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Skyler woods, who sometimes goes by his pen name Skye Woods, is a science fiction and fantasy, self-publishing author, digital artist and YouTuber. After graduating from a performing arts school, he attended college and applied for assistant nursing while building up his fiction writing portfolio. His love for science-fiction writing came from his mom. And his love for writing poetry came from his father. Skyler is also a born-again Christian like his parents and he loves giving to others. He always tries to add a hip-hop and video game element to his writing style to make it more appealing to a young audience. He's always felt that writing stories is a good way to express your emotions through literature. Skye tries to express how he feels through his writing style and he tries to make the characters in his stories three dimensional. Skye loves what he does. But he had to realize that his writing is a selfless act, which means that he writes enjoyable stories for his audience more than for himself. Feel free to check out Skye's website below where you'll find his self-published books and other material.