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I am currently employed as a Senior Compensation, Performance, and Employee Relation Officer in a Private Telecom Share Company. Before this job position I had been served on Junior HR officer; HR office; Senior Training Officer; Lead HRD officer; HR Administration and Development Manager ; HR work Process coordinator; and HR, procurement, and purchase Head in different organizations. I passed in a high level vicissitude; I knew how a hunger and a thirst make a human being a feeble on streets life. I knew how the wind and the cold temperature had Whipped our face in our sleep on the verges of Addis Ababa City's Streets. Poetry was my keen intimate friend to be with me often. Now I can buy my victuals; to other necessities I don’t want to be bothered, it is my God’s will. I Published 16 books on and 15 are poetry books, and 1 book is a collection of Short histories of fictions. Link to Amazon- I contributed to the world the Gammo Style of English Poetry Writing, and collected the first round Gammo style poems from more than 70 countries and published the first world's Anthology of Gammo Poem on Amazon. You can find beautiful poems of poets' from every corner of the world in that reputed anthology book. Here is the link: I am an avid writer of Poems and Fictions. My writings are everywhere in the internet layers of the world. Some are Published in many international poetry books. I am writing for my slake of writing; nothing reason has prowled behind the history of writing of mine. I love the web site called My all name is " Aleme Gammo" Link