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Hey yalls! Welcome to a place where my stories are all about strangers, romance, dystopian worlds or drugs! I'm Jexica, a.k.a Jex, Jexi, that one girl that gets into fights... Just kidding. Or am I? I'm a writer who is [censored] years old, and I'm a [censored] in high school! I'll give you that. I'm in high school. I would just love to be a Criminal Defense Attorney, so if you do something bad, just hit me up, and I'll be there! Yeah right omg. How I've Been Feeling Lately: Its getting to the point where I go out of my way to talk to other girls' guys because I want to help them with there issues in their relationship, but I just end up getting into a fight with the girl. Not like that happened or anything- IM A NICE PERSON I SWEAR, I only tried to steal a girls boyfriend once. But it was because she was mean to me, so KARMA Ya sooooooo.... I'm a Slytherin (Harry Potter) I'm a child of Aphrodite (Percy Jackson) I'm a Dauntless (Divergent) I'm from District 1 (Hunger Games) I'm Magnus Bane (Mortal Instruements) I'm a Messenger (City of Ember) and you know, other boring things... Anywaysssssss I'll be inactive from 6/11/22 til the beginning of August, for reasons I can't say, but it has to do with Summer... love you guys. hope you like my stories hugs, kisses, and whatever you like, Jex <3 also LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!!!