Small Town Hideout

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After Heist

CW: 1 swearword and a tutu

Silent house in the middle of the night the ocean water cold as it crashed on the shoreline, four figures rose from the saltwater coughing and crawling towards the safety of the sand.

“Holy shit!” Van called out as he reached the beach first, he wasn’t one for swearing often so the words were a shock for him and the others that know him.

“Even breaths, deep even breaths baby,” Sid called from the back making sure that none of them got lost or lose their strength in the last stretch.

“Is the house really,” Jack coughed a few times before finishing his sentence.

“Yeah, it’s mine,” Van called out, “Or the family beach house. We can stay here for a few hours and make a plan on our continued escape,” Van was shivering as he waited for the others to catch up to him.

“Who the hell is your family? You some sort of Prince or something?”

“Close, my Godfather makes sure that I’m not without.”

“He’s that mafia lord or whatever, right?” Tom, the Get-a-way driver called. Van didn’t answer just started for the quiet dark house.

Flicking on the lights the four men walked further in, it was empty as the halls echoed their steps the sound walking before them as they moved towards the vacant rooms to change their soaked clothes. The silence was broken again when Van started coughing more, Sid and Jack started to panic as they searched the house for an extra inhaler that might have been stashed here during the summer. Tom stayed close to Van as they moved through the house at a much slower pace.

“Found it,” Jack called out, Sid grabbed it and rushed it to their friend. “Well, now that we know you’ll be fine for a bit, what do we do now?”

“How about that Godfather of yours?” Van shook his head.

“I’d rather keep him out of it, let’s just... travel?” the others laughed gently, amused by the offer.

“Only you would want to leave,” Jack said but then nodded, “I’m in.”

“Yeah, more fun with you two,” Tom smiled.

“Not leaving me behind babes.”

Packing what they could need, they started their way through the forest towards the outskirts of the city. They planned to get to the small stores where Van could restock on supplies and get a few maps of the region. After that, travel the land until the heat dies down.

Entry 1

I got a new book since my last one is at home. We are going to hide in the forest as much as possible, so we’re going to have to learn to survive out here. I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it. I’ve never done this, I’m pretty scared.

Sid has brought it to himself to lead the way, while Jack navigates. Tom is quiet through all this and just assures us that he’s happy as long as we don’t get caught.

We lost the jewel in the ocean.

Yeah, that bites.

Not sure how long this hunt for us is going to be, maybe months or years. Or I’m just worrying over nothing.

Well, whatever happens, we’re in it together, honestly, these three are the best.









4 Backpacks

“Hey, Baby what chu writtin’?” Van closed the book in silent anger as Sid half hugged him and half lean on him while they rested in a clearing setting up camp. “Aw, writtin’ how hot I am? Mwah,” Sid ran away as Van swatted at him with the black book.

“Sid, leave him alone and help with this tent!” Tom called out.

“Yeah, he’s been carrying the heavy stuff since he got them, let him rest,” Jack said and hit Sid with a glove.

Van set the book aside and watched them work for a bit before joining them.

Entry 2

Last night was alright but I know it won’t last long before all of us are complaining. I’m starting to regret dragging them through this. I just don’t want them getting mad at me, maybe I can get some money so we don’t have to spend every night outside. A week outside a few days in a motel or something.

I’m writing in this thing every break we get, we walked all morning and I can already predict the next one to complain. Sid. I bet 10 cookies.

I’m also complaining. Silently. My feet hurt, my back hurts.

We distribute the heavy stuff between us and rotate it after every break. Jack suggested it, might have been because I was lagging. I’m trying not to bother them so much.

I’ve noticed a pattern.

Yeah, there’s a pattern.

The Blue one is the heaviest. I can tell because they won’t let me carry it. I’m not that weak!

The Blue one is now passed between Jack and Tom. Seems like Sid was also weak. I mean... rats.

Entry 3

Not much can be written, tired.

Sid and Jack got into a few arguments, Tom broke them up. I suggested that we camp in one spot for a few days. We’ve walked a few days away from the city. What are the chances that they would find us?

My idea was tossed out.

The White one is also heavy. The Blue and the White bag are just passed between Jack and Tom. The Yellow and Red one are the light ones. The Yellow is the lightest. I think it just has clothes in it.

During the walk, I’m starting to notice the small things. I think Tom noticed it first, he might be an outdoorsman. I never really asked him about it. I’ll talk to him when we move again.

I was right! Tom knew a lot about the great outdoors, I’ve never noticed before but he’s been leading us from the start. That wasn’t all that we talked about, we talked about my ex-girlfriend. About that night. I figured that Tom wanted me to come clean about what we did, both of them were understanding. I just hope that they don’t get the wrong idea.

