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Who is Maya W.? Well, first, you can just call her Maya, which is her real name. Maya is a writer, a reader, a chef, an artist (she used to paint, but mostly just makes jewelry now), a violinist, a mandolinist, and many more things she cannot explain. You can find Maya writing on the red chair in the corner of her room or playing with her new bunny, Kiki. Maya is working on self publishing a story cycle novella on Amazon Kindle. Each chapter is a myth retelling, and all link together in the end. Once it is published, this bio change! She is very new to posting her personal writing online, so she would love constructive criticism on it. She loves this site and plans to stay here for a while, though she is discouraged by downvoting. You can purchase Maya's jewelry here: You can read some of her articles for a small Shadowhunters fanzine here: You can also contact her on Discord at MayaHelen#3890, or on Instagram, @mayahelen2. Chances are, if you knew a MayaHelen online, it was her. Maya bids you adieu now. Please enjoy her stories!