Deceptions and Delusions Part 3 Maze Runner FanFic

Submitted into Contest #55 in response to: Write a story where the readers are in on a secret that the characters are unaware of.... view prompt



As the rain pattered the window, the only sounds in the house were muffled. Anne groaned, rolled out of bed and slid on her blue fuzzy slippers.

She walked across the hall and went into the bathroom. After a blissfully warm shower, she pulled her pajamas back on and walked into her room, hoping for a restful day. When she walked into her room and pulled her hair into a towel, Anne strolled to her mirror and started to put on a face mask.


Anne snapped her head up and her hand applying the face mask went down across her lips and down to her neck.

She stumbled out into the hall, using a tissue trying to fix her mistake and coming to help in whatever emergency awaited her. She halted in the living room where a scene stretched out before her. Anne's eye's were blinded momentarily from a flash.

When her eye's adjusted, she noticed all her friends in her living room, watching Star Wars.

She really noticed that Aphrodite had her phone out on camera mode. "Perfect! Now lets upload this on some kind of social media." She started to fiddle with her phone while Newt, known for terrible aim and constantly poked fun for that reason, flung a spoon at her, just missing her beautifully curly red hair.

"I challenge you to a duel!" Newt held up 4 spoons and flung them around, missing her by inches.

After an insult of "Jedi scum!", Aphrodite grabbed a striped, inky colored pillow that Minho had spilt Coke on, vaulted the couch she was once sitting on, and flung it at Newt's face, perfectly 'throwing' Newt backwards.

As Anne went to get dressed, Newt grabbed the pillow and aimed it at Aphrodite, who moved so the pillow was aimed at the TV. Minho mumbled something that sounded like "Protect the Wii!" before shooting up and snatching the pillow, mid-air. He flopped onto the couch, but not before upsetting a large bowl of Cheese Puffs.

Anne walked back out into the hall only to find Aphrodite busting past her into her room and Newt, with his lousy aim, attempting to throw a pillow at her.

When Aphrodite came out of Anne's room, she was carrying a long pillow. Anne's favorite. "Dite!" She was about to jump on her but she moved out of the way too quickly, and Anne tumbled to the floor.

Minho, now orange and red from wanting to punch Thomas for laughing at him, pulled a blanket off the couch and tossed it halfheartedly to Newt. Newt caught it and threw it onto Aphrodite. Now half blinded and fully caught, Aphrodite struggled to pummel Newt with the pillow.

Anne sighed, turned off the TV, as the credits were rolling, and snatched the pillow.

Defenseless Aphrodite was fully tangled and dizzy, partly from laughter, in the trap and, thanks to the latter, fell unceremoniously to the floor. Newt laughed and bent to help her up.

Anne brought her saved pillow back into her room and closed the door. When she went back out, she picked up the spoons and threw them into the sink. After that she took Aphrodite's phone, which lay where Aphrodite had thrown it, and deleted the photo.

"Hey! That was a perfect picture!" Aphrodite's green eye's turned to slits. "Give me back my phone!"

Anne shrugged and tossed her phone to her.

Minho was trying to get the powder off, while looking dignified, when Aphrodite turned her phone and took a picture of him.

"Hey!" Minho frowned. " Fine, I'm going to my apartment, anyone coming?"

As he opened the door, everyone followed suit, except Chuck, who stayed to clean up after the people he'd invited.


Ben sat on his bed and pulled out his phone. He had been texting this girl and he really liked her. Her name was Sophie. He decided to tell his feelings to her, so he was doing it on texting. The thought of doing it in real life was even worse.

#1Runner: u there?

His hands shook as he typed. What if she didn't like him back and made fun of him? The beep of an text pushed him out of his thoughts and back to the dilemma at hand.

Sophiegirl: :) ya, sup?

#1Runner: i need 2 tell u smthng

Sophiegirl: Wht

#1Runner: i lik u

Sophiegirl: i lik u 2

Sophiegirl: ur my best frind

#1Runner: not lik tht

Sophiegirl: oh

Sophiegirl: me 2

#1Runner: really?

Sophiegirl: really

Ben had a sigh of relief, now only the last question.

#1Runner: do u want 2 go on a trip?

Sophiegirl: lik a date?

#1Runner: kinda

Sophiegirl: then yes

Ben smiled, now he had to figure out where to go.


Aphrodite sighed "Can we go outside and do something?"

Minho ignored her and kept playing on his beloved Wii.

Aphrodite grabbed a pillow with a stain on it and whammed it in his face making him drop his controller. Anne seeing her chance, grabbed the cord and unplugged the Wii.

"No!" Minho shouted. He took the pillow and threw it at Anne making her fall backwards missing the TV by inches.

Aphrodite eventually rounded everyone up to go to the playground.

When they got there, Anne and Aphrodite ran towards the monkey bars and climbed to the top. Minho started a game of tag.

Aphrodite ventured into the game with everybody else.

Anne climbed down and Aphrodite tagged her.

Anne ran over to Newt and tagged him and turned on her heel and ran, but not before tripping and getting tagged.

Aphrodite smirked. "Your minds on something else?"

Minho laughed. "I wonder what?"

"Probably Ben."

Minho stopped.


Everyone seemed to be eager to be in on the secret.

"Anne likes Ben!"

Anne flushed darker than Teresa's beet red jacket.

Minho cracked up. "Oh wow!"

Anne's eyes got dangerous. "You better not tell him!"

After everybody crossed their hearts, they began a game of man hunt.

Aphrodite and Newt teamed up and ran off in the direction of the nearest restaurant.

Anne and Teresa teamed up and ran off towards the parking lot,

leaving Thomas all by him self to go hide on the playground.

They played until Aphrodite and Newt were finally found, then they started to head home.

I do not take credit for anyone except for Anne and Aphrodite

August 20, 2020 17:31

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21:06 Dec 14, 2020

pRoTeCt ThE wIi!!


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14:20 Aug 29, 2020

Great story! Please continue the work, maybe you could do a girls night out, or a christmas edition!


14:13 Sep 03, 2020

Sure! Thanks for the idea, I'll just have to get a good prompt.


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