Entry 4

They confronted me last night. Seems like they hated that I was keeping a distance from them after I told them what happened. I didn’t notice, I was just admiring the forest and recalling what Tom told me about some of the plants. Well, they didn’t like that I was away from them so now I have a guard during the walk and I can be alone while we rest. I don’t mind just pointing out the small things that I see to them so they won’t worry about me.

Entry 5

I like this flower. *A pressed white forest flower is between the pages *

Entry 6

This leaf is cool! *A pressed Maple leaf is between the pages *

Entry 7

Saw a cute little Lady Bug *A sketch of a beetle with black spots *

Just saw a Dragonfly as I was finishing the drawing of the Lady Bug. *A sketch of a Dragonfly *

The others let off of me now, finally. I was getting tired of talking to them constantly about my findings. I’ll just mention the big things to them.

We finally found a good camping spot for a few days. It’s by a small clear creek, Tom is doing some reconnaissance of the area to make sure we are still far from the small town we travelled towards but still close enough in case of an emergency. It's so quiet out here, I'm enjoying it.

A small cry cut from the shared silence sounded from up ahead. Van was the first to act and rushed towards the sound.

“Mommy!” a little girl cried out. Van stopped short and saw the dirty dress and face.

“Hey, it's okay. How’d you get out here little squeak?” Van asked and knelt.

“Where’s Mommy?”

“I don’t know little squeak, want me to help you look for her?” she nodded and walked towards Van. “Okay, let's go see my friends and we’ll head towards home. Just so they know I didn’t hurt myself,” Van held the little girl's hand as they walked back to the campsite. Jack was the first to greet them and Van explained the situation.

“Alright, Tom goes with Van and uh... Squeak. I and Sid will stay here and finish setting up,” Jack said. Tom nodded and started leading towards the town. After a few minutes, Van picked up the girl like a little princess so she could get some rest. Van then started talking about their adventure, she seemed to enjoy it as she relaxed listening to him talk.

“You there! State your business!”

“Is my daughter with you?”


“Atlantis! Oh, thank you!”

“Heard her calling out while we were out camping,” Van explained as he passed the girl, Atlantis, to her mother.

“You’re not from ‘round here are ya?”

“No sir, we come from a different town just wanting to get away from the city life for a few weeks.”

“This is a small town, kid. Or should I call you Scorpius? You must be Thomas,” Tom nodded. “Well, we won’t tell. That jewel never belonged in a museum anyways, if you need a place to stay we can help.”

“This is why I don’t do the talking,” Van said.

“Thank you, Sir. I will let Hunter and Sidney know, Van stays here.”

“Well, wasn’t expecting this today. We won’t stay long,”

“Nonsense, Scorpius. You helped this little girl come home, we’ll keep you hidden. You’ll stay at the Snowfall Motel, and tomorrow we’ll set you four with a job. Knowing you, you’ll want to stay close to the police.”

“Wait, Cherry, Gary?” Van noticed the name ‘Chief G. Cherry’ on the officer he was talking to.

“That’s right, son. Chief Cherry to you. You’ll be helpin’ ‘round town and hopefully, you won’t get lost now.” The other three walked up then, “Boys, follow me,” Gary explained the plan to them while Tom told Van of their plan on getting the equipment. “This is it, you’ll be second-floor room number forty-seven. Been keeping it for you when we heard about your great heist.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Tom went in first followed by Jack and Sid.

“You’re not mad,” Van asked.

“At you? No, you had good reason. Get some rest, Scorpius, we’ll talk more tomorrow. I’ve ordered you Pine Frost’s best Pizza in town.” Gary smiled and started on his way. Van walked up the stairs and into the room.

“Shower first before you do anything!” Jack called out before Van could lay down on the bed.

“Alright, try not to eat everything,” Van said before muttering, “Knowing you guys this is a trick.”

Entry 8

So they just wanted me to shower first so I’d have more time to eat and write. There were 4 boxes for us and some beer and pop. I’m not much of a drinker so I was glad for something sweet.

Gary Cherry was a friend of my mom’s. He moved to the small town Pine Frost after witnessing something gruesome. Not sure what it was, I was still pretty young. He’s helping us settle in the town, I’m glad he’s not mad at me for doing something that crazy and stupid.

It feels so good to lay in a bed again! Still cramped but at least we’ll fight less now.

I didn’t even notice, but my box has four different flavours. They must have done this while I showered. Why does it feel like I’m dotted on? This whole trip, things have been made easy for me. Maybe I’ll ask tomorrow.

Entry 9

The day was long and tiring! Gary and I went around town helping the people out with small things. I also got a haircut. No more waist-long hair. The others also changed their hair, I hardly recognize them anymore. Sid went crazy with his hair, Jack changed the colour to something lighter and Tom went the way Sid did but less... loud.

