Deceptions and Delusions Part 2 Maze Runner FanFic

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Anne woke to find that her soft pillow was not under her head. She put her hand around the paper pillow she had instead.

"Ow!" she pulled back her hand and opened her eyes. She bolts upright and inspected her hand. "Man, a paper cut!"

She looked around her surroundings. Aphrodite's homework laid finished in front of her.

Chuck busted the door open, making Anne jump, causing a cup of water to spill on the one page she was working on. "Chuck!" Her eye's glared daggers at him.

Chuck's eyes were filled with terror like a scared child. Chuck started to back away when he said, "Sorry, got to go! Late for school!" And with that, he bolted out of her bedroom door. 

"Chuck!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

When she finally calmed down, she realized that she would have to do the whole page over again. She looked at the clock, Anne still was not late for the bus.

She grabbed a new piece of paper and grabbed what was left of the the undamaged homework. Anne ran towards the door and grabbed her backpack. As she arrived at the bus stop, she saw the bus coming.

Just in time, she thought.

When she got up the stairs, she realized she had nowhere to sit. Almost all the seats where taken. When she walked down the isle, she saw Gally. She waved at him but the only reply was a stoney silence. She now was right at his seat, but he only ignored her.

"Can I sit here?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer, Anne plopped down beside him and pulled out the homework.

He looked at her, "Doing Aphrodite's homework?"

She met his gaze. "You said it." Anne rolled her eyes.

The rest of the way they sat in silence. 

When Anne walked through the doors, she had to run to her locker. 

Left, right, up, left.

"It's like a maze." she mumbled.

When she reached her locker she saw Aphrodite. Aphrodite hissed in her ear. "Did you bring the homework?"

Anne opened her bag and pulled it out. "Chuck made me spill water on it, so I had to redo it."

Aphrodite smiled, "You're the best." And she ran down the hall to her math class. 

Anne slid into her seat, just as the bell rang. A large women walked in the classroom. "I will be your teacher's substitute." Her voice was cracked and screechy. 

after the lesson Anne ran to the cafeteria, took out her change and grabbed a hot steamy pizza. After she paid for her pizza she slid in next to Aphrodite at their usual table.

Aphrodite turned to her. "Can I please have some change to get some pizza and Coke?"

Anne sighed and pulled out some money.

"Thank you!" Aphrodite sung as she walked towards the pizza.

When Minho sat down, Aphrodite put her coke on the ground and put her elbows on the table.

"Minho! Can I have some money for Coke?"

Anne knew this game, she did it every Tuesday.

Minho shrugged and handed over the money.

Aphrodite took it but did not get up to get it. Instead she lifted the Coke up from the ground and took a loud slurp.

"Hey!" Minho cried. His face looked like someone slapped him.

Just then Thomas sat down. "Tommy!" Aphrodite smiled. "Can I have some change for pizza?"

Thomas handed over the money willingly, and Aphrodite held up the money. "This is now the money for next week!"

Thomas frowned.

"Hey, I said it was for pizza and it is!" she said, while giving a cheeky grin.

When the bell rang, Anne and Aphrodite walked together to gym.

"Ugh! I wonder what we will be doing today."

Aphrodite frowned. "Probably tennis...again."

When they got to the change rooms, Anne pulled out her gym clothes.

She went into a stall and pulled off her shorts and T-shirt and replaced them with a pair of running shorts and tank top.

When she got out of her stall, Aphrodite was already waiting for her. She was wearing a Beatles T-shirt and a pair of running shorts.

When they walked onto the field, they saw Teresa waiting for them.

"Hey guys." She said when she approached them.

"Hi." Anne replied.

Teresa smirked. "You will not believe what I found out."

Before anyone could answer Teresa burst out, "The boys are in a secret 'club'."

Aphrodite looked confused. "So?"

Teresa gasped. "So?! It means that they are keeping secrets!"

Anne rolled her eyes. "Everyone has secrets, Teresa."

She did't look convinced. "Still, I think we should spy on them."

Anne shrugged. "Now I have something to do."

Aphrodite smiled, "Sure."

After school, the girls followed the boys to Newt's house and hid in the bushes.

"All right what are we talking about today, General?" Newt stood on the stump in his backyard.

Minho stood up. "Today Leader, we are talking about Aphrodite. She stole me and Greenie's lunch money."

Ben rolled his eyes. "Did't you give it to her?"

Minho flushed. "Shut up!"

Newt banged a hammer on the stump. "Order, Order!"

Minho looked at Newt. "Can you please talk to her?"

Teresa tapped on Annes shoulder, and motioned to follow her.

They walked out of the bush onto the side walk and into the backyard. "Hey guys! Wow, Newt, what's with the hammer?" Teresa pretended to look shocked.

Newt looked at them. "Nothing. Hey, wheres Aphrodite?"

Teresa pointed at Anne. "She's at her apartment playing Mario Kart."

Minho got up. "Okay, bye guys. Hey, anyone else wanna come?"

Ben, Thomas, and Newt raised their hands. And they set off walking. The girls never told them that they were in the bush spying on them.

When they got to Anne's apartment, they found that Aphrodite had made herself comfortable with a sandwich and a Coke. Minho jumped on the couch and started to play, and with that they all had a grand time.

I do not take credit for anyone accept for Anne and Aphrodite.

August 19, 2020 16:35

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16:49 Sep 30, 2020

If you ship Newt and Aphrodite check out my sisters Felicity Pathis because she has some Newtrodite ;)


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