Whodunit? The Greywood Manor Murderer... Part 2

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Mystery Funny Drama

Previously on The Greywood Manor Murderer…

Four families receive invitations to attend a dinner party hosted by the Underwoods, the new neighbors. Everything starts out great until two people are murdered, and the killer is unknown. And being that no one else is there beside them, they realize that the killer must be one of them. This sends everyone into a frenzy as they realize time is running out. It is up to Katherine to solve the case, especially after receiving a mysterious note. But the question is will she be able to save everyone in time?


After viewing the mysterious note, Katherine joins everyone again to discuss a plan.

“Listen up guys, I think we should all split up and look everywhere for Gia. The bodies too. For all we know, they could be alive.”

Charles scoffs.

“How the hell could they be alive? I’m quite sure I would know if my own daughter was dead.”

Katherine rolls her eyes, hinting that she’s frustrated.

“Dude, are you seriously trying to argue with me? I’m trying to give your ass hope and you're complaining? You guys are so freaking full of yourselves.”

“Katherine seriously watch your language. No matter how ridiculous he is, you are still talking to an adult.” Her father says.

Charles gives a smug smirk, but then quickly realizes the insult.

“Thank you. Hey! I am not ridiculous.”

“In my defense, I am dealing with adults that act like whiny children. Not to mention I’m super stressed because someone in this house is trying to kill us all.”

Her father pauses and considers her words.

“Fair point. I suppose I’ll allow it. But please simmer it a minimum.”

“Deal. Now, do we all agree with the plan? All in favor say I.”

Everyone says ‘I’ in unison and Katherine adds in her last word.

“Ok let’s do this.”

The families separate into groups and prepare themselves for the search. The Johnsons’ and Underwoods cover the rooms downstairs, the Rutherfords, the Brownings, and Katherine’s parents, cover one half of upstairs. And Katherine and Nathan cover the other half. They all tell each other to be careful and begin to search.

“Do you really think there’s a chance that Madison and Chester are alive? And what about Gia? She just vanished from right under our noses.” Nathan says.

Katherine signs.

“I don’t even know man; I’m just trying to be hopeful in a terrifying situation. I know I talk big shit about loving mysteries, but now that I’m in the midst of a mystery, I don’t even know what to think. This whole thing is mind-blowing.”

“I get what you mean, but we’ll get through this.”

“Yeah, I hope so.”

Katherine and Nathan enter a room that immediately gives eerie vibes. It appears to be a young woman’s room. But from its appearance, no one has been in it for a long while.

“This isn’t creepy at all,” Nathan says sarcastically.

“At this point, everything about this place screams creepy so this doesn’t surprise me. Let’s look for anything that’ll point us in a good direction.”

Nathan heads toward one half of the room while Katherine stays on the other. Nathan calls out the missing names and before Katherine can as well, a picture on a nightstand captures her attention. It appears to be a young woman who looks a lot like Elaine. She picks up the picture and notices that the other half is missing.

“Hey Nathan, check this out.”

Nathan turns around and walks to Katherine.

“Who does that look like to you?”

“Mrs. Underwood. It’s probably an old photo from her childhood. She did say she lived here.”

“Yeah, that’s right. She did say that. Must’ve been crazy and scary being the only survivor of that massacre.”

“Yeah, that is crazy. How doesn’t she know who the killer is though? She was there.”

“I don’t know. It did happen a long time ago. Whoever it was could’ve worn a disguise or something. She never got to tell any of it.”

Nathan looks over at the nightstand again and rummages through papers until he sees another part of the picture. His eyebrows furrow at what he sees.

“Hey, that looks just like my mother. Weird, she didn’t even grow up in Connecticut. She’s from Oregon.”

“It could just be a coincidence. The picture is fairly old. There’s another woman in the picture, does she look familiar to you?”

“No, I don’t know her, but look closer, she looks just like you.”

