  Sneaking out late is bad but all of the witches and wizards my age do it.  And I may or may not do it too.  Okay.  Fine I do sneak out with my friends sometimes.  There's a boy that I have seen many times when I go down to the ocean with my friends at night.  I never talk to him but I secretly watch him sing.  Then I dance on the shores with my friends.  Sometimes I catch him staring but ignore it.  He’s so cute.  I think I’m going to send him a note.  Do you think I should make a move?   What would you do?  I'm going to do it maybe?  I don't know I'm scared I want to but if I get in trouble and the band me to one of the mainlands. Are boys worth all that trouble?

OMG!  So I came down to the ocean alone tonight.  He's here.  Only him.  I waved and he waved back!  Then he floated a bottle with a message in it to me.  The note read “Hey!  My name is Lucas. You're kinda cute.”  He thinks I’m cute?  EEEKK!  I can’t be thinking about boys right now with Halloween(scare day) around the corner.  I looked back at where he was standing and he was gone.  So I buried the bottle in the sand somewhere where no one else would find it.

Halloween is in 1 night!  I’m so excited to scare some littles!  I haven’t scared the littles for 2 years because I was sick last year with a disease that was deadly to humans.  I chose to not go.  My friends were sad but they were kind enough to stay with me even though it was Halloween.  Humans always make stupid things up about us.  Like how they think we’re green.  WE ARE NOT GREEN, we are ORANGE.  Any smart person would know that.   Though nobody hardly ever sees us, only babies.  Babies are very smart even though they don’t speak.  They always cry when they see us, which alarms us and makes us run away.  We aren’t that scary.  I mean some of us are fairly ugly but the rest of us are beautiful.  Our teeth are perfect and our hair is so long it goes down to our knees.  Our hair colors usually are pink, purple, black, or blue.   Our laughs are not that cackley on other days but it's a cackle on Halloween because we yell so much.  Our laughs burn out after we get old so then we cackle.  

Today for breakfast we are eating frogs!  One of my favorite things for breakfast!  I know that fried frogs aren’t healthy but they’re so good!  Especially with the thick horse pee on it.  I know that humans don’t like to eat frogs with horse pee.  But witches on the other hand LOVE eating anything that a human doesn't like. Like animal pee and poop, we think that dog poop tastes like chocolate and cat turds taste like chocolate and caramel nuggets.

  When they erase your mind and let you free to earth your skin color changes and what you can and like to eat.  I'm thinking about living in the normal world and maybe even asking Lucas if he would want to come with me and start a life there.  When you’re my age you have to decide whether you want to be a witch forever or go to earth with your soulmate.  You also get some hints.  Today I got 2 hints.  His hair is brown and their eyes are green and blue.  I haven't seen Lucas up close but, I think he’s the one.  

Me and my friends decided that today is a great day for a swim so i decided to go down for a day.  Lucas and his 2 friends are there.  Another note washed up on shore and it said “Hey, what’s your name?  I told you mine already! What are you going to do with your life and what color is your hair and eyes?” One thing about me.  My eyes are green and my hair is brown.  Not a normal witch hair color but I’m special.   I wrote back on the back of the paper “Sorry.  My name is Lola and I have brown hair and green eyes.  What color is your hair and eyes?”

He left and came back with some more paper.  He wrote back “My hair is Brown and I have Green and Blue eyes.  How old are you?”  

I wrote “I’m 3,000.  How about you?” He wrote back instantly. “I'm 3,000 too!  Do you think you want to go to earth? Cause I'll go with you? :)”  

...The end

October 31, 2020 02:08

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Sapphire 🌼
19:23 Dec 01, 2020

did it (bio)


Lauren :)
19:57 Dec 01, 2020

:) thanks!


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20:43 Nov 08, 2020

Hi, I liked your story, you should make a part two, maybe have it be lucas’s part, only if you want to tho, keep writing!


Lauren :)
03:46 Nov 09, 2020

Hey CJ! Thank you :)


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