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The sun said goodbye to me

And I laughed

For the sun always says goodbye 

When the moon comes out

And the darkness begins to loom

It is the only moment

When I can count on someone else

When I can count on you

For you will never say goodbye

Not now, not in the past

And not before

Because it is in that moment

When the sun says goodbye

That suddenly, all is lost

And only then 

Do you know that it can be found again

Just before the morning

The moon said goodbye to me

And I cried

For I had begun to care about that man

Smiling from above

The man stuck in the moon

I didn’t quite love him

But I found him interesting

The ways his eyes would turn

The way his silver flesh glistened

He was fascinating

The way he was trapped in the sky

Like a bird that flew to high

The sea said goodbye to me

And I smiled

For the sea is always there

Just not always with me

It’s always there to taunt the sailors

Who rush their boats up back to shore

Whose skin grows cold, just like the moon’s

Whose crooked voices cry

Crying for their loved ones

The ones they’ll never see again

Their versions of you

That’s the sea I know

So I laughed

For the sea will never leave

Not as long as the moon draws it closer

The clouds said goodbye to me

And I asked them

Which versions of them were leaving?

The ones that rain on my umbrella

Crying crooked tears

Just like the sailors out at sea

The one that aid the oceans at drowning

Drowning those I love

The ones that slide off my umbrella 

Only to hit the sidewalk

When I put my umbrella down

And they come down my hair

And down my throat

Briny tears, just like the ocean

Or the ones that smile from above

But even those that seem so bright

Will cloud the sun and moon

The stars said goodbye to me

And I didn’t say a word

Because I knew they were so far away

I was lying to myself if I thought they cared

All that they loved was the night

And the moon

And the sun

And everything around them

They said goodbye as they fled the sky

Something you called beautiful

As you cried just like a sailor

Stuck away at sea

The walls said goodbye to me

The old brick walls of my house

Or perhaps I said goodbye to them

As I moved away

They smiled back at me

And said I was welcome anytime

That the teapot would always make that sound 

That sound that kept me up at night

And the doorknob would always ring

And the glass would always be half full

Not half empty

And if it all failed 

I would have a place back there

No more whispering

Through the walls

Whispering at you

Yes, no more whispering

Because I knew

That the right place for me

Was somewhere right by you

The ivy said goodbye to me

The ivy wrapped around the old bookstore

The kind that gives you a tight hug

Little flowers growing from the dirt

The dirt caked on the building

There’s a metaphor to be found there

But I won’t go looking for it

I’ll just sit here

With my cup of tea

And a good book

And read

Until I see you again

The ivy comforting me

Hugging me

Like the way you used to

Way back when you loved me

The day said goodbye to me

And I smiled once again

For I always liked night better

Because that’s when the whispers came

Whispers through the walls

Your whispers

And I would whisper back

And in that moment, all was alright

There were no fights

No frowns

No cries

No sun

No moon

No stars

No rain

No sea

All would be okay

Because I had you

And you had me

Imagine that life

And what it could have been

Before you said goodbye

Imagination said goodbye to me

It said my life was done

That there’d be no more ivy hugging me

No more silent cries of sailors

And no more you

And I said, take it

Take everything

For we could handle it

And all would be okay

But then you said goodbye to me

And all is left is dust

The ashes said goodbye to me

They said this day was waiting

They said they knew you’d say goodbye

That all would be alright one day

But not while I had you

Because that would just be too much

Too much to ask of one person

Because ashes have no embers

And there’s no wood for fire

So all that’s left is dust

And I’m alone

Waiting for you

Forgetting that you’re up in ashes

The stories said goodbye to me

They said they weren’t true

That I was foolish for believing

A single word they said

And all that I had was nothing

Now that you were gone

That the sailors don’t cry of love

But of loss instead

Because they know they’re good as gone

Soon as they step out to sea

Your grave said goodbye to me

It said don’t come anymore

You know this isn’t right

That you can’t be this precautious

And your turn will come

So stop looking at yourself

And go live your life

Before it all will end

But I didn’t listen

And I kept on coming

Coming to your grave

Because I wanted your goodbye

And then you said goodbye to me

And I finally smiled once again

Because I knew I was as good as gone

Just like the stars up in the sky

And the boats that come to shore

And the rain as it stops falling

And the sun and moon at night and day

And even my house and the ivy

The ivy at the bookstore

My own imagination

The stories

The whispers

Everything we told each other

And your ashes

Kept sealed in a box kept in my room

That’s the you that said goodbye to me

The one that was already gone

Just to warn me

That death would say hello

May 07, 2021 16:31

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Maya W.
16:34 May 07, 2021

I haven't posted in quite a while, so thank you for bearing with me! This story is entirely in verse, which is kinda cool I think. I also have been really into poetry lately, so I wanted to write a story entirely in verse. I'm so sorry I haven't posted, too - life's been crazy. And I'm sorry if I didn't read your story as well, I promise I will soon. Thanks for reading!


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Eliza Entwistle
01:07 Aug 06, 2021

I love that this was written all in verse, and it read so well. It seemed a little fantastical at the beginning, but then it all came together with the repetition about saying goodbye, and revealed the distant plot. I saw just a couple of typos, but you probably have already noticed them (I hate it when you find an error after a story has been accepted). This was sad, and a little dark at the end, but so beautiful. Please write another story soon!


Maya W.
08:03 Aug 06, 2021

Ah, thank you! I'm working on a novel and a couple novellas at the moment but I do have a few ideas for short stories! I've also taken the month off writing because I'm studying in Madrid. However, I am coming back tomorrow so I should be posting again soon!


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Yolanda Wu
08:48 May 09, 2021

Hey Maya! Sorry it took me a while to get to this. It's good to hear from you again. I love how this story is entirely in verse, there's something so beautiful about poetry, and you really capture its essence here. I attached myself to every word, and you really didn't let me go. It evoked such a sadness in me, the idea of everything saying goodbye to you, and the reluctance to let go. I'm so hopeless at writing poetry as I've probably expressed many times, but we make me wanna go and write some. I loved every line! Amazing work, Maya!


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Arwen Dove
21:32 May 07, 2021

This is amazing!!


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Cookie Carla🍪
16:53 May 07, 2021

This poem was so heartfelt and poignant. I loved every once of it!! But um... are you ok? The poem seems as if it coming from a deeper place in you...


Maya W.
16:56 May 07, 2021

Thanks Cookie! And yes, I am okay. I write a lot of sad stuff, though I will admit that this one was quite emotional. Point is, all is good! And I'm finally writing again, so yay! Thanks for reaching out. :)


Cookie Carla🍪
16:57 May 07, 2021

No problem!! I'm just making sure I don't have to beat anybody up😂


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Kristin Neubauer
10:32 May 13, 2021

Oh, this was lovely Maya. I could never write anything like this. The words and the images washed over me and I felt so swept up in and connected with the universe. Such a gift. I loved it!


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20:34 May 09, 2021

Great! I love that it's done in poetry. Missed you!


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Roger Scypion
04:20 Feb 26, 2023

A fantastic of written verse and poetry fulfilling the circle of life through all nature around, below and above us.


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22:16 Dec 16, 2021

Wow, this was thought-provoking! When I read the label "Speculative," I knew I was in for something intriguing, but I wasn't expecting this! Great job


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Palak Shah
13:43 Aug 08, 2021

This was amazing and I loved reading it so much. It really touched my heartstrings Could you please read my story if possible :))


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B. W.
19:56 Aug 01, 2021



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B. W.
23:34 Jul 09, 2021



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B. W.
00:08 May 29, 2021



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