“Oh wow, I didn’t notice that till now.”

Nathan turns the picture around.

“Elaine, Abigail, and Isabella.”

Katherine’s eyes almost pop out as she whispers Abigail.

“Did you say something?”

“Huh? No. Just, Abigail is probably one of the girls in the picture.”

“Yeah, you're right. I just wouldn’t know which one.”

Changing the subject, Katherine asks about the other name.

“That isn’t your mom’s name, right? Isabella.”

Nathan shakes his head.

“No, I guess it is a coincidence. My mother’s name is Jessica.”

“Well, there’s no one in here so let’s just-

“What are you doing?! Please don’t! Nooooooo!

Katherine and Nathan are interrupted by a scream that sounds a lot like Blake. Katherine and Nathan rush over, not before Katherine takes the pictures with her. Blake lays across the ground bleeding out from his stomach.

“Oh my god! Mr. Underwood! Who did this to you?!” Katherine shouts.

Katherine and Nathan crouch over him.

“I… Is…”

Blake tries to spit out the words but then passes out.

Katherine quickly stands up with a scared look in her eyes and throws up into the nearest garbage can. Nathan quickly runs over to her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

“No! I am not okay! We are all going to die!”

“Calm down a second and just breathe.”

Katherine looks at Nathan wanting to yell but calms down.

“Sorry for yelling.”

“It’s fine. Your reaction is pretty normal considering that someone else is dead.”

A few seconds later, the rest of the guests join them.

“What happened? We heard screams.” Katherine’s dad says.

“Take a look for yourself.”

Her father follows where she’s pointing, and everyone gasps.

“How did this happen?” Katherine’s mother yells.

“We don’t know, Katherine and I were just looking through a room up here when we heard him scream.”

“Wait. Why was he even up here?” Mr. Johnson wonders.

“What do you mean?” Heather replies.

“He was supposed to be downstairs looking around with us, but he was up here, why?”

“Yeah, you’re right. But if he was with you, how did not see him leave?”

“I don’t know! He could’ve left when we weren’t paying attention. My main focus was on finding my daughter.”

“Man. All of this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. So, from the looks of it, nobody has found her yet.”

Everyone says no and murmurs once again, roam the hall. With all the commotion, Katherine notices something weird. Elaine hadn’t said a word or reacted to her husband’s death. Instead, she has a rather guilty look on her face. Katherine takes this moment to go talk to her.

“Hi, Mrs. Underwood, how are you holding up?”

Elaine doesn’t respond so Katherine repeats her name again.

“Mrs. Underwood.”

Startled, Elaine looks up for the first time and answers.

 “Oh! Katherine, Hi. I’m just very lost in thought, what did you say?”

“I was asking if you were doing ok since your husband is... you know.”

“I uh, I don’t really know how to feel at this point. All of this is just a huge mess. I didn’t mean for this to happen again.”

Katherine looks confused.

“What do you mean by that?”

“By what dear?”

“That you didn’t mean for this to happen again.”

Elaine visibly stumbles for a moment, then quickly brushes off the question.

“Oh. That. I just meant that I wouldn’t have set the party up if it meant all this would happen.

Elaine smiles trying to deflect her guilty face, but Katherine isn’t really buying it. But with that being said she ignores it.

“Oh, Ok.”

Elaine lets out a sigh of breath as if relieved that she isn’t questioned. Then tries to turn away but Katherine stops her.

“One more thing Mrs. Underwood.”

“Please, call me Elaine.”

“Ok, Elaine, when Nathan and I were looking for Gia, we into this room and found these pictures, and-

“Oh my god, Gia!” Mrs. Johnson shouts.

Elaine quickly walks over to where everyone else is, once again never answering the question.

Katherine eyes her suspiciously and speaks to herself.

“I find it super weird how convenient it is that she keeps getting off the hook. I’ll make sure to keep a close eye on her.”

Katherine then walks over to the rest of the group.

