Apocalypse and Chill

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Funny Thriller Romance

I look to my left, I look to my right. 

I sit down on the ground.

There is dark, there is night.

There are ashes all around.

I look to the sun

But it is dead

I look to the moon 

But she holds her head

Heavy with words no one wants to say. 

The world ended this morning 

In ways you cannot fathom 

There is no where to go 

No hope in this chasm

And yet a rose blooms.

A rose of hope 

A flower of love

A shining beacon 

A simple white dove

And I dive. 

Death smells like breakfast 

When you have no guts 

I dive towards the gates 

Before those doors become shut 

But as I reach 

I fall

And I lose my gall.

I sit alone once again

Staring at the carcass sun

His crying moon 

And all their children

Stars gone too soon. 

I throw my hands to the empty sky 

I ask the bloody clouds why 

This day was mine

This day to die 

I weep for family 

I sob for friends

My unhappiness

Will know no end 

And yet there is a spark 

Of deep passion 

Blooming like tangled garden weeds 

In the depth of my chest 

Love for a heart that once was mine

Except it wasn’t my actual heart 

I’m trying to be romantic 

And use 

A metaphor. 

Yes even in the middle

Of this catastrophic riddle

I find an urge to giggle 

Because all is not lost 

Until all is literally lost.

I can see my hands 

They’re strong and warm 

In bone structure regards 

They have such a nice form. 

I can see my legs 

All covered in soot 

From the top of my pants

To the heel of my foot.

I can see my face

Because I turned my phone camera on

I look good for post end of the world 

Though a bit like a shredded lawn 

My eyes are chalky 

Like, um, chalk 

I can’t rhyme that well

But don’t you balk 

Because this is my story 

And you chose to read

No one else 

Made you do this deed. 

Where was I then?

Oh yeah, I was in love 

With the legs and the hands 

And the sparkly glitter dove. 

Right so I know now 

That I have courage and crap 

I have confidence and yeah 

I’m a jolly old chap. 

So back to my metaphors

Back to my similies 

Back to my blah blah 

About all this villainy 

Cause yeah the world ended

But come on folks 

Nobody pretended

That folks were immortal

That our Rome wouldn’t fall 

So what did you expect

That we would just all 

Survive the crashes 

The breaks and the falls

The storms and the plagues 

And the hornets and all?

Hey, yeah, no 

But guess what?

I’m still here 

So get out of that rut 

And listen to my rhyme 

About the guys I love the most.

Yeah, you heard it

Yes it’s true 

Some girls like one guy 

I like two 

One’s named Ben 

The other Jerry 

They’re so smooth 

Never hairy 

And another thing about them

They'll never be friend zoned

The way I like them best

Is soft served in a cone

They may be dead 

But in my head

Our late nights 

Home stays 

Never go away 

Yeah and if I find them

That’ll make my day 

They’re pretty sweet 

To say the least 

Some boys are snacks 

But they’re a feast. 

They just melt

If you’re too hot 

Stir that sugar 

In the pot 

I like them

A lot a lot 

This is love 

We’re getting married 

In the parlor 

No one tarried 

To my wedding 

Don’t be late 

Here we eat ice cream

None of that cake. 

Ben and Jerry 

Frozen soulmates 

Sitting in the 

Now broken store 

Ben and Jerry 

In a carton 

Peering out 

The fridge’s door

Gotta save them

Can’t hurry enough 

This day’s already 

Been bad enough 

I have to get around these bodies

The clerks the jerks 

The folks with Audi’s 

Now death smells like

Porta potties 

I round the corner

See the store

I take two steps 

Then one leap more 

Almost to the 

Aisle floor 

Hands are sweating 

Heart is jumping 

I’m so nervous 

Blood is pumping

Pulling out my wallet 

Checking my debit card 

If I can’t get my dairy 

The apocalypse bouta get hard. 

No one else is in this store

I’m the only one so bold 

Well, it could be that 

Or everyone else is just too cold

By cold I mean dead

Like stone cold gone

No amount of money can save you 

No brains over brawn.

In this situation 

You’re out or you’re in

Doesn’t matter who you are 

Who you’ll be or you’ve been 

The end of the world won’t judge

Between the boys and men.

Here I am 

After the fact 

So close to the affection

That I have sorely lacked

Thirteen tubs of ice cream

All stamped with Ben and Jerry 

I almost faint in relief 

Without them my life is scary. 

Never mind the zombies 

Chasing up the street 

Who needs to walk when I can fly 

When I have food to eat 

Look, yes, I was deprimed 

My livelihood stolen 

The apocalypse took a lot 

But dude, I still am rolling

No one can take me

No one can break me 

I am the queen of the land

With a smile on my face 

And a couch underneath 

I’ve got a scoop in my hand. 

Meteors come

Hurricanes go 

Governments fall

And tornadoes blow 

The sun’s funeral is on Monday

The moon will be wearing black

But I’m living in the present 

Cause I can’t bring that back.

Am I sad I will die soon

Or live alone forever

Yeah but also I have hope 

And I never do say never 

Like the small rodent 

That famous Beaver 

I will sing to my baby now 

This sweet two dollar carton

Is gold from heaven’s cows. 

The world may fade

I may not see old age 

But that’s the next chapter

I’m still on this page. 

I had a goal

And I did it! 

I showed my pain 

While they hid it.

And though I hate 

To admit it 

I may go back for more. 

My ever continuing 

Never diminishing 

Post apocalyptic thrilling chase.

September 18, 2020 19:14

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22:15 Sep 18, 2020

This was really creatively done, not lame AT ALL! I loved it!


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Dalyane Deblois
19:27 Sep 18, 2020

Wow this is great! the way you wrote it, I'm impressed and I find it refreshing! Great job with all the rhymes! Loved to read it:)


Rhondalise Mitza
19:35 Sep 18, 2020

Ah, thanks! I'll be sure to comment on your stories soon!


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15:01 Oct 16, 2020

Lol, this is funny--the Ben & Jerry joke did throw me for a trip. XD Let me know when you have anything new--I'd love to get the memo...or rather the scoop.


Rhondalise Mitza
15:23 Oct 16, 2020

Haha, yes, I had to fit some ice cream love in the story! :) Thanks for reading and I will! I'm reading your newest story right now.


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