Mystery Crime

CW: mentions abuse, the word: torture, murder, alcohol, potential drug use, undying love and devotion to sister.

Takes place after Heist. And I just love the mysterious character Van.

Journal Entry 2?

I am not sure where I put it, why can’t I remember where it is? I hope, should I retrace my steps? If I did that then I’ll surely get caught, I can’t get caught... but I’ll be caught if it is found. I’ll go tonight, I have to make sure it is not there. Need to remember gloves unless I want to answer those questions.

What are you doing here?

What business do you have here?

Why are you here so late?

Do you know the resident living here?

Journal Entry 2?

It wasn’t there, but where could it have been? It would be so easier if it had a tracker on it but then again it would be bad. I wonder if Jack has any idea where it could be, I’ll give him a call if not then Sid is my last option and hopes on finding it. I need to find it.

Journal Entry 2?

Sid found it! He said I dropped it when we went out for a movie then he forgot to give it back because I gave him popcorn. He’s always distracted with food. Next week is the showing of that gem, Jack wants to steal it. I’m fine with that, I’ve done worse what's one more to the list? Ah, but we might not make it, I’ve read up on it and the thing itself will kill anyone that gets close. It’s cursed. Well, I should make a small list of what I want to do this week.

Journal Entry 2?

Get drunk

Do some drugs

Have a one-night stand

Eat ice cream for a whole day

Flirt with someone

Spend time with Heartbeat

Play Candy Land

Watch Cartoons

Go on a date

Learn how to whistle

Go on a train ride

Visit the Amusement Park

Scare someone

Looking back at this list, I feel so childish. But looking after Heartbeat was more important than living my own life. I wanted to give her the best. Maybe I’ll do some of these with her, I bet she would love to watch me win her a stuffed toy.

Journal Entry 3?

She asked about her nickname, Heartbeat. I told her that she always gives me a heart attack when I look at her cuteness. She didn’t like that answer it seems. So I told her the truth. I was with my mom when she was giving birth, I was taught what to do for her when she was about to give birth in case dad wasn’t around. I was told to focus only on mom and no one else, so I did. When the shadow of a baby was being held it was quiet. ‘It’s okay, mom, little Heartbeat is out of breath just like you,’ I said to my mom and after I said that the baby cried out. Then mom started to cry, I was then asked if I wanted to cut the cord. At that age, I had no understanding of anything but I agreed, mom held me close while covering my eyes as I cut something.

‘Son, why did you call her little Heartbeat?’ my mom asked and I told her about the time I was with her while she was sleeping and the Doctor came to check up on her. She asked me if I wanted to hear something neat. I heard the smallest heartbeat and it was quick.

Journal Entry 3?

I spent some more time with Heartbeat! She’s so cute! I love her so much I want to hug her forever. Alas, she’s uncomfortable with long hugs. I love long hugs, I don’t get enough hugs, they are all short. We tried Candy Land and the winner could eat all the ice cream they want. Heartbeat won, I was both happy and disappointed. I wanted the ice cream. I feel so selfish with that thought, why did I write that in pen! Now it’s there forever! I shouldn’t think of myself, I should spoil her some more. I’ll take her to the Amusement Park and we’ll stay there all day. Oh, but her friends? She’ll want to spend more time with her friends, won't she? I shouldn’t bother her so much. Maybe I’ll get drunk and watch some cartoons tonight.

Journal Entry 3?

She got mad that I didn’t invite her out yesterday! My head hurts but I’ll never let her see that, so I took her out for the rest of the day. We spent the whole day and night at the Amusement Park and after I took her out for dinner. She picked the most extravagant place, it felt strange to wear a tux, but she looked beautiful in her dress. We ate peacefully, minus a few people coming by telling us we were a lovely couple. Not sure how to feel about that but she played along like we were dating.

She told me afterwards that she wanted to know what it felt like on a date, so I told her about what it was like with me and my first love. What Heartbeat told me was so sweet, ‘I’m glad you took me out on my first date’ she’s so cute, I can’t. I need to figure out how much the world is so I can give it to her.

Journal Entry 3?

I didn’t take her out again and of course, she would get mad at me. I tried telling her to see her other friends but it seems I’m still her number one hero. Just three more days to go to finish this list, although, it doesn’t matter if I finish or not. Some of these things are... I’m not confident. I’m terrified of meeting new people and if they are pretty or handsome then just forget about me and let me die. I hung out with Jack and Sid because of their personality, they are decent-looking but not enough to scare me half to death when they appear suddenly.

Anyways, my sister, said she would forgive me if I took her out for two more days to the Amusement park and win her prizes. I am not an idiot. I agreed because it’s what I wanted to do, not because she used her puppy eyes on me and mixed it with some real tears at the thought of me saying no. *Sketch of a sad little puppy with a heart nose*

Journal Entry 3?

Two days at that place and I’ve had enough of it.

Got a call from Heartbeat she wants to go tonight, I love that place so much it makes her happy. Any place that makes her happy I’ll love. Even if it destroys my bank account, but who needs money when I have the greatest sister in the world to spoil. Low key hates the place still. It’s evil.

