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The Grumpy King

Today was King George birthday and everyone wanted to give him something special. They knew King George was having trouble sleeping. So many people thought of good ways to help him sleep.

The ballroom was site, balloons and ribbons everywhere and the cake. The cake was King George's favorite. He love chocolate with yellow frosting and blue stars. As he entered....

"Happy Birthday, King George!" Everyone cheered and whistled, but King George didn't care. He was so tired and no matter how hard he tried to sleep at night. He just couldn't.

King George went to his seat at the front of the ballroom and with a heavy thump planted his bottom. He cleared his throat and said, " Begin the gift giving."

"Tonight my Lord, we have third different gifts for you," said a servant of the King.

"Three!" yelled the King. "Is that all!"

"Yes, my Lord. Three idea's on how to help you fall asleep and stay asleep until the sunrises." The servant explained. "We'll need at least three nights to see what idea works for you, my Lord."

The King thought about it. He was very tired and really wanted to get some sleep. So he decide to celebrate his birthday for the next three nights or until one of these ideas worked.

"And what happens if none of your idea's work. What then?" The King demanded. The servant didn't think of that and didn't know how to answer. Just then a little girl came up and answered for the servant. "I'll give you my white bunny!" 

The King looked down at the little girl, who was dress in a light purple dress and flowers in her hair holding a white bunny. It had really long hears and a big fluffy tail. The King smiled to himself and thought he could never take the bunny from her, but he didn't have a stuff bunny either.

"Alright, Lets begin!" Announced, the King.

Night One

First idea was for the King to drink a big warm cup of milk and a fresh bake cookie. The cooks got to work. They warm up the milk and put it into a nice glass cup. Then they pulled out of the oven a warm chocolate chip cookie, sense chocolate was one of the Kings favorite. 

Next the servant, took the warm milk and cookie to the King on a silver platter. The King was in his room, in his king size bed, under lost of covers waiting for his treat.

A knock at the door. "Come in," said the King in a grumpy voice. The servant enter with a smile on his face. "My Lord, your desert and warm milk."

"About time!" grumble the King. The King grabbed the cookie and just swallowed it whole. Next he snatch the cup of warm milk put it up to his lips. His eyes open wide, with tears in them, and he let out a horrible scream.

"That's too hot! What are you trying to do to me?!" yelled the King.

The servant didn't know how to respond. The first experiment has failed.

"Get out!" bellard the King.

The servant left the room with a sad face and as he went down to the kitchen he shock his head to everyone he passed to let them know it didn't work. When he got to the kitchen, "Don't worry, the are two more plans in place. Maybe one of those plans will work." Everyone took a deep breath and began to plan for tomorrow nights experiment.

Night Two

The second plan was to fill the Kings room with sweet smells. Such as lilacs, cherry blooms, and soft warm summer breezes. 

So the servants washed the Kings bedding in cherry blooms perfume and filled his pillows with lilacs. Open his windows to let in the warm summer breeze. Now it was ready for the King.

The King enter and love the warm breeze. He started to feel relaxed and sleepy. He climbed into his bed and was almost going to close his eyes when he hear a cricket. He took a deep breath to yell for his servant, but from the lilac and cherry bloom perfume began to choke instead.

The servant rushed in form all the noise to see what was all the fuse. "My Lord," he stop and quickly got the King a cup of water.

" Get this stuff out NOW!" yelled the King in between coughs and the servant did in no time at all.

Once things were settled and the servant was back in the kitchen. "Well we still have one more plan. Maybe this will be the one and our King will finally have a good night sleep." 

Night Three

The King was dreading the three night. He even wished on a star that he would find sleep. He was getting grumpier by the minute. He sat in his bed and wonder what was coming. Hopefully nothing hot or perfume smelling. He just wouldn't do that again.

The servant came in. The King took a deep breath waiting for the worst. 

Shaking the servant said, "May tonight be the night of good rest, my Lord. We have a book to read to you."

"A book!" yelled the King. "No, no, if I wanted a book I would have went to the library and got a story to read." The King was disappointed and even more grumpy. "Get Out!" the King said in a harsh tone. The servant just ran out in tears. In all his years, he never got treated so badly by the King. 

The little girl saw as the servant rush past in tears and felt really bad for him. She decide to give the King her rabbit, because she knew it helped her sleep, maybe it will help the King. She went up to the Kings room. She could hear the King crying, but why? She went in.

"I'm a horrible person. I shouldn't have been so mean to my servant. I must apologize." As the King turn to do just that he saw the little girl. "What are you doing here?"

The little girl took the Kings hand and sat him down on the bed. "Here you go. When I can't sleep I cuddle with Mr. Bunny and my momma sings a sweet lullaby. That puts me right to sleep."

So the King went under his covers, took the bunny and hugged him real close, and the little girl sang a sweet lullaby. It wasn't long and the King was fast asleep. 

Morning came, birds where singing, and a big breakfast was waiting for the King. 

When the King awake, he felt like a new person, couldn't wait to begin the day. He notice the bunny was still with him. He decide to make his own bunny and have one of the servant to sing a sweet lullaby every other night. 

The King ran down the stairs. Stop to apologize to the servant from last night and continue on his way. The servant asked, "Where are you going?" and the King replied,"To see the little girl and give her her bunny back."

As the King came to a little house in the city, he saw the little girl playing hopscotch with some of the other kids.

"Pardon me," announced the King. All of the other kids stood still with big dough eyes unsure what to do. The little girl smiled at the King and ran up to him ready for a big hug. "See it worked, didn't it." The King smiled back at the little girl and said, " Yes, My Lady, it sure did and I would like to return your bunny with a big thank you."  The King was no longer grumpy King and lived happily ever after.

The End

August 31, 2020 00:53

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H. R. Robin
05:51 Sep 10, 2020

I loved how cute this story is, I couldn't help but imagine it with colorful drawings as a children's book. Though it was very point-blank in the writing without much description, maybe a bit more about how tired the king is. Is he droopy-eyed and slumping in his chair? Maybe his hygiene is going downhill. I would also suggest double-checking spelling/grammar errors, doesn't affect your writing style but can be off-putting to the readers.


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Maggie Deese
21:33 Sep 05, 2020

Really cute story, Angela! Great job!


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