I asked them. Not the answer I was expecting. I work too hard and they like seeing me relax for once. My original thought was that,

I spent 20 minutes trying to think of why they behaved like that and I’ve got nothing. I’m probably just tired.

Entry 10

Been a few days, I’ve just been helping around town and just crashing on the bed when I get back. I’m normally the first one back and the first to leave. My first day off and I want to stay in bed but knowing these guys I won’t be able to get much rest.

Jack and Tom went to their job at 9 am and Sid followed after at 10 am. Why do they get to leave later? I have to get up at 6 am! Ah, at least I get the place to myself! I plan on sleeping.

So much for sleeping the whole day. A knock sounded around noon and I was helping them fix a few things around the Motel. I just finished and it’s 4:40 pm. Maybe now I can rest?

Nope. Got treated to dinner by Ellannah, Atlantis’ mom. She has two sons as well and their home is always messy. I helped her keep the kids out of her hair while she cooked. I managed to get the two boys to play Princess with Atlantis, tutu’s are not for me. Ellannah was in a giggling fit when she saw I was still wearing the outfit like her daughter. Halfway through the meal the two boys also behaved like Princess. Ellannah said it was the most peaceful dinner she ever had with her kids.

Entry 11

We spent a month here! A lot has happened, Ellannah wants me over on my days off, I’m helping around the Motel more and I’m just called for every odd job they could throw at me. Sewing is my favourite so far, I even take it home with me. Home, I’m calling this place home now. Strange how it grows on you. But I do miss the city.

Got called out to do some repairs, I’ve become quite the handyman.

Entry 12

I spend most of my days here now, Gary doesn’t mind, he says I was never meant to stay at the station for long anyways. I’ve been hired by Paula to work as the Handyman at Snowfall. I still do odd jobs around town, I was also given a cellphone for work. It's very peaceful here, lots to do, loving community. Not sure how the others are handling it. Hopefully okay.

Knocking was heard at the door, Van put the book aside and answered the door.

“Scorpius?” the man asked.


“There’s a problem with the tap in my room. I was told to see you about it.”

“Ah, that must be thirty-nine. Forgot about that when twenty-two’s shower decided to stay cold. I’ll be there shortly,” the man nodded and walked to his room. Van closed the door and started to panic, that was the same man that chased him down that night. The very same one he flirted with. “Alright, calm down, he doesn’t remember. But what if it’s a trap?” Van then got up and left a note for the others when they got back. He then headed out to get his toolbox and went to the room, he forced himself to remain calm while he worked. ‘Actually, now that I’m here I should give the whole bathroom a check so that I don’t have to come back,’ he thought and did just that.

He walked out with his tools, “Alright, that should do it, if there’s any trouble just come find me. Good night,” he said and walked out of the room.

“There you are!” Sid jumped on Van first when he walked into the room. “Are you okay? Did he suspect anything?”

“Geez, let the man breath!” Jack said.

“No, he didn’t know who I was,” Van said and relaxed on the bed.

Ellannah dropped her kids off with Van with no explanation. The two boys were being rowdy while Van and Atlantis played Princess, he was also doing some sewing while he was at it. Knocking was heard at the door.

“I told you two to keep it down, how about I let them yell at you to stay quiet?” Van asked as he answered the door in his famous tutu and tiara.

“It’s not about the noise, uh, Princess Scorpius. TV’s out,” Thirty-Nine smirked.

“Define out, no channels? Static? Not plugged in?”

“No channels.”

“Alright, stay here and watch them, please. This will take a few minutes,” Van said went to grab his toolbox still in the tutu.

Entry 13

I can’t believe this! How embarrassing! The locals got a few good jokes about seeing me in that tutu, now they want to see me in one whenever I work. I’m never going to recover from this! And 39! He’s ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help. I want to hide under a rock! *Sketch of a pair of eyes under a rock *

At least he didn’t tease me about it. Maybe he’s waiting for tomorrow to do that. How long is he going to stay?

“Hey baby, heard about the tutu. Didn’t know you liked to role-play.”

“Shut up! I’ve heard enough from the town and that was Atlantis’ idea!” Knocking was once again heard on the door. Sid answered the door this time.

“I’m complaining about the noise this time and the lack of tutu’s.”

“Aw, sorry sweetheart, we just put them in the wash. So tell us why you are here, small town likes to talk.”

“Ah, guess I couldn’t hide that forever.”

“Gary told me you were here investigating the Jewel Thief.”

“Alright, I’ll explain. But first, explain how you are alive.”

November 10, 2021 17:58

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