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BookBub Ads for Authors Course

BookBub Ads for Authors

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Welcome to a totally different way to reach readers. BookBub has built one of the most passionate communities of book-lovers on the planet and sends out millions of targeted emails every single day, to readers who are desperate to buy books in every imaginable genre.

This course — taught by David Gaughran, author of BookBub Ads Expert — will teach you how BookBub Ads really works, and the ways in which you can increase the impact of every single launch and backlist promotion you run.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • How to use BookBub Ads to sell your books
  • Ways to find your true "comp authors" to improve your targeting
  • Which images BookBub readers respond to best
  • How to test your way to success
  • Marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals

Brought to you by David Gaughran

David Gaughran writes historical fiction and science fiction, as well as lots of books for writers such as Let’s Get Digital, Strangers to Superfans, Amazon Decoded, and BookBub Ads Expert. He has also run marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet and runs one of the most popular blogs in publishing at



What are people saying about this course?


"I had always failed at BookBub and had given up on them for six months. I read David's lessons with great enthusiasm. I followed his every step and the results were amazing. Truly, I was astonished by my success."

— Rob


"Short, simple, informative, with a dash of humor mixed in. It was exactly what I needed. I printed out two copies of every course and will refer to them in the future, for sure. Thank you."

— Kevin R.


"Great course. I've used Bookbub ads previous to taking this, with poor to mediocre results. Some of the insight here really helps."

— Annika

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3 Responses to “BookBub Ads for Authors”

  1. Looking forward to this. I bought t he book this morning and then found the course...

  2. Question for David: When I get my author list compiled and want to start testing, do I run tests for each BB category that author's books are in, or try to match my own? I'm really learning a lot from this course and am now understanding why my previous ads failed, so thank you.

    • David Gaughran says:

      Hi Nanci. I recommend using author and category targeting together. For example, if you are a Fantasy author, if you just target by category that will be far too broad an audience - as Fantasy is a very diverse genre - and your ads won't perform well enough to be profitable. But if you target Brent Weeks, as in this example you write similarly dark-themed Epic Fantasy, then your ads will perform much better. But I think you should input both the author and the category as a matter of course as this helps in all sorts of ways. First, if the author writes in multiple genres it will deftly excise the part of his audience you don't want to target. Second, I find it removes the more casual fan who might like the author but not the genre more generally, and may not like your books either. The latter is especially a problem the more popular a given author is.

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