Fantasy Mystery Thriller

Elli was looking for her cat searching everywhere, whispering her name around the house until she saw outside her window a grey figure in the middle of the road. She walked outside an unbearable smell caught her off gourd as she walked closer there, she saw he Missy, head split in two, maggot’s filling her brain.

Daddy, daddy she screamed

Missy is dead she said with tears filling her eye

Her dad just sat on the caught didn’t say a word he was passed out with a bottle of rum in his hand.

She walked upstairs to tell her mom only to discover the bedroom door was open, the cold breeze from the window made left cold footprints on her skin, she saw her mother lying on the bed hand eyes was open but she would still see her mother’s chest moving

She is alive Elli whispered to herself

Elli’s mother holds a glass pipe in her hand that’s covered in brown ashes and smelt like an old match.

Get me some water Elli’s mother said while waking up, she took the glass pipe and tried to hide it from Elli

Her father left for the store, it was dark and raining almost Elli’s bedtime but her father wasn’t here to tuck her in and her mother was passed out on the cough

Elli turned of her lights and closed her eyes and slowly tried to fall asleep in a few seconds she wondered off in to a soft painless dream about her cat she heard the scream

She woke and stood on her two feet the house was cold. The though of walking outside her room made her skin crawl she opened her door and saw her dad walked to the kitchen she ran to him giving him her hug only to discover his eyes are black

John smelled like his whole body was covered in rum and there was cigarette burns on his hands

Who is this person she thought?

Her mother was crying in the other room and Elli felt confused

Come here Elli her father said with a dark and possessed voice

Come play with daddy he begged

Elli saw this big man standing in front of her with eyes black as night

This is not my father she thought

She ran to her room only he was fast enough to get hold of her she fell to her feet and he grabbed her ankle she kicked him but he only left a scratch on the leg

She locked her door put her drawer In front of it and stood there , she was blinded with tears filling her eyes scared and hopeless

Come out this instant Elli her father screamed from the other side of the door banging making demon possessed noises.

It went quite for a second

Please stop don’t do this john her mother scream from the other room

Banging noises, the whole house felt like it was moving, glass was breaking, Elli tried to cover her ears but the noise was too hard to block out.

It was quiet, Elli opened her door trying to think of an escape plan, she ran for the front door before making it the man grabbed her and pushed her to the floor

grabbed both her hands shoved it above her head he was strong so one hand could both her hands down

he smiled at her

hallo my darling he said while kissing her in the neck

lift up her dress and grabbed her breast squeezing it hard Elli screamed but there was no one

John placed one hand on hand her stomach looked her in the eyes and smiled, he touched her

Grabbed her by the thought turning her on her stomach and slide down her underwear

Elli screamed while this big ban forced himself onto her

He covered her mouth his sweat dripped on her back

Elli’s body was covered with a man hardly twice her size. Screaming from the pain screaming for help she was hopeless she couldn’t do anything and just waited for him to finish

Elli bit his hand when he was done

Ahh Fuck he screamed

Her legs were shaking she was in pain she crawled to her bed and tried to lock the door when he came run after her

As she closed her door he stuck his hand in the doorway and she slammed it hard

Fuuuck he screamed releasing the door

On the other side of the door he screamed , threw dishes around and just got mad her mother was crying she didn’t do anything

Elli sat covered in blood with no idea what just happened

Elli darling open the door her Father said

I just want to play . I wont hurt you he said in a laughing tone voice that made her skin crawl

The window was locked so she crawled to the frame and opened it up on the outside was her mother’s rose bed

Go away she screamed to her father

He banged on the door

Open this door he demanded

She reaches the window and tried to get on her bed to jump out with all the screaming and banging she was scared but determent to get out

As she jumped on to her mothers rose bed it was quiet, she could hear her father’s footsteps

Her mother screamed; Elli holds her hand Infront of her mouth trying not to make a sound

A loud bang noise came from her parent’s bedroom as she crawled her way that side, she could hear her father taking a deep breath screaming and kicking all the furniture around

She lifts her head to look through the window and there she saw her mother pinned to the wall with a gunshot in her hair blood splatters against the wall

Elli holds her mouth shut trying not to let her father hear her but he saw her and she saw him

Without thinking he just turned around and ran into the corn maze, feet getting al wet from the mid her dress covered in blood she just ran until she heard the second gun shot

Elli Stood still took a deep breath and burst into tears.

One week late as Elli poured herself some tea the phone rang

Hallo she answered

Hi Elli, this is Nurse Sandy Your Father John is in ICU and I need you to come and fill in some paperwork

I’m sorry you got the wrong number my father passed away a along time again, Elli hangs up the phone took a deep breath and poured her tea.

The end 

February 04, 2021 11:49

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