Taste of Heaven

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My mom drops me off further downtown and drives away so she can go shopping at a new department store. I'm left standing on the sidewalk, unsure of what to do or where to go.

This downtown area isn't the nicest downtown area. There's graffiti on some of the older buildings, trash on the streets, and leftover drinks sitting in shop windowsills. I start to walk down the street, bracing myself for an hour of boredom.

I turn at the corner of the street, moving from Golden Tavern Avenue to Mulberry Drive. I pass the old sewing shop and toy store. The park that's been dead for ten years that the mayor hasn't bothered to restore. Another bar that looks like it hasn't been paying it's rent.

Then I notice something I hadn't noticed before.


It's slightly odd, that I didn't notice something this different before.

"Belle's Box of Chocolates & Confectionaries" is what the sign above me reads. It's a bit of a mouthful, in my opinion, but I look past that and glance through the window of the shop. The inside's pastel-colored, with light shades of blue and green and pink, and white accents. The outside of the shop is white-washed brick, and the sign looks like one you'd see in those old soda shops. The shop stands out on this downtown street, with it’s vaguely-bright color scheme and happy atmosphere. It's almost out of place in a Kansas town like this.

Shrugging, I decide to chance it and step inside. What harm can it do?

A young woman with shiny brown hair the color of melted chocolate greets me.

"Hi!" she says brightly, brown eyes shining. It's warm inside, and a delicate but not overpowering smell of sweet confections drifts through the air. I smile.

"I'm Belle, can I help you get anything, or are you just gonna browse around?" The woman's voice is smooth as silk, warm and friendly.

I shake my head. "I'll just look around, thanks."

She nods. "Alright then. The chocolate strawberries are almost ready, so even if you don't see them in the display case, just know they're coming!" Belle walks away, behind the register and through some pale pink double doors into what I can assume is the kitchen. When the kitchen doors open, a breathtaking aroma is released.

My mouth waters as the scent of milk chocolate, fresh cream, and sugared candies wafts through the store. When the kitchen doors swing shut behind Belle, I'm begging her to come out again, so I can smell that slice of heaven once more.

I wander around, looking at the candied orange slices and candy-coated caramel apples behind display glass. I end up in the gummy section, which has big bins of different kinds of gummy bears to taste. I peer at the labels.

Orange creamsicle.



Cherry Margarita.

'Licious Lime.

Most of these flavors I haven't heard of before. They sound pretty good though. My eyes catch sight of a label reading Raspberry Tart. My sister loves anything flavored Raspberry. It's a pity, really, because she barely finds any raspberry-flavored candy. Usually just blue-raspberry or strawberry.

I grab a small bag from the section and begin filling it with raspberry gummy bears, adding a few other flavors on the way. My sister will love this.

I hear the doors to the kitchen open, and Belle walks out, letting that beautiful, whimsical aroma envelop the shop. The doors close. I’m lost in the real world again.

“Did you find anything you like?” Belle asks sweetly, stepping behind the register as I walk up.

“Yeah.” I shrug, setting down the bag of gummy bears. “This is a cool shop.”

Belle smiles as she rings up the purchase. “Thank you. You know, it was always my dream to open up a candy store. I wanted to open one up in New York, but then life happened, so I’m here!”

I nodded along, half-listening. I was mostly paying attention to the bag of glistening gummy bears that I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into.

“That’ll be 8.89. Cash or card?” Belle asks, holding out one hand. I fumble with my wallet. 

“Umm, cash. Yeah, cash.”

I hastily hand her a ten dollar bill. She takes it, the register dings, and she hands me my change.

“Thanks for coming!” she says cheerfully.

“Thank you.”

I walk out. I wait on the sidewalk for my mom to come back from the department store down the road and drive me home. I lean against the white washed brick and open my bag of gummies. I pop a lime-flavored one into my mouth.

It’s the best gummy bear I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Like she had sprinkled the gummy bear with pixie dust and wildflower and let it soak in sunshine for a year.

I turn around abruptly, trying to catch my breath. How could something this...this amazing ever have the ability to exist?!

I turn on my heel, preparing myself to barge back into the shop and claim more candy for myself.

I run into the brick wall.

I stumble back, grunting. I look in front of me.

There's no white-washed brick. No glass window filled with delicacies. No "Belle's Box of Chocolates and Confectionaries" sign. No pale blue door.



Regular brick.

And an iron door with a Master lock on it.

What happened?

Was it all a dream?


It can't have been.

I look down at my hand.

There's no bag of gummy bears anymore. Just a small, pink, gummy snake and a handwritten note. I yell.

I drop the gummy snake and note on the rough concrete below me. Frantic, I kneel down and scramble to pick all the stuff up.

I carefully unfold the crumpled note. It's written in blue-green ink, faded slightly, and creases in the paper make the letters look slightly misplaced. I suck in a breath as I read the paper in my head.

Thanks for doing business. Hope you enjoy.

February 15, 2022 15:03

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Mia Fitzpatrick
21:47 May 12, 2022

Wow, this is really unique! I love the idea of it. A magic candy shop that disappears once you leave. Gummy bears into gummy snake. Interesting. Out of pure curiousity, snakes represent deception- did you do this on purpose? Anyways, great story.


13:17 May 13, 2022

Thank you so much! Actually, I didn't use the gummy snake to represent deception, more so for the purpose of representing something slightly more sinister than what it had seemed, however, I actually like the idea of it representing deception much better! Both of the above representations correlate in a way, so that was a great guess on your part! Thank you for the feedback, I really enjoy getting it! ~Nataleigh :)


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