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Hello and welcome to my bio. I’m a writer, runner, artist with a sunny disposition that conceals my dark side (Insert maniacal laughter here). I write what the voices tell me to write.(shut up, Clark. I’m writing my bio. No one cares about your severed hand.) I enjoy mixing weird, horror/macabre with a tinge of twisted humor. 😻 -I enjoy participating in short story contests including Reedsy, Globe Soup, NY24, Scribophyle, and WOW. I’ve gotten a few honorable mentions and made shortlists here and there. -I wrote a MG novel that I’m constantly revising and hope to find an agent and publish one day. -Ran my first half-marathon in August and my second in Oct. Running my third in November. -I teach acrylic paint art classes at a local art studio. -I live in middle GA, USA, with my husband of 22 years, 2 daughters, 3 cats and a Shih Tzu. 📖 I love reading your stories on Reedsy. I try to read and comment on several stories a week. I do my best to like and comment and follow back, too. Pronouns: she/her 🌈💜💓= I’m an ally * check out my short story, “Granny’s Pies” in the summer edition of The Last Girl’s Club magazine! READING: Late last year, I decided to read all of Stephen King’s works in order (sort of). 📚Currently reading: Insomnia by Stephen King) (I had to pause on King to read Christopher Moore’s new book, Razzmatazz, which is so much fun!) Some other favorite authors/books in no particular order: 1. Christopher Moore (especially Secondhand Souls series.) 2. James Todd Lewis (Fantasy/Furry series) 3. Welcome to Nightvale 4. John Dies at the End 5. Chuck Paluhuink 6. Chuck Wendig **there are no women on this list! We need more female horror writers! I’d love some recommendations. 😻happy reading and writing!

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