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As quote saying: ApPreCiaTe the SIMILARITIES, RESPECT the diFferences. Happy, not lucky. Bent, not straight. Introvert, not extrovert. Childish, not immature. TrueBrownSkin Work with Integrity WattpadAmateurFilipinoWriter ヾ(˙❥˙)ノ Thank you for the people who followed and liked my stories. I really appreciate and showed my family that some people believe in my writing. Sorry if I am not very active in posting stories. Aside of regular job I am also writing in a different platform. (It's like a novel but in Tagalog-main Filipino dialect). And I am also planning to adapt in English. But I am not sure if I want to publish it officially. I write by my own solace. To know if this childhood dream is really a dream of mine that I didn't pay attention for decades. I also like singing.Though my voice won't even pass in an amateur competition, I still sing (I'm not out of tune though (◠‿◕).