“Gia? Where have you been?” Her father asks.

“I – I don’t remember. All I remember is getting up to use the bathroom while everyone was talking. Then I went into the hallway and something hard hit me on the head and now here I am.”

“Two people were just murdered, why would leave by yourself?” Katherine wonders.

“I had to pee. I thought I made that clear.”

“What Katherine’s saying is, we all have to be careful and stay together.” Gia’s mother says.

“Did you see anything that could point us to the killer?” Katherine adds.

“Not really. I was hit from behind. But when I was being dragged away, I heard like tapping like heels and a sweet scent, like strawberries. I think the killer is a woman or a man with a super nice style. But more likely a woman.”

“Are you sure a woman could pull this off? My money was on Ryan (Katherine’s dad) or Blake this whole time. But being that Blake is dead, Ryan is my sole choice.” Charles says.

“What?! Why? I’ve been with you all this whole time. If I’m being honest, I thought it was you.”

“Oh please, I would never.”

“Can we talk about how sexist you two are? Why couldn’t it be a woman? We are just as capable.” Heather adds.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Heather,” Vanessa says.

“Yeah, this is not the conversation we should be having right now. It isn’t cute either way. It’s insane.” Katherine interrupts.

Even with Katherine’s comment, everyone still carries on until you guessed it, the power goes out.

This time, they hear a grunt of pain, and when the lights go back on everyone gasps. Charles clutches his belly on the ground and not from far, Jessica, (Nathan’s mom) is holding a knife.

“Oh my god! Charles!” Heather cries out.

“Whoa, mom! What the hell are you doing?!”

“I’m getting revenge.”

“Jessica, what the hell are you talking about?” Daniel (Nathan’s dad) shouts.

“This was all a trap. And your host Elaine helped set it up.”

” A trap? Why are we being set up Jessica? We didn’t do anything wrong! Ryan yells.

“You all did everything wrong! I’ll admit it everyone who was killed probably wouldn’t have died. But every fucking time I tried to get closer to the people I was here for, someone got in the way. So, they had to die!”

“Your insane lady!” Gia screams.

“No honey, I’m a woman who loves a rush.”

"You are fucking crazy!” Katherine yells.

Elaine cowers in a corner, crying when Mrs. Johnson walks over to her yelling, and grabbing her by her shirt.

“What the hell are you crying for?! You set us up!”

“I never wanted to do any of this, Isabella made me do it. Just like last time. I’m so sorry.”

Katherine has an epiphany.

Isabella. That’s her. That’s her real name. She was the one in the photo! That was your mom Nathan, she lied to you! She’s been lying to us all!”

“Elaine you knew her from before, she was in the picture with you!”

“Yes, it’s true! Isabella and I are sisters.” She says this tearily.

“Then who’s Abigail? I saw pictures of her, and I got a note from her. Every time I tried to ask about her, I was interrupted.”

Nathan looks surprised.

“What note? I thought you said you didn’t find anything.”

“The note said that I couldn’t tell anyone, I’m sorry.”

“Not cool Katherine.”

“What was I supposed to do!? I was scared.”

“Well, who was she?”

“Abigail was an old friend of ours. She went missing several years ago, so we all figured that she was dead. She reminds me so much of you, when I first saw you, I did a double-take. You look so much like her.”

Like it was appropriate to her, Elaine tries to brush Katherine’s cheek, but Katherine quickly slaps it away.

“Don’t touch me, you psychopath! You and your psychotic sister lured us here to kill us and now I’m supposed to be sympathetic to you? You must have really lost your fucking mind!”

Elaine tears up again.

“I never wanted any of this to happen! This was all Isabella’s doing. She made me move the other bodies. Before you guys came out, she was up here trying to come after you and Blake tried to stop her, but she killed him and made me watch. He was the only man who ever understood me, and she took him away. She’s been like this since we were kids. She would force me to do things all the time. And if I didn’t, she threatened to kill me.”

