The road trip of doom!

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The school bell rang for the end of the term, finally the school holidays would begin!

Jack and John entered out of the school building, each thinking up the things they could do in the next couple of weeks.

“Come over to my house and we’ll have a barbecue!”

“Let’s have a water fight! I have plenty of water guns at home!”

“Maybe let’s-”

They reached John’s house.

“Nevermind,” smiled Jack, “we’ll discuss this later.”

Over tea, John’s family were discussing their summer holiday plans.

Mom seemed extra happy while we were taking guesses.

“I’ve decided that we should go on a road trip! You know, out on the open road!” smiled mom.

“But Jack’s coming,” was the first response, which was of course, by John.

“Okay, I’ll speak with his mother,” smiled mom in one of those not-so-confident ways.

She also said ‘mother’ in a very loud voice.

“Where are we going?” asked Flynn, John’s older brother.

Mom went out of the room and then came back with a map of the area.

“Here were are now,” mom started pointing to a dot near some hills, “we’ll go up here to Arizona.”

“That’ll take 2-3 days,” started Dad, “we could stop at this leisure center right outside of town.”

“I’ve heard there’s a large swimming pool there,” said Flynn taking the more modern way, by opening his laptop and going on ‘google maps’.

So, it was arranged. They were going on a road trip.

It was the day later, the sun was out, the birds were twirp-ing, the clock ran for 9 o’clock.

John had finished his breakfast and skateboar-ded to Jack’s house.

He only went on a skateboard because it seemed cool, he was doing better than last time, but there are sadly no breaks on a skateboard.


He lost crashed into Jack’s prickly hedge and the rubbish bin had tipped all over him.

Jack came out of his house, “Oh, THERE you are!”

John stood up, pulled up his trousers and removed the very-old banana peel from his head.

“I’ll come!” Jack said excitedly.

“What?” asked John confused.

“Your mom just called, and my mom said that we can all go on the road trip together!”

“YES!” John exclaimed as they high-fived each other.

So, it was arranged. They were going with Jack on the road trip.

It was the very next morning that they woke up. It was also the very next morning that they were going on a road trip, so that fits nicely too. They ate their breakfast and packed their bags.

Jack was in John’s room while they were packing their bags.

“I think we should take this bow and arrow, that’ll come in handy,” said John. Jack agreed.

John had packed 2 pairs of underwear and socks, 1 bow and 5 arrows, a torch, his phone, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a book called ‘a beginner’s guide to living in the wildness’ and some other stuff including a big rucksack to put it all into.

They were all ready.

They got into their car and started driving.

It was a very long drive, until they reached their first destination.

They parked in the leisure center car park and got out, their goggled already on their forehead, towels in their arms, they were ready.

They went into the changing-rooms and got changed.

This was going to be fun!

John looked around, there were a lot of babish-looking slides.


He looked at a high diving board.

That was something that he was going to do!

Meanwhile, Flynn looked around.

He entered into a pool.

“WAVE TIME!” came a boom from the speakers.

By this time, Flynn was already entering the pool’s deep end.

John started climbing up the ladder to the diving board, his hands firmly holding onto the ladder’s bars. He finally reached the top, looked down and around.

He was going to jump.

Jack went onto the big twirly slide. 

He shouted in his loudest, deepest voice.


Flynn was swimming towards the deep end when a wave hit him.


Flynn screamed, but his voice was muffled under the water.

The large sign at the end of the pool read out: WAVE POOL.




More and more waved kept hitting him, until he wad drowning.

A lifeguard spotted him and jumped into the water to rescue him,

“CANNONBALL!” came a voice from above, which was indeed John cannonballing from the diving board he went so fast that he hit the lifeguard in the middle of the pool, knocking them both out cold.

Jack got out of the slide, “that was fun!” he smiled as he walked over to John’s mom, “where’s John?” asked Jack, “I sure hope he’s having a fun time!”

They were all in the car, shivering with cold. They got changed.

“Jeez, this road trip is off to a bad start,” muttered Dad, “I hope our luck changes!”

To be honest, it didn’t.

They were travelling for quite some hours now, until they reached a motel where they decided to stay for the night. 

It looked like a newly-built hotel, not one of those cracked-old ones.

They walked into the reception, it was weirdly empty.

It looked more like a fancy hotel.

“Where are all the people?” asked Dad.

The receptionist sweated a bit, “ermmm….I don’t know, sir. We normally have a lot more. Must be a football game tonight or something.”

They all went to their room, “378”

It was late by now, they all fell asleep.


They woke up at 6:00 when Jack screamed.

Mom rushed over and saw that there was a cockroach on the bed.

John walked over and immediately fell sick all over the cockroach, and Jack.

“YUCK!” screamed Jack.

This was total chaos and ended up them driving away before 7 o’clock in the morning.

“Now that I look at star-gaze motel on the internet,” said John, “it seems they have a 1-star review for their ‘invasion of the cockroaches’” 

“Maybe we should turn round and end this whole nightmare,” Suggested Flynn.


Just then the car started making weird noises, and then stopped.

“DAMN IT! The car broke down!” Yelled Dad,” “AND WE SEEM TO BE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO-WHERE!”

He was right.

They were in the middle of No-where.

That’s luck, for you.

Now they are waiting. 

And waiting.

And waiting.


The end.

June 19, 2021 10:58

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1 comment

Damian Nowacki
08:36 Aug 24, 2021

Wow! This is the most liked story I ever had!


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