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Hello Everyone!😁😜😍😎😃 I want to start off with saying a bit about myself. My name is Nataleigh Alice Sandberg. I live in New Jersey. I love baseball. And I absolutely love writing!❤💖😃✨ I'd also like to say that as of the debut of my story "Snow Fall or No Snow At All", I have and will be writing more stories with the same characters. They will not be interconnected, but they will have the same characters. From time to time, I'm sure you'll spot me using some familiar names.😉 I like reedsy a lot because it helps me improve and get feedback. I really love it when I get comments about my work, so guys, keep it up! Liking my stories doesn't really help me improve on my writing, so make sure to comment as well! As William H. Gass once said, "The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words." 😊😉🌹 Thanks so much and enjoy, Nataleigh A. Sandberg✨😃💖