I should take a few pointers, maybe I use those rides as a torture device? I hate heights, I’d rather stay away from the windows if I could help it. But she loves those rides... both of them. What did I do to deserve this- ah, right. I did that. Ok girls go ahead and torture me to your heart's content.

Journal Entry 4?

I had told her to visit her friends, while I hung out with mine. I’ve been avoiding this issue for a long time. I guess now is a good time to think about what I’ve done. I hope I’ll be forgiven, please forgive me. My stepmother was never a nice woman when I grew up. I was abused by her relentlessly, she made me scared of heights, the dark, small spaces, and snakes. I was treated like a slave, I still miss my mom, I had a suspicion that woman was behind it but after a while, I’m not sure anymore. After all, she, like me, treats Heartbeat like a little princess. Doesn’t account for all the abuse over the years.

Second-year of High School, I met her. Ashlynn Coldland. She was as timid as me when I met new people. So striking up a conversation with her was quite awkward. Until Jack suggested I make her a cupcake. I don’t normally tell them these things about me, they just find out by accident. I’ve also noticed a pattern. It’s always Jack who finds out. What other things does he know about me?!

Well, I dated Ashlynn that year and a few more years after that. I thought we had something great, but I noticed that she wasn’t entirely invested in the relationship. She’s always busy on different days and important days she cuts it short because of an emergency. At first, I believed her but after a while, it seemed clear that she got tired of me.

After discovering this, I asked if she was seeing someone else. Never felt more betrayed when she told me she was. So I asked to meet them. We met in a public place, probably a wise decision on her part, and when I saw the guy it seemed he was rich. If the limo was anything to go by but then again he could have rented it.

After a few moments of silence between us, he starts insulting me. Yeah, she should have done better than me but if this is the type of guy she wants then who am I to stop her. I held out my hand to him, shook, wished them the best and a threat. If he dares to make her cry I’ll hunt him down.

It's been years after that, I met them again and Ashlynn was in rough condition. It looked as if the guy beat her regularly and wasn’t allowed out. I walked up to Ashlynn and asked if she wanted help. She refused, so I just took her out for some tea and just caught up with her. She didn’t tell me much about her life, but I figured it was his doing that she was like this. So I asked if I could walk her home, she refused. So I sent her on her way and just tailed her, I kept my distance from the house and heard fighting from it as well.

Talked to the neighbours about it and they said it happens a lot. So I asked about murders. They backed away from me and threatened to call the police. Typical. They will complain about oddities and loud noises but they won’t do anything about domestic violence that could cause the murder.

Well, after hearing about that I used it for the perfect disguise. This man was about to pay for what he would do next. I visited a few more times and just as the neighbour said it happens. A lot. A few of those times I called the police to take care of it, but they returned saying that there was no such thing going on. Then turned it on me for stalking or something like that spying? Can’t remember.

Heard on the news that Ashlynn was killed and the boyfriend was missing. I of course was questioned because I was there a few of the times when the beatings happened. But I haven’t returned there after the cop talked to me on the last visit.

Now, here’s where I want to ask for forgiveness. What I’ve done wasn’t right, I admit that my way of dealing with it was... out of line. But I had meant it about the threat. I was too late to save Ashlynn, I had broken in that night to take her away but as I went up the stairs I heard the most sickening sound. It was like hearing something blunt hit a slab of meat over and over again. I ran up those stairs and saw him standing over her.

Kidnapping him was easy but the noise he made when throwing the murder weapon out the bedroom window was anything but quiet. I had to get him out of there fast. Luckily Tom was around to help me, he’s the getaway driver tonight, funny. He knows about this and kept it well. I brought him to my basement and just tortured him there, made him admit his crimes and just got rid of him afterwards. Again, Tom helped me move the body once I was done with it.

Police are still looking for me after all these years, well guess if they are reading this after the big Heist they found me. Not sure if I’ll be in jail or dead after this. That’s a scary thought.

Heartbeat, I’m sorry. But I’m glad I was there for all the important days, you made the week less scary. Knowing you, you’ll make tonight less scary as well.

Jack, you know things about me, don’t you? If you survive this and I don’t then just know I hate you.

Sid... how dare you. You know what you did you bastard.

Tom, you were the only decent guy I could trust. But you still never told me that one thing. Do you like waffles?

“Not sure if he should be forgiven,” the officer beside me said. “Torturing that guy just because he killed his ex? How do we know if it happened?”

“Well, since we can’t find the bodies of the four men it is possible that they are still alive. All the more to find them and question if this happened or not.”

“Judging from this, the girl knew nothing. Just had a fun week with her murderous brother.”

“What had caused this reaction? Past abuse from the step-mom? What about the other three? What made them want to do this?”

“Only one way to find out, let us look.”

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this is amazing you should make another part


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Thank you, I wasn't expecting the characters from 'Heist' to make their own story but here they are. I really enjoy writing them ^^


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