“So that’s why you looked like that. Didn’t you have parents? Why didn’t you tell them that they had a crazy bitch living there with them?

“Don’t you see? I did tell them. I did all I could to protect them, but she took them away too. It was her! It’s been twenty-five years, and no one ever knew it was her. She killed our family. But no one ever suspected her. And tonight, she planned on doing the same thing, this time just because she felt like it.”

Elaine is crying hysterically now.

Katherine and everyone else looks at ‘Isabella’ who wears a terrifying smile on her face.

“You're sick! How could you do that to your own family?” Heather yells.

“I’m not sick, I’m powerful. If I were given the chance to, I’d kill them all again. But this time I’d take that whiny excuse of a sister down with them. Just look at her, pathetic!”

“Jessica, how could you do this? Why would you do this? I thought we were family. I thought you loved me.” Daniel says.

“My name isn’t Jessica you idiot! Don’t you get it! I never loved you! I just loved your money. I’m surprised you weren’t the first I killed. I hate you and that idiot of a son. You both make me sick.”

Nathan stares with tears in his eyes, while his dad looks in shock. Then not a moment later, Nathan tries to tackle his mother to the ground but at that moment, she quickly pulls out a gun.

“You guys could’ve all went easy, but you just kept testing me. It’s ok though the game is over. Get ready cause your-


Blood slips down Isabella’s chest and she falls to the ground instantly. Behind where she stood reveals a woman who resembles the one from the woman from the picture.

“Your Abigail, right? Katherine says.

“Yes. I know you all have a bunch of questions, but let’s work on getting you all home.”

Everyone is escorted out of the house and by then, police surround the house. Abigail explains to us that she had become a private investigator and was keeping tabs on Isabella and was waiting for the right moment to get her. She had been in the house the whole time! Why she didn’t prevent the murders from happening, don’t know.

“So, this been traumatizing,” Katherine says to Nathan.

“You got that right.”

“I’m sorry bout your mom being a-

“Psychotic killer? Yeah me too. But I’ll be fine. My dad is who I’m worried about.”

Katherine puts a hand on Nathan’s shoulder.

“You will both get through this. This was horrifying but we can still grow from it, even if we do have nightmares for the next couple years.”

Nathan chuckles.

“You would try to make jokes in the middle of a murder investigation.”

“You know me, Katherine the clown. Oh shit, you know what, I think I left my phone in the house let me go get it.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“No, I’m good. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Katherine kisses Nathan on the cheek and heads for the house.

“Katherine where are you going?” Her mom calls out.

“I’m getting my phone; I’ll be right back.”

Katherine walks into the manor and retrieves her phone, giving the manor one last look.

“This place looks even creepier empty.”

Right when Katherine turns to leave, she sees Isabella in front of her, bloody teeth shown and limping.

“You thought this was over you little bitch. I’m going to kill you!”

Isabella jumps onto Katherine with surprisingly strong strength for the last battle. Katherine struggles back, stronger than her, and shoves her off, leaving a gun by her side that she didn’t realize till then that it was there. Isabella runs towards her and without wasting a second, Katherine shoots her in the head. And this time she’s really dead.

Katherine’s parents come rushing over to ask if she’s ok and Katherine responds and says, "Next time there’s a party, we aren’t going. I’m too tired to go through this shit again."

August 21, 2020 09:16

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Doubra Akika
10:06 Aug 25, 2020

Melony, this is really great! You said you appreciate feedback to improve but I really don't know what to say (not that great of a critic and I don't read much mystery😂). Just wanted to say I loved the ending and how the story unfolded! Please keep writing and stay safe!


Thank you so much Doubra, I grately apperciate this. I'm so happy you enjoyed this.


Doubra Akika
20:29 Aug 25, 2020

It was my pleasure, and I honestly did! Whenever you’re free, would you mind checking out my recent story? I’d really love your feedback!


