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Rowan Legend has not written a bio yet! Yeah I know I haven't written one yet. Let me think of words to say before you yell at me again. Rowan Legend (Pen Name) They/Them (Uncomfortable with giving out personal info) Aboriginal (#EveryChildMatters) Catholic (You are loved) Hobby Writer (I write when I'm bored or inspired) Seasonal Firefighter (Forest, not Structural, put out your campfires or else) Cat (Tiger is King) Dog (Sparky protec) 3 siblings (1 older, 2 younger) I write a lot of things, my favourite is Romance, Horror/Psychological, Crime/Mystery, Comedy, Adventure, Supernatural. I like Wolves, people watching, thinking ways to ki... Well, at least in writing. The only place where it's legal to torment fictional characters. I'm a cautious tester.