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No Anne Darwin here! Only someone named AVOCADO ANNEπŸ₯‘πŸ₯‘!!!!! I am a Maze runner, Ninjago, Sisters Grim, Star wars fan, and Percy Jackson. I have a lot more fandoms, but there are too many. I love watching Aphmau, Sssniper wolf, and Azzyland. I like watching Gacha Studios Pranks I am a big marshmallow!!! For those that read Scorch Trials and Kill Order (both Maze Runner) I have found out Brenda's Dad!!! It is Alec from Kill Order because he says "If wishes were fishes..." and in the scorch Brenda says "If wishes were fishes...never mind it's just something my dad used to say" BOOM! Instant theory and for those who agree please post a comment on one of my stories. If you like my story please give me some feedback!