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Daily thought: *h e l l o* Hi! I'm Svara, a young author, reader, and lemon-lover (I seriously LOVE lemons. I even eat the peel :P) I'm so excited to be back on Reedsy again!!! My stories are my babies. Kinda weird to say but it's true :) TELL ME YOUR FAVOURITE LOTR CHARACTERS IN THE COMMENTS!!! I'm a HUUUUGE Lord of the Rings fan. Once I live by myself imma binge watch the entire trilogy every weekend :D I published a novel on Amazon! It would mean so so much to me if you read it and leave a review :) Writing has been my passion ever since I was 8 years old. With every word I write I get better, and I can't thank the people who have helped me enough. A SPECIAL thanks to Ana Govindasamy (Check her out here, her stories are just AMAZING: ) who has never hesitated to give such valuable feedback--and, most of all, her friendship :) And to Varsha Vimal: I haven't known her very long but I know she's really friendly and amazing!!! Go read some of her stellar stories: I love reading fantasy and middle grade fiction (plus young adult of course) Harry Potter is one of my favourites! Currently reading Lord of the Rings... trying to not read too much at a time to savour it, hehe. I write horror, fantasy, emotional fiction, and especially stories about animals and friendship. If you want me to read and comment on your story (I always give honest critique) don't hesitate to ask! Here's some random stuff about me... Favorite singer: Au/RA Favorite song: Wolves by Selena Gomez Favorite book: Lord of the Rings trilogy (hey that counts as one, okay?) Favorite movie: LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY (still counts as one) Favorite color: g r e e n Aesthetic: I don't quite know... my wardrobe is basically "cheap and random colours that go well together but idk because I'm a writer not a clothing person" Pets: Three guinea pigs Favorite genre of music: POPPPPP Favorite food: depends on my mood. But right now it's whipped cream... Favorite animal: arctic fox Eh random fact: I'm vegan :D For all writers out there under 18: Y'ALL ARE AMAZING KEEP ON WRITING AHHHHHH YOU MIGHT BECOME FAMOUS ONE DAY SO LET'S GOOOOOOO That's all :) thanks for reading!!!