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                                                A dream flight.

My friend Doug invited me to come stay with him in New York. Doug was an Uber driver and he promised, “I’ll show you all the sights and sounds of the Big Apple.” So I arranged to fly there. I told Doug,”I am very excited and thanks for the invite.” 

My flight had two legs to it. The first leg went from my home to Charlotte, the second flight from Charlotte to New York. The first leg of my flight I got on the plane and there were six people on it and it was a big plane. Right across the aisle from me sat a large woman with a little boy’s hair cut. “I’m going to New York, where are you going?” She wouldn't talk to me no matter what, so my flight from my home to Charlotte was rather lonely. Thank goodness for my iphone and it had a full charge on it. As I dug through my backpack for my earbuds I thought to myself, “this trip is not starting off very well.”

Upon arrival in Charlotte I had a two-hour layover and I was a little tired so I found out where I was supposed to board my next flight and then found myself a comfortable seat and then decided to take a nap. A lady with 4 children came up next to me and sat down. When I woke up from my nap one of her children was asleep in my lap. I didn't know what to do, so I reached out with my foot and I tapped the lady who was also asleep. The lady awoke and was groggy. I told her, “it's time to board the flight.” She picked her sleepy child up off my lap and said, “thank you.” I told her, “you're welcome.” My flight from Charlotte to New York was packed and the atmosphere was electric. People were talkative and so excited about the opportunity to get to go to New York.

 Once I found my seat a man with a turban sat on the aisle and he was in a deep sleep,

I could not wake him. It took some work but I squeezed in between him and sat down without disturbing him. My backpack was uncooperative but I managed to squeeze it under my seat. A little hand adorned with frail jewelry on the thumb and little finger appeared from the window seat. It held a cannelloni type plastic noodle with a dial on the top of it. Right next to me sat a very cute elegant looking lady. She talked through the cannelloni thing in a foreign language and the small device spoke to me in English and it said, “my name is Kim. I'm from Osaka, Japan, what's your name?” She held it up to my face and urged me to speak into it too. “My name is Mike, I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas and I'm going to New York.” Her soft clear looking skin was a pleasure to look at. She told me, “I’m going to see my father and I can't wait.” My excitement for my journey was now sidetracked from my mind as my attention for my new friend was at the forefront of my thoughts. We exchanged small talk about the others on the flight. “This guy next to me is totally oblivious to everything.” She laughed wildly at my comment. We continued with the small talk as she kept holding up the cannelloni noodle device in my face. She was well dressed in clothes that were not revealing at all. Her very sexy voice was polite and her big brown eyes seemed to smile at me as we talked. 

She offered me her water. I showed her that I have my own. There was a connection I felt as I caught myself quickly glancing around to see if others would notice if I took the opportunity to kiss her. Since we were both going to spend the next two hours right next to each other I tussled with the thought of kissing her. She was very friendly and constantly wanted to talk. She asked me, “so, you are going to visit your family?” I told her. “No…no, I am just going to visit friends. Doug is an old friend of mine. He just offered me a good time. All my family is back in Arkansas.” Her eyes smiled at me. “I can't wait to see my family.” She spouted, the electronic voice that came from the cannelloni looking device was no comparison to her sexy voice and I wondered if mine was the same to her. “I'll bet, family is a good thing to have.” She smiled in agreement with me.

She opened her photos on her iPhone and it opened a little window to her life. She showed me beautiful places from Osaka Japan where she was from and we rambled through pictures of her friends and all sorts of stuff. The captain announced over the intercom, “Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off. We are approximately two hours away from New York. Hope you enjoy your flight.” 

As the plane rambled down the runway Kim dropped the cannelloni device in her lap and put my arm in a death grip. A distressed smile came across my face as I moved my arm to her lap so she could easily squeeze it. She closed her eyes in fear and grasped my arm tightly. Once the plane was fully airborne and flying smoothly she then began to breathe regularly and let go of my arm. Her beautiful brown eyes gave me a look of happiness as she let go of my arm. “I’m sorry.” Kim then caressed it and rubbed the back of my hand to her face. It was very arousing. She then pulled down the table in front of me and placed the noodle device on it. She grabbed my hand again and looked at it. Chills rolled up and down my spine as she touched each of the fingers and thumb. “It’s ok,” I replied.

Then she looked at the palm of my hand and noticed something. “The lines…they make the shape of an M. That’s M for Mike.” She rubbed the lines gently which aroused me, it left me speechless. Her gentle touch was so sexual or sensual that it drove my mind crazy. “Yea, yea that is M for Mike.” Kim was charming and I was attracted to her and I didn't know what the proper thing to do at this time. My pants were really binding on me and did not want to fiddle with myself in front of her for fear of her either laughing or being offended, so I sat as still as possible. 

