Fantasy Funny Happy

Getting up from a softy mattress is hard as avoiding burger ( my favourite). But when the sun hit my face , the need to get up is necessary. "Good morning Daisy" I wish myself, getting up showing my blue night wear and observe the nature out of my window .But the calm atmosphere was disturbed by a loud thud voice .I jump in surprise and ran outside but not at all expected to fall down when reaching downstairs by attack huge.

I look the culprit for this scene and was meet by a dark yellow eye and tongue that is licking me" Ewwwwww..... Brother get off from me" he happily howl .yaa..guys you heard right it is my brother who is licking and howling like a dog..opsss don't tell him otherwise he will have my head .. Just joking. He kiss my cheeks and get up to shift in human being and started to wear clothes.

In my life there are 2 secrets . First , my brother is a werewolf..yaaa a WOLF not a normal but a-" Alpha George" Beta James stand in front of us with a kind smile before I could reply , brother turn around coldly . " what" in a sharp voice in a alpha tone .....my brother behaviour change into 180 degree from jolly to arrogant perosn beta said in a scared voice "Alpha we have so-" .Brother just raise his finger interrpecting the beta " no one should disturbance me today, I am busy with my family today so cancel all the meetings" in a hard tone shivering the beta , poor man I thought. Beta bow down " yes Alpha" and ran with his life. " Miss me cutie" a excited voice with hopeful eye from my brother. There he goes to a cold alpha to cutie puppy. I hug him to show how much I miss him. My brother hug me with so much love. Our brother sister bonding was disturbed by someone.

" Hai children" dad greets us with a hug . " Dad !!! Where is moma" brother search around like a lost kid ,dad just shake his head . hmmm Mamas boy I thought .

" I am here my prince " my mom yells carrying his favourite choclate cake.

" Moma your the best" eyeing the cake and kissing mom all over her cheeks. Mom laugh and hugs him. Dad said with a pout " ohh... my son doesn't love me " . I just laugh and hug him showing my support . This is my family small but beautiful.

Mr.alpha hug mom and say " because I am mama boy" . Looking my brother I still can't believe he is a leader of a clan...ughhhh..no one can believe if they saw this childish behaviour of him and double is this the same alpha George who skin them alive if anyone touch him?

Some time I really doubt how he achieve so many praise of success..but for other than his family he is cold, arrogant, handsome man who can kill anyone , with his laser gaze and sharp tongue. I was ones more disturb by my childish brother " dai, what are you thinking ..is it a boy.oh my did anyone propose you I really want to know." asking like a gossip girl..How I wish I can stop his ramble with a spoon inside his mouth ." Who want blueberry jam" mom shout Changing the topic

" Meeeeeee" a ear piercing sound from my wolf brother with a puppy face. I just smile at the scene.If dad and brother had not came to our life....ohh..2nd secret is George is my stepbrother and dad is my stepfather . Only they two are wolf. My stepfather found us when my real father beating mom and me in the house.

That memory is still crystal clear in my mind how dad barge out into home and shout and kick my father.He hit my father till he is not breathing. He come forward grab me and mother and I slightly hear him calling my mom " mate".

I don't understand but then he explained everything to us and we accept it, there I meet my brother wearing a teddy bear costume "welcome my beauty sister...ohh .she is beautiful ,how many boys I want to beat ..I can read story books...blahhh" he ramble cutely and hug me. I really laugh a lot.

My thoughts was once again intrepted by the sudden laugh from kitchen ..ohh..boy here the childish George chatting and eating jam like a one year old boy. He assisting mom ...more to say .... giving mom trouble with his stupid culinary skill...i really laugh when I see the sauce splash in his face when he try to open it ...

" Oh my haaaaa..look alpha George bathing in sauce " he shows a pout and then a devilish smile which shows I am in trouble .

I ran as fast as I could ,George is after me with the sauce " you laugh first now I am going to laugh now haaaa" and with his wolf speed he is in front of me and pour the entire content over my body " Ahh..nooooo..bro I am going to kill you ..you wolf " we both start our cat fight and mom and dad is smiling and shaking thier head seeing our cat fight.

We both drenched in sauce .. especially me...as I was thinking how to remove this sticky thing I was suddenly cover with dough ....wait a second how in the world ...my mouth just open but what I got attention is my brother laughing with clutching his stomach and rolling over floor ." Ok brother your dead today" and jump over him to scratch his body with my nails . " Dia,noo....it is really paining " " it should be" I laugh. our day goes on with childish pranks and fights." Kids get up and clean the house " mom started to instruct ." Awwwwww" we both says lazy as hell we are ."moma u am tired " with a cute smile my brother lay his head on mom shoulder. Such a kid . At last dad,mom, brother and me started to clean and our home is filled with happiness and jolly.

I thank God for giving this family....

I am really happy with my werewolfs family. Especially my brother ..

November 26, 2020 12:22

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