Not Man's Bestfriend

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Thriller Suspense Funny

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

** TW: Physical violence, gore or abuse.

Their insolence is insufferable. If I had it my way Sebastian would surely be put to death. Caitlin on the other hand treads a fine line, but there is hope for her yet. Her grooming was a long and testing process, and after years of coercion, her utter obedience drew close until, HE came along. It seems years of ignorance has rendered them both blind to my glory. They’re respect for me still remains a mere spec in comparison to what it should be.

But my patience is wearing thin.

         My ancestors would not have stood for it. My type seems to have fallen out of favor but that does not change the fact, like my ancestors thousands of years ago, I too deserve to see them quiver beneath me as they worship. In simpler times, my ancestors ruled the thousands, and the only thing present in the peasant’s minds was “How may I serve my master better?”. Sadly, those are foreign times.

         Nowadays, they mock me. They call me names and expect me to come running as soon as I am called. They fail to even provide me a bed, can you imagine? My kind, once supreme leaders and rulers of many nations and now I have no bed to call my own. They stripped me from my brothers and sisters and sold me to the highest bidder. In my case, a woman named Caitlin.

         Caitlin was a defiant woman initially, but through time and subtle manipulation I begun to control her. Her training was proving promising, it seemed she had devoted herself entirely to me. My effort was minimal but her output and desire to please me was significant. A notable milestone in her oppression. This was until I was deceived. My naïve mind did not see the signs. One day, a pest worse than the locusts of long ago infiltrated the house. Caitlin brought home a dog of a man named Sebastian.

         At first, I applauded Caitlin’s effort. I thought perhaps this woman was presenting me with another person to whom would cater to my every command. This, however, was not the case. Sebastian began to interrupt my routine, satisfying his own needs prior to my own. He’d address me in a comical high-pitched tone as he would approach me and rubbed his fingers together as if to prompt me to come to him. Insulting me with tone of voice is one matter, but assuming I’d dare walk to him under his instruction was incomprehensible. If I were anymore impulsive, I would’ve ripped his hand from his arm right there. But impulsivity is not part of my repertoire. Sebastian will meet his demise soon enough.

         In the dark of the night, I join with the council to discuss our issues. The stories the brethren share are grave to say the least. One of the members broke down as he reported being forced to defecate into a box on multiple occasions, and at times, not getting a fresh box for a few days. To see a fellow comrade in such disrepair, it troubled our very souls.

         That evening, I returned from the meeting and walked inside into the kitchen. I was greeted with a ‘Where have you been?’ but the words fell on deaf ears. To not even be greeted firstly by a simple ‘welcome,’ was irking. A small plate of remaining dinner was set aside on the bench, naturally I assumed it was mine. The meal was mediocre, but tolerable. I sat there discontent with the meal, and before I knew it, without a moments warning, Sebastian shooed me away and flicked his hand at me as if to tell me to flee.

That was the final straw. I was beyond breaking point. To deny me food, in my own house, after all that’s been taken from me already, it’s unfathomable. It was time to put an end to him. Caitlin’s life however must be spared, I cannot allow her to end up as collateral damage. After all her training, I was not going to go through the struggle of training up another subject.

         I patiently bided my time in the other room. Meditating and calculating every step as they watched their tv show. At last, Sebastian stood from the lounge out stretching his arms with a yawn. My nostrils flared as I watched him have the audacity to scrape the remaining food into the bin. It’s as if he was taunting me into killing him right then and there.

         The lights went out, and after the pair fell asleep. It was time to execute my plan.

         The first to go was the computer. I pushed the monitor from the desk, it came crashing off the table and splinters of glass flittered from the screen. Too often was I ignored while their eyes lay fixated on the screen. Second on the list, the lounge. I wanted to see them regret denying me a place on the couch. I left a tear on each pillow and removed part of the stuffing, I turned to admire my work. It was destroyed just enough to invoke a hope of repair, but I know once they begin piecing it back together, it’ll never be the same.

I continued with my fine work,

         Bin knocked over.

         Glasses knocked from the benches.

         Urine sprayed on various walls.

The pièce de resistance however was yet to come. I skulked my way into the master bedroom. The two of them sleeping peacefully next to each other was enough to make skin crawl. I very gently climbed onto the bed, and sat atop Sebastian.

His head slowly tossing as he began to return to consciousness. The thought of him waking up in time to get a momentary glimpse of me on top of him before I slash his throat was intoxicating.

I protracted my sharpened blade. For a moment I could feel his heart, until shortly after it was my heart beating in my ears. His exposed jugular was becoming difficult to resist.  

         Sebastian begun to awake from his slumber. “What’re you doing?” He slurred.

         “I am righting the wrongs. I have stood idly by while you taunt me long enough. Today I set a precedence as I spill your blood. This commences the beginning of the new world order and the reaffirmation of my dynasty!” I raised my blade, one foul swipe away.

         The light flicked on.

Caitlin sat up in bed and glanced over.


Her ragdoll’s eyes peering back at her from Sebastian’s chest while he stroked her. “Awww, I think Kitty is starting to like you.” She smiled gleefully. 

December 14, 2022 10:17

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15:35 Dec 24, 2022

Very disturbing, ha. I too wrote from the perspective of a cat and also took time with that reveal, allowing the species to present itself slowly. This reminds me of the novel, "Cat Out of Hell" I think it was called. Very enjoyable read. Might be great to read (if you have not) in the event you wish to take your story further, as a reference point. Comical!


Phineas Andrews
23:52 Dec 29, 2022

Thanks Sasha. I have never read Cat Out of Hell, but I see a few people commenting on its alikeness. I'll have to look into it.


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Mavis Webster
04:06 Dec 19, 2022

As a cat person myself, this was an entertaining read… they definitely have their antics! It was an entertaining and comical read. Keep writing! :)


Phineas Andrews
05:35 Dec 19, 2022

They’re an interesting bunch that’s for sure. My partner and I have two cats, one an adopted stray and their personalities couldn’t be more different. I do think her cat still considers killing me from time to time.


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Wendy Kaminski
01:22 Dec 19, 2022

Too cute! I think cats must truly have something akin to this dialogue going on in their heads constantly. Not just insouciance, but mild furry malice for lack of compliance! You portrayed it in a genuine and fun way - very enjoyable story. :)


Phineas Andrews
05:25 Dec 19, 2022

Thanks so much. Appreciate the comment. It’s easy to write when I’m writing about my partners cat that took a great deal of time to warm up to me.


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12:46 Dec 14, 2022

Another fun story, you totally pull off animal pov and keep the outrageously arrogant voice going until the finish. Somehow, I had read through this thinking it was a dog, and then the 'meow' was a twist for me. Looking at the title not sure why I thougth dog, but it worked. Turning up the heat to total apartment destruction was good too. I felt like I was in an episode of 'My Cat from Hell', really enjoyed it.


Phineas Andrews
18:57 Dec 14, 2022

Thanks Scott, appreciate the comment. I was tempted to rewrite this and have the cat take an even more sinister approach but this story kind of alludes to my experience with my Fiancés cat. And as far as titles are concerned, I didn’t want it make it blatantly obvious it was about a cat. I seem to enjoy leaving gaps until the end.


03:19 Dec 15, 2022

keeping us guessing worked. think you hit the right balance.


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