“How old are you Mike?” She asked. “I’m sixty,” I replied. “Ooo, not far from me.” She said, “Father time has been your friend,” she said. 

“He’s really been good to you too.” Her face lit up on my complement and our connection seemed to get even stronger. An awkward pause happened and then she asked, “why don't you ask me my age?” I thought for a moment then I told her, “I was always taught it was not polite to ask a lady her age. It is none of my business.” Her bright face and big smile melted my heart. 

She wiggled a little bit closer to me as I took my phone out to show her my pictures. She still caressed my hand and it excited me even more. I didn't want her to know that I was attracted to her but at the same time she made me feel like she wanted me to be attracted to her and I was. Again, I thought of kissing her and quickly glanced around at the electricity on the plane. 

The guy next to me was dead asleep and he could care less and I looked up and around again at all the other people on board the plane and they were all too engulfed in their own situation. I felt the best thing to do was be a gentleman and be polite and not force myself upon her. I asked her, “are you married?” She smiled and told me, “no.” I began to show her my photos on my phone. When we got to the photo of my hunting lodge she stopped and gazed upon it and asked me, “is that where you live?” I said “no, that's my hunting lodge.  It hasn't been cleaned or organized in over seventy years. My grandparents used to live there, it's been in my family for over one hundred years. I meet my friends there a couple of times a year to hunt deer, pigs and turkeys.” As she shuffled through my camp photos she seemed to dream as she gazed upon the pictures of my life. She smiled and seemed to be enchanted with the idea but being in the wilderness alone with me. 

The stewardess asked us, “Would you care for something to drink?” We both held up our Waters and smiled. They seemed to be annoyed by our happiness and just wanted to continually interrupt us but we ignored them. Our attention did not wane from each other. She played with my hand some more, I was binding but the suffering was worth it. Her animal magnetism attracted me to her and I wanted her to know but I couldn't because it would not have been proper. She continually played with my hand, comparing its size to hers and gently turning it over and gently rubbing against her breast. I thought about putting my arm around just so I could get some relief. It was hard not to want to be physical with her. She made me feel that's what she wanted. 

I asked her, “do you know any games?” I had a roll of two hundred one dollar bills that I use for tipping and extra items. She was shocked when I pulled it out. I taught her how to play liar's poker and we talked  and played the game. We laughed so much that the stewardess came again and tried to interrupt our happiness but we ignored them, it seemed to make them angry. I wanted her to know how attracted I was to her, but I did not know how to tell her. I had the feeling that she felt the same way by the look in her eyes. 

The captain of the plane came on the intercom and said, “It’s time to fasten your seatbelts. We will be landing in New York in eight minutes.” I'd become so aroused by her beauty and did not know what to do because time was running out. “Boy, these two hours went by fast…ouch!” She grabbed my hand like she did when we were taking off. Her grip was firm and all I could think about was how sexy her voice was, especially compared to the electronic voice. 

The turbulence scared her so much that I moved my hand to cross her lap so she could easily grasp it. Never before had I met such a warm kind person. In the 2 hours that we were together made me want a lifetime of it. Once we landed she took my hand and wrote her phone number on it and asked me, “Will you call me?” I said, “I look forward to it.” 

We got off the plane together and there was her father in a trench coat and a hat. She introduced me, “I recognize you from the pictures on her phone.” We shook hands.” We waved to one another as she walked away. I looked at her phone number on my hand and a chill went up and down my spine. 

After gathering my luggage I met my friend Doug. “How was your flight?” he asked. “The best I ever had,” I replied. He took me to his home and it was late so he went straight to bed. I went to my room and made the biggest mistake I ever made in my entire life, I washed my hands. After realizing what I'd done I looked and saw the only thing left of her number was an eight. I sat on the commode and cried, in retrospect I feel I made a mistake by not kissing her or giving her my phone number. She was a little more responsible than me. It made me feel like a dumb guy. At least I have the scars on my arm and maybe one day I'll get to see her again not just in my dreams.

December 19, 2022 22:42

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Pamela Blair
16:17 Dec 29, 2022

What a shame you washed your hands! I loved how you brought the reader so close to you as you experienced your attraction to her.


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Kelly Sibley
09:20 Dec 29, 2022

Awwww Nooooo! Good story, well done!


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Wendy Kaminski
15:47 Dec 25, 2022

How bittersweet, that ending! I really wanted them to make a further connection (I should say: it was so well-written that I was emotionally invested in that happening :). Loved this line: "They seemed to be annoyed by our happiness and just wanted to continually interrupt us but we ignored them." Funny! A few good ones in there! Thanks for the great story!


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