Of course!


Doubra Akika
20:57 Aug 25, 2020

Thanks so much!


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Charles Stucker
16:42 Aug 22, 2020

"I’m trying to give your ass hope and your" should end with "and you're" "Nathan heads toward the other half of the room and Katherine stays on the other" Rewords this- it reads as though both go to the other side of the room. This is not a Lewis Carroll moment with every "other" day. The initial discussion of Miss Underwood makes her sound like a suspect. As I read my thought is killer or red herring. “Yeah, your right. I just wouldn’t know which one.” you're- again. "He was the only man who ever understood me, and she took away...


Thank you for your input, that'll definitely help me improve for future stories.


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Salony Shakya
19:51 Aug 22, 2020

This was a thriller experience, Melony. I almost believed I was also a part of the group. Still confused how Katherine and Abigail had the same face.


You know what if I’m being honest I completely forgot about that🤣. Um this story could’ve had so much more but I tried really hard not to let it go over, because both parts are already really long. I guess some things stay mysteries. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. I initially had an idea for what I was gonna write for that and like I said, I forgot. Thanks for pointing that out. 😂


Salony Shakya
07:39 Aug 23, 2020

I guess it added up to the thrill and suspense at the end. It seems like you did it on purpose.😂 It was a great read! Keep writing.


Thanks a bunch!😊


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Velma Darnell
10:00 Aug 22, 2020

I loved the beginning of the story; it made me wonder how the story would unfold. Also, the last line is excellent, a small joke that sums up all the events. Your dialogues are great as they allow readers to imagine the described situations in their minds easily. Well done, Melony! p.s. I was wondering if you could check out my story "Hi, darling" when you have time and tell me what you think?


Thank you so much for reading! 😊 I’d be happy to check out your story🤟🏾


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Yolanda Wu
03:04 Aug 22, 2020

Oooh, I love how the mystery continues to unfold. The dialogue between Katherine and the characters was so fun to read. The second part definitely didn't disappoint. Amazing work!


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it😊


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Lynn Penny
01:08 Aug 22, 2020

Nice continuation, I applaud the dedication!


Thank you so much! I originally thought that this would only need one part but I kept getting more inspired as I wrote.


Show 0 replies
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B. W.
00:21 Aug 22, 2020

Decided to check if it came out already and guess i was right. Its as good as the first part, im giving it another 10/10. and i saw you have seen my two new stories and i was wondering if you could tell me what you think? i'd love to see what you have to say for those two


Absolutely! Thank you for checking out my stories, id be glad to do the same!


B. W.
01:10 Aug 22, 2020

no problem and thanks, can't wait to see what ya have to say


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Lata B
00:04 Aug 22, 2020

OMG! I love this! "Right when Katherine turns to leave, she sees, Isabella in front of her, bloody teeth shown and limping."


Thank you so much! I tried to be as descriptive as I could.


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The Cold Ice
03:11 Aug 29, 2020

Hilarious story.Great job 👍keep it up.I enjoyed the story. Would you mind to read my story “The dragon warrior?”


Thank you so much, ill go check out your story now


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Rhonda Hyder
05:56 Aug 27, 2020

What a tangled web of deceit! Enjoyed your sense of comic relief in that last sentence. Keep writing Melony. I'm off now to explore another one of your stories!


I love your comment. :) Thank you so much for reading!


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Kristin Neubauer
17:47 Aug 26, 2020

Fantastic! Katherine is a great heroine - smart, sassy. It was hilarious that her dad was concerned about her language amid the murders....as well as Nathan's sort of nonplussed response to his mother's secret. Great work, Melony!


I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I worked so hard on this.


Kristin Neubauer
11:01 Aug 27, 2020

I can tell - and your hard work paid off. Do you live in CT? I’m from there - my dad and brother still live there.


Thank you! I do actually. I've lived here my whole life.


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