Fantasy Science Fiction Adventure

I ventured out at eleven forty five, just fifteen minutes before the store closed. The store was nearly empty, with an announcement asking shoppers to bring final purchases. I had run to the back where the freezer section stores frozen treats, grabbed a large tub of Leah’s favorite, Mint Chocolate Chip, with another tub of Coffee Blast just for safe measure.Iran along the aisles to grab the extra hot chips she loved as the speakers announced the store was closed and any remaining customers should head to the registers immediately. This was when the storm began out of nowhere. 

The earth was shaking and the wind howling. The windows of the supermarket creaked as items fell off shelves along the narrow aisles. I had heard a forecast say there was a sixty percent probability of precipitation but this seemed ridiculous. I was not planning on venturing out this late on a Monday night, especially given the big presentation I had the next day at work. The look in Leah’s eyes however, had made me reconsider. She had been depressed for the past few weeks, since we lost our would be daughter to a miscarriage. She had barely spoken a few words each day, so when she asked for some ice cream and chips, I figured it was the least I could do. Trying to manage my own grief, I understood it would be nothing compared to that of a once pregnant mother to be.

“Oh God!” I muttered to myself asI dodged items falling off the shelves, running towards the front.I must have been running desperately, or my mind was preoccupied with my own depression or feeling of sadness for Leah. Suddenly, my face hit the tiled floor hard with a thud. The smell of bleach filled my nostrils, pain shooting to the back of my head. Ice cream spilled on the freshly cleaned floor. I had tripped over something. I felt like crying, nothing seemed to be going my way. I became aware of an acute pain on my ankle. I had somehow twisted it and fallen. No, I had tripped over something. I propped myself up against rattling shelves. Tears ran down my jawline, soaking my stubble. “Screw my life!”I yelled as I cupped my face. Wiping my tears with the sleeves of my hoodie, I tried to steady myself.I examined my ankle and placed it on the floor to see if I could walk. More items were falling onto the aisles. I managed to stand up on my feet looking towards what made me trip. 

My Gaze shifted towards the middle of the aisle. I saw a basket with a big handle. No, it wasn't just a basket. It was one used to carry a baby. They had shopped for these not too long ago. “That’s odd, why would someone leave this here?” I asked myself. Maybe they sold those in the store and someone left it there. Then I heard the sounds of a baby cry. “Must have hurt my head hard, now I am hearing things.” I muttered. The storm or earthquake or whatever it was, seemed to be getting worse. The crying grew louder. I couldn't take it anymore as I walked rather swiftly with my aching ankle, towards the little baby basket. In one unthinking motion, I picked up the handle. And looked inside. What I saw amazed me. 

Inside the basket was a soft white blanket with little yellow dots. Atop the blanket,was a dozen or more flowers. White and yellow flowers. Something was moving beneath the blanket. I pushed it aside to see the most beautiful blue eyes looking at me. Pale skin, little eyes and tiny lips cracking a cute smile. It squealed and shook, but the crying stopped the moment it looked into my eyes. The most innocent creature I had seen was now in my arms. A little baby girl. I shook my head, thinking I had some sort of a concussion. I blinked thrice, even pinched myself. I could not believe it. I realized something else. The storm had suddenly stopped. No more thunder, no more earthquakes.

He looked around calling out, “Hello! Anybody here?” Carrying the baby in my arms, limping, I made my way towards the front of the store. Nobody was to be seen. I yelled out asking for anyone. The store was completely empty. I spent what seemed like eternity looking for any sign of staff or customers. Frustrated, worrying I might be losing my mind, I set the baby down by the entrance, trying to check if the door was even open. It was, but suddenly, out of nowhere the storm started again. Tremors rattled the deserted supermarket. The baby was crying again. Scared, I limped back towards the baby and picked it up in the basket.

Again the earthquake and storm stopped abruptly. I was convinced that my depression had driven me mad. “Time to use that behavioral health plan Ali.” I laughed out loud. I heard her laugh from within the basket too. “Alright little one, I guess we're going home!” I said, touching the girl’s cheek with a finger. She seemed delighted. I found it odd that there were flowers in the basket. Then I thought to myself, “Of all the things that happened in the last thirty minutes, this is the least odd.” I made my way out of the grocery store and towards my car. I had recently learned how to buckle in the carry basket to the back seat, and rather clumsily attached it and closed the door. Before I could walk around to the driver’s seat though it started again. It was pouring, and the earth started to move under my feet. She was crying again inside the car as the entire car appeared to rattle. “It can't be!” I thought, but now the basket was moving, almost coming off the back seat. Without wasting a second, I swiftly opened the door and picked up the basket, got in the car and looked into her blue eyes. She seemed to recognize me, and stopped crying. Just as I suspected, the storm stopped too!

Shaking my head again in disbelief, I walked with the little girl in my hands to the driver's seat. Somehow, this baby, this true miracle of God, was controlling the weather! I didn’t want to test my theory until later though, I was tired and confused and Leah had already texted 4 times. Somehow balancing the baby on my lap, I started to slowly drive home. I hoped I wouldn't be pulled over for any reason, including and especially the color of my skin, which had now become a common occurrence sadly. I made my way into the manicured brick driveway, into the garage of my large colonial at the end of a quiet cul de sac. Without letting go of the baby, I walked from the garage and into the large family room where Leah lay sprawled on a soft white leather sofa with a throw, watching something on TV. Aware of my presence, she turned towards me asking, “Honey where have you been! I texted you so many times. Are you OK? Did you get ice cream? No, scratch that, really what happened?”

Before I could answer, she saw what I was carrying. “Ali?” she asked, “What is that you’re holding?” I walked over to Leah calmly, kissed her on the forehead and then picked up the baby from the basket. “Leah, God has truly blessed us. Meet our daughter, Daisy.”

August 01, 2020 03:57

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Jacey Lee
21:26 Aug 10, 2020

I love the background of these characters! The idea of a couple who had just lost their unborn child finding a baby to raise is so sweet and perfect for the prompt! It had a great storyline, and added more to this story. I immensely enjoyed reading this! :)


Art U
03:29 Sep 19, 2020

Thank you! :)


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