Fantasy Adventure

In the year 3522, many animals and plants became extinct, but the greatest threat to human survival on Earth was water, more than a hundred wars that humans fought among themselves because of water and its sources, and populations and affiliations changed, and countries were occupied because of water .

Much and much of the headwaters of the Great Lakes have dried up, the sea and ocean waters have receded, the Indian Ocean has completely disappeared and the drought has deepened the Earth, but our hero is in the search for new sources of water .

""It is the 169th war that we are going to fight with the state of sindiana, are the battalions ready."Marwan army commander.

"Yes, commander, everyone is repulsed and ready to attack."Ernest the soldier.

"We have to win this war , they should not have built a dam, they prevented the water from us."Marwan.

"If we lose the water, we will have to migrate , they will take everything."Ernest. 

"They have captured the southern Fort, let the fighters withdraw."Marwan.

"We can hold out longer, sir. our withdrawal means our defeat, Sir."Ernest.

"We must preserve our kingdom, a kingdom founded by its people, not where it lives."Marwan.

"Where will we go , there are no other headwaters, all dried up."Ernest.

"We will inevitably withdraw, we must withdraw, you can not take any more risks, order the fighters to withdraw."Marwan.

"Yes, sir, they announced our withdrawal and surrender, all soldiers will withdraw."Ernest is touched by defeat.

The sendiana army withdrew before being overtaken by the katwaniwa army, and the invaders had already taken control of the water headwaters of the sendiana Kingdom and had access to water until they left and migrated from the kingdom.

Marwan kept thinking and thinking he was guided by something that might seem crazy but he decided to venture and do it and asked to meet King Zak.

"I hope it's important , she asked to see me."King Zack.

"Yes, King , it is very important."Marwan .

commander of the armies.

"Come on tell me, what's important after our defeat."King Zack.

"What if I tell you that I can find a water source that does not run out."Marwan.

"I said a water source does not run out, where, how and when ."King Zack .

"Yes, sir , I remember my grandfather He told me  about Headwaters that do not dry out."Marwan.

"where we might find water sources that don't run out, the only source of water right now is the Nile, which is dry, the Mississippi, the rest of the water sources are all dried up, and even the oceans are receding and shrinking because of The Great drought ." Zack King.

"Africa, the Sahara,sir  King."Marwan.

"I said the Sahara desert, but as far as I know, it has become arid and drought has wiped out its life milestones, especially after the Great Drought."King Zack.

"But there is something  Not many people know him، sir."Marwan with confidence.

"Are you making fun of the King ، Hey commander of the armies."Chancellor of the King.

"No, Mr. chancellor, I'm talking about underground water, I mean underground."Marwan with confidence.

"It is impossible, because the Earth has dried up all its apparent sources in the surface or even the underground ones."Chancellor of the King.

"Sir, how about send  a group of soldiers and explorers to explore Region." Marwan.

"I don't think it's a good idea, it's better to stay here and pay water royalties to the invaders."Chancellor of the King.

"Sir king , we will lose nothing if we try, although I am sure we will find the water."Marwan.

"Your trust has left me confused, sending you there is crazy, are we really going to find a water source, as far as I know we've surveyed that area in the past and found nothing."King Zack.

"Sir King , What Not everyone knows is that esoteric waters are Regenerate by themselves every hundred years ."Marwan.

"And Where Did you get this information, I've never heard of before."Chancellor of the King.

"My grandfather told me, sir king."Marwan.

" Grandpa, can we talk to him?"King Zack.

"Unfortunately, he is no longer among us, he was killed in battle,but before his death he provided me with this information, I trust him."Marwan is sorry for his grandfather.

King Zak stayed silent for a while, looked at his advisor, looked at Marwan and saw that he was adamant in his opinion, clung to him with confidence and decided to send a survey group to look for hidden water sources that do not run out .

"After studying the matter with the advisor and the commander of the armies Marwan, I think it is wise to take the opinion of the commander of the army Marwan."King Zack.

"But, Sir.!!!!!!!."The Chancellor, angry at the King's opinion, fell silent after the King signaled him with silence.

"Let me finish, I'll send an investigative group under your leadership, Marwan, choose who you see fit for the job."King Zack.

"Thank you sir for trusting me, I assure you that I will find this water source."Marwan with every package.

"I will not tolerate any mistake that may happen, your lives are in your hands, if your mission fails you will resign from the army."The King.

"I will, sir, but I promise you that I will find the source of the water and free our kingdom from captivity and find us a new home."Marwan.

"Find the water first, then we achieve the rest of the goals."King Zack.

Marwan chose a group of his best soldiers, who were also accompanied by a water scientist and a researcher at the desert Anthropologie in addition to all the thermal scanners through which the esoteric waters will be monitored and set off towards the Sahara Desert in the hope that things will be good and pleasant .

"Sir, the Sahara Desert is wide and vast, it would take a lot of effort and time."Stephanie is a water scientist.

"We will limit our research to specific locations, such as areas that in the distant past were lakes, or green areas that dried up after the Great Drought."Marwan.

"Smart idea, there are actually a lot of lakes, valleys."Stephanie optimistically and a big smile on her face.

A whole week has passed and Marwan's team is surveying areas that were once headwaters with no hope of finding a single drop of water.

"How many sites then cleared it so far Ernst."Marwan.

"600 locations so far, along the Sahara Desert."Ernest.

"He's got to be here somewhere . we missed something."Marwan.

"There is a lake that existed in the very ancient era, dried up thousands of years ago and then turned into a city."Stephanie.

"You mean the city was built over the lake ."Marwan .

"Yeah , and that looks pretty clear on the map. it looks like a plate, doesn't it?"Stephanie.

"Yeah, that's obvious. it's like a crater that turned into a lake and then dried up."Marwan.

"I will ask them to clear the entire area."Stephanie.

I sent surveyors and water monitors, so the survey team was surprised by what they found.

"Sir, you can't believe what we found , it's not just a spring but a whole lake under the sand."Ernst is very happy.

"I knew that my grandfather made no mistake, that his words were true."Marwan.

"That's really incredible, it's Hale's stock of water underground, look valleys of water, but where it comes from."Stephanie marveled.

"Start water extraction and construction, we'll settle here, build a great kingdom in the sand."Marwan.

Send Marwan samples of the water that they found her and invited the king and the inhabitants of the kingdom immigration after completion of the construction of the city.

"Marwan succeeded in his quest and kept his promise to me , he found the water, we will finally be freed."King Zack.

"It is incredible that the king would have found water in the heart of the desert."Chancellor beaming.

"He'll be back our glory , our Kingdom will be stronger than ever before."King Zack.

A week after Marwan finished building the New Kingdom and the King asked Marwan to marry his daughter Stephanie, a water scientist, Marwan was surprised but accepted to marry her to later become the new king after the death of King Zak.

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