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Nobody seems to notice me for the most part, I tend to blend in the background. Even though I think I am a pretty cute raccoon girl. I have a power that often makes me seem like I am not there, and I can walk through walls if I concentrate enough. I am pretty lonely, people just don't pay attention to me much.

Then, one day I met a tanuki who seemed very kind, and we became friends. She met a guy, but still saw me. I couldn't help but to feel a bit jealous, she had what I hoped for..someone noticing her. I never said anything about it though.

Halloween came, and we went to this store with really cool costumes. I picked out a loud rocker's outfit, hoping to stand out more. For some reason with this on, I felt like I wanted to sing. I tried it, and I was really good. I had a talent I knew nothing about.

I kept on practicing, and going to karaoke wondering if this was what I might be meant to do. I felt I had a long way to go, since I just started this recently. Me and my friend were walking around, and we ended up at a concert hall.

We didn't have any tickets, but with her powers we sneaked in. I listened to the group sing, daydreaming about my future. “If only...” I muttered.

All of a sudden, I was on stage and in the place of one of the singers. I sang along, and everyone heard that I was better than him. On the spot, they asked me to join the band. I was so shocked! Never in a million years did I think something like this would happen. It was like a dream. I couldn't help thinking that outfit I bought was lucky.

Trouble was around the corner, my friend stopped coming around. I guess she decided she just wanted to be with that guy, and not me anymore. Then, the band seemed to be getting in arguments about me. It seemed the guy I replaced was a friend of the drummer. “She may be a good singer, but you don't toss out a buddy like that!”

“He wasn't that good at singing, and he isn't good at anything else. She makes the sound of our band great!”

I sighed. “I should go, I am just causing problems with everyone.”

“No, Taps is just sore about me booting out his friend. You're cool.” the lead singer patted my arm.

` “No, she is not. Just let her leave like she wants.” Taps mumbled.

“I...I don't feel good!” I ran, something was feeling not right, and it was something beyond the band. I went into the bathroom, and I swear my face looked different than it usually did. What in the heck was going on? Was I losing it?

The lead singer knocked on the door. “You OK Rhonda?”

I come out. “Do I look different to you?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“Um, no reason.I think I am going home.”

I head home, and pray for help. Even though my bandmate didn't see it, I know something is wrong.

Nobody comes, of course. I lay down in bed, and fall into a fitful sleep. The next thing I know I am on a street wandering around. I jump as a car almost runs me down. Three kids come from nowhere, push me out of the way.

“We are here to help you out, what needs blasting?”

“Uh I don't think anything, but maybe you can tell me why I see different face in the mirror?”

A blue fox boy looks over her. “Hum, two faces? May be a demon, or a ghost, or some mental thing.”

A dragon girl sighed. “Duffy, you may make her feel like she is nuts. I wish I could see the reason she is seeing another face.” she looks thoughtful. “It seems your outfit is possessed by a ghost.”

“A ghost? Why is this ghost ruining my life?!” I frowned, upset and shaking.

“It can't rest, it took over you so it could do something it didn't do in life I am guessing.” The dragon girl shrugged.

I tore off the outfit. “Well someone else can do that, I had enough of it.”

“I am not sure doing that will free you of the ghost.” The dragon girl picked it up and glowed. “I wish to know if the ghost is in the girl or the outfit. Hum..it didn't come out with you doing that. It chose you.”

“Why me for? I wish I could talk to it.” I sighed.

`A wavery voice spoke. “I am a she, I was a singer I wanted to make it big but my band I was in broke up...I tried to go single but I just wasn't good enough without them.”

“So you want me to make it big? Why me you didn't answer that!” guessing the voice was the ghost.

“No, I want you to be a part of the band, and make sure the other singer gets back in it. You are like me, you felt you were nothing before you were in the band.”

“But, I have no singing talent without you. When you leave I will be back to nothing.” I frown.

The dragon girl giggles. “I can make sure you have a talent, if you want.”

I look thoughtful, it was tempting but it didn't seem like my own talent. “No...if you want that dream to happen, you should choose someone good at singing. Not me. All I do is go invisible and walk through walls.”

The dragon girl looks at me, seriously. “You could make a good show with those talents...I bet you also picked up some of your own singing too, probably. I would just give you an extra dose of your own talent.”

“Hum, I...if I really have it then I agree.” I nodded.

The dragon girl nodded. “I wish she had more singing talent.”

I sang a little. “Whoa it must be handy to have that power.”

“It isn't so great sometimes, trust me. So ready to try to get the band together?”

I went to the room with them. “Uh I am back.”

“Great glad to see you.” the lead singer grins. “I thought you were giving up because of Taps.”

“Speaking of Taps, would it really hurt to have his friend as kinda eye candy and he can just dance? I mean he was pretty good looking.”

The lead singer looks thoughtful. “I guess so, if it makes Taps happy.”

Taps grinned. “It would be great to have both of them in our group.”

So, we were a whole group because of those mysterious kids. The dead singer got to rest.

I was finally noticed and had a place. It's great!

December 17, 2020 05:17

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10:24 Dec 31, 2020

Lovely history built with literary paragraphs, The friend that met with you and how you all made a superb music group... all is crafted beautifully.


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