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I'm still Jexica Marcell, just going by my sorta-actual name :) This resume is kicking my ass. BUT MY BOYFRIEND IS HERE TO SAVE MEEEE Life is hard. I miss them. r.i.p - J.B (2004-2022) -L.M (2003 - 2022) I'm still here guys. Why'd yall leave me? Please read my stories. I'm Jex, Jexi, Jexa, JeJe, JORDYN!!!! I'm worth reading. I'm worth so much. I'm worth the world. If I gave you the world, would you still want the moon and the stars? Would you give it back to me? Everything has been quiet lately. I miss everyone. California doesn't feel like home to me. Copy and paste onto your bio if you don't get likes, or comments or reads that much anymore. I want to be read, but no one sees me. I live in the basement of Reedsy. No one cares enough, but I'm bleeding. Bleeding words with so much care. I literally hate my hair. i'm exhausted. i need more friends. bye yall hope yall liked the bio and my stories that no one reads cause i am a worthless author.