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New bio, new me! I'm back in the foster system once again y'all... My name is not actually Jexica, but if you know me well enough, or want to get to know me, then just ask. 2022 sucked quite frankly, but 2023 is going to be MY year because 23 is my favorite number :) I like to write, mostly weird, funny and romantic stuff, but I get a little dark sometimes. I remember writing a trigger warning, and I wrote "choking". Thats a little interesting... About me! My favorite topic ever! I have a wonderful boyfriend who's 14 inches taller than I am, and he's also super supportive. My favorite color is pink, and my shoe size is a 6 in womens. I'm 4'9, which is okay, but there's shorter people in my school. I love spaghetti. I keep my phone in my back pocket at ALL times. Alwaysssss!!! I love you all. Everyone is welcome here. <3 -Jexie <3