Coming of Age

Sergeant Jack Washburn was a sergeant in the police department of Tekhood, Minnisota. He was a strict yet kind gentleman, recently married to his wife, Lilliane. Lilliane was exactly like her husband, except on the softer side. She had a soothing, soft voice, a big heart, and was too kind to be a human. She was more like a god.

It had been a few days since the return from his honeymoon when Jack Washburn received a call from the Saint Paul Police Department. Saint Paul was about 50 miles away from Tekhood, and Jack saw no reason why they would call the Tekhood Police Department at all, let alone on a night such as this.

The moon was bright, the stars were gleaming, and the sky was clear. Jack was out on his wooden porch admiring the view past the wood when his phone rang. He snatched it out of his pocket and picked up. Lilliane rocked quietly on a rocking chair beside him.

"Hello. Sergeant Washburn," Jack said quickly, realizing the caller had dialed his work phone number.

Lilliane realized this too, and glanced up at her husband in confusion. Who is it? she mouthed. Jack shook his head. I don't know.

"Hello, Mr. Washburn?"

"Yes, who is this?" Jack spoke hurriedly, not wanting to talk for too long.

"Hello. I'm Detective Florence George from the Saint Paul Police Department."

Jack paused. "Uummm... hello. To what do I owe the pleasure, Detective Florence?"

"Yes, we received a call earlier today that a bank was getting robbed. We arrived at the crime scene too late, and after a few hours of investigation we concluded that the criminal was the same person who robbed the USAB bank last week."

"What does that have to do with the Tekhood Police Department?" Jack asked.

"You didn't let me finish." Florence said sternly from the receiving end. Jack gulped, and Lilliane frowned, wondering what was going on.

"Please continue, Detective."

"Very good. As I was saying, we managed to figure out the license plate of the car that the criminal drives. We've been tracking the movement of the car, and it's headed into Tekwood County. It'd be a real help if you helped catch this criminal."

Jack was flabbergasted. "Well-" he started, trying to catch his breath. "Yes. Yes, I will definitely help you, Detective Florence!"

"That's great. Do you have a pen and paper with you? I'm going to read you the information that we've gathered. We'll fax it over to your headquarters tomorrow morning."

"I-" Jack snatched a pen and paper up from the woven, outdoor coffee table and tucked his phone onto his shoulder. "Okay, I'm ready."

"Good. License plate number is 0TYS431. Car is 2000 model Honda Accord with blue paint and a red paint streak on the trunk. The criminal who should be driving the car is a female, age 42, by the name of Shirley Bash."

Jack dropped his pencil. "Great. I got all that down." He reread his notepad. "Wait a- Shirley Bash?"

Jack's knees trembled ever so slightly.

"Yes. That's the woman. That'll be all now, Sergeant Washburn. Thanks for your help."

Detective Florence hung up. Jack collapsed onto his patio floor, staring off into space, sweating. Lilliane stood up quickly.

"Jack!" she said in a hushed tone, her Hungarian accent slipping out. "Jack! My love, are you okay?!"

"I-I'm... no." Jack said, stuttering. Lilliane had a fearful expression on her face.

"What is wrong? Did they say something bad?"

"M-my... Shirley." Jack spat. Lilliane sank to her knees.

"My darling, what are you-"

"My sister is a criminal, Lilliane."

Lilliane turned red. She stood up silently and pursed her lips. Without a word, she turned around and walked into the house. Jack panted.

"I'm supposed to catch- catch my- Lilliane....ooohh..." Jack leaned his head back against the rocking chair and closed his eyes tightly.

"Say it ain't so.... say it ain't...ssoo..."

The next morning, Jack woke up and walked into the kitchen. He found Lilliane already awake and whisking away at a bowl of pancake batter.

"Good morning," he murmured, rubbing his eyes. "I got it."

"Got vat?"

"I figured out that we need to catch Shirley."

"And...?" Lilliane poured some batter onto a frying pan.

"I have the perfect idea of how to catch her."

"Do you, now?"

"We invite her over to a party. Here. We also invite some friends, the Jacksons, the Frosts, and a couple of my guys from work. Then, in the middle of the party, we corner her and arrest her."

