Create your own path, don't follow the one created for you.

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Fantasy Lesbian LGBTQ+

Introduction: Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. Sometimes we are perfect and sometimes we’re not. We are all unique in our own ways, and we will learn to accept that. We don’t have to allow ourselves to follow the path created for us by others, we can make our own path. Things shouldn’t have a way they’re, β€˜supposed to be’. This story proves that. Read along with each character and listen to their tale.Β 

Leanna -Β 

A fairy with no wings equals a fairy with no magic. No spells to cast, no curses either, no flying. She would barely be a fairy at all. The only way she is a fairy is by name. That’s who I am. And that’s how I am described. My name is Leanna, and I am a fairy, but only by name.Β 

Being different is not well-known in the fairy world. I’m unique, and I stand out, but not in a good way. People stare as I walk by. I fail to make friends, and there are unspoken rules about where I’m allowed to be. I have one friend, though.Β 

Abby helps me stay safe and unharmed. Though, there are others who protest against me. They say I’m not a β€˜true fairy’. That I shouldn’t live with them.Β 

Often at school others judge me. Even the teachers, who are supposed to be nice to everyone. I don’t get to learn what everyone else does because I can’t fly. And I don’t have magic. If only someone could perform a spell to give me wings. Or maybe even give me the power to do it myself. But no one will. Because no one is my friend.

At least I have Abby. And my parents protect me too. And I hope it’s enough, so I can stay alive, and hopefully, continue living in my home.Β 


Life is hard as a princess as it is. But a princess with pride? Who wants to marry other princesses? That was too much for some people.Β 

Why couldn’t I be different? Why couldn’t people accept me? I didn’t understand, and I never would. Life sometimes throws challenges at you that are too great to overcome.Β 

I believe that all bad things happen for a reason. That maybe, something good would come out of it, or it would make me stronger. But this is too much. What’s wrong with being lesbian? What’s wrong with a princess being lesbian?

Nothing. That’s what, nothing. But yet, people turn it into something. A curse, or just something wrong with me. Why is it so bad?Β 

People say I’m not fit for the throne. Because they need a king or a prince too. Sometimes I hateΒ myself. Hate myself for how I am. How I feel. Over time I’ve learned to embrace my being unique. See it as a good thing.Β 

A few people support me. Appreciate that I’m able to express my feelings. Maybe soon everyone will. Or even not speak negatively, but say nothing instead. There will always be haters.Β 

Phineas -Β 

My name, Phineas, means β€˜oracle’. I am certainly not an oracle. I call myself a wizard, but I’m really just a normal person.Β 

Sure, you could say I’m a fake. A liar. But sometimes you can understand why I actually do it. And no, it’s not for the money, as you’ve probably guessed. However, something better. Something unselfish, a good cause.

People want to believe in magic and fairy tales, and they never notice the magic right in front of them. Or the things they can do themselves. Because you’re not ugly, you just need to try to be pretty. Because you’re not dumb, you just need to try to be smart. Because you’re not mean, you just have to try to find kindness in your heart. Try, that’s an interesting word.Β 

Many people say they’ve succeeded, or had success. Many people say they’ve failed, or had failure. I say that it could be either. Depending on what you see it as, you could have succeeded and failed on two different things on the same occasion. Depending on how you see it.

Again, call me a fake, call me a liar, or call me a wizard. Your choice.Β 


β€œSharp as a knife!” My mother told me when I was young.Β 

Wisdom has always been my thing. Not strength, not bravery, not even luck. Wisdom.Β 

Around here, men grow up to be one of these two things: A knight, or a soldier, or a failure who ends up poor in the streets. A horrible stereotype, yet so very true.Β 

Clearly, I leaned more towards the first option. But as wisdom was my thing, I decided that I was going to be a knight who relied on problem-solving, tricking, and trapping as a defence.

Most knights are known for their strength. I was known for my wisdom. And I was proud of it. Because it gained me many, many, many victories.Β 

Conclusion: We can be whoever we want to be in life. Live our own lives. No one can tell us what to do, and when we're unique, or different, it really means we're just special. Thank you for reading.

January 25, 2022 13:39

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Credits to Dhwani Jain for giving me the challenge to write this story: Write a story which revolves around people from different backgrounds. It should be a story not set in this universe though. Go check her out!


Dhwani Jain
03:35 Jan 31, 2022

Thanks for mentioning me!!!!!!!!!!!


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Graham Kinross
02:27 Mar 10, 2022

The first thing that comes into my head when I read the title is Klaus from Umbrella Academy using song lyrics from the present as religious teachings in the past to become a religious figure. β€œDon’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and streams that you’re used to.” The end note on this also felt like a self help guide, was that the idea?


Sure. Honestly, I don't even know why I wrote that story, I just typed!


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Dhwani Jain
03:48 Jan 31, 2022

Hey Kate!! I am here to leave my review on this story!!! Here you go: -> TITLE ~ As I said in a previous comment, it is long. And technically, I don't think/understand how it is related to the story. -> STORY ~ See, there wasn't anything 'story-ish' about this. Sorry to be rude, but if this is a part of a series you are planning to write, then that's fine. But if it isn't, it just felt like a narrative, kinda like diary entries from different people. -> CHARACTERS ~ This was the one thing that I liked about the story, the characters were ll...


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Corey Melin
19:07 Jan 30, 2022

Very well done. Enjoyed it. We ALL should be treated with respect and love no matter what path you walk. If by chance it’s the wrong path then that much more to be by their side


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