"Zat sounds fine," Lilliane said simply, flipping a pancake.


"Except what?" Jack asked.

"I do not want zat woman in my 'ouse."

"Why not? Hon, it's only-"

"She is scoundrel, no? I do not want her stealing my vases from Russia, or my money for Africa, or our baby right out of my stomach!"

"Honey, that was from a movie- Beastmaster, I think. I doubt Shirley is going to cut you open to get a baby that isn't even half way developed yet."

Lilliane frowned. "Still." She held up a small platter of pancakes. "You want one?"

"Sure." Jack snatched a pancake and took a bite, before kissing Lilliane on the cheek. "Love you, babe! See you later!"

" 'Ave fun at vork!" Lilliane called after Jack as he walked out the door.

Jack stepped into his car and turned his keys in the ignition. The engine sprang to life.


Jack left work that day satisfied. He had gotten his fellow police colleagues into the scheme, and Lilliane had called him during a meeting to inform him that she already had 20 friends coming to the party tonight, which she'd decided needed a theme. She'd said "Vat's the party for? I came up with a cookie exchange. Everyone brings cookies and ve exchange them and critic the sweets and talk and everyone has a good time."

Jack arrived home to find his wife feverishly working inside the kitchen, with 4 platters of different flavored cookies already spread out on the island. The house was sparkling clean (except for the kitchen), and the sweet scent of another batch of cookies could be smelled from all the way upstairs.

Jack rushed over to his wife and pecked her on the cheek. She blushed and playfully whacked him with a rolling pin.

" 'Ere, try," she said simply, stuffing a cookie into Jack's mouth. He swallowed as he let the savory flavor touch his tongue.

"Mmmm...." he managed through chews. "What flavor...?"

"Raspberry almond nut with a hint of cranberry juice in the dough! What do you think?!"

"I love it!" Jack said, smiling. His wife looked incredibly happy with her creations.

"Hon," he said quickly, just remembering something. "We have to invite Shirley to the cookie exchange."

" 'Aven't you done that already?" Lilliane asked, opening the over and taking a batch of caramel-mint chocolate chip cookies out.

"No..." Jack trailed off. "But I should."

"Yes. Now."

Jack sighed. "Fine."

He walked out to the porch and took out his cell phone. He stared at it for a moment, then regretfully dialed his sisters number. He half heartedly put the phone to his ear, and took a deep breath as he waited for someone to answer.


Jack caught his breath.

"Yello? Annnnyyyybody there?"

"Shirley! Hi, it's Jack!"

"Jack? Oooh. Hey, Buddy, what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Hey! Look, Lilliane and I are having this huge cookie exchange bash, and I know your job is always taking you places, so I just thought I'd shoot you a call to see if you were in the area."

"Well, golly gee, you caught me at the right time. I just happen to be right outside Tekwood. Would ya mind if I dropped by? Fine time since I seen Lilliane and the kid."

"We don't have a kid," Jack coughed.

There was a pause, before Shirley's country voice came back on. "Oh. Sorry. I'll come fer sure. But do I need to bring anything?"

"Nothing. Unless you happen to have a box of cookies in the trunk, then you're off the hook, Shirley."

"Well, thanks again, Jack. I'll see you there!"

"Bye, Shir! Love ya!"

Shirley hung up.

Jack trudged back into his house, where he found Lilliane putting in a batch of what appeared to be honey-graham-nut cookies.

" 'Ow did eet go?"

"Well," Jack shrugged. "She's coming."

"Zat is good, no?"

"It's swell."

Jack managed a weak smile, but it formed into a real one when he saw his wife's glowing face. "Now how about one of them cookies that you promised me?"


Shirley was caught.

Jack got promoted.

Lilliane gave birth to a baby boy who Jack named Florence.

The End.

Authors note-

Readers; this was less a story about cookies and criminals but more a story about love and support of the spouses. I find it beautiful how 2 people can love eachother with such a strong passion despite it all. So to anybody out there who is reading this, true love and honesty and trust can conquer all.

"Forever is a long time, but I don't mind as long as I spend it by your side."

December 07, 2020 16:00

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