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Status Update: I'm back and ready to respond to your comments, and like and read every one of your stories ;D ABOUT ME: I am a 2nd year university student devoted to literature and figuring out the human psyche. I've been writing stories from before I learnt how to differentiate a "b" from a "d". They weren't perfect, as most sentences aren't when toddlers first learn how to write, but they were a perfect reflection of a passion that would follow me into my young adult life. A lifelong dream of mine has always been to have a published novel of my own, but until then, it is my solemn wish to enhance my creativity in any way that I can on a daily basis (when I'm not indulging on books, Kpop, Cdramas and Kdramas 😜) My mantra on this site is: follow for follow, like for like and comment for comment (basically, I follow, like and comment on the stories of those who are kind enough to do the same for me 😊❤). Don't take it personally if I reply with a :D instead of with an emoji to your comment. I alternate between using my phone and laptop to access this site, so I assure you it's nothing personal if someone else's comment gets an emoji and yours doesn't. It's just a technical glitch on my end ;) And, as always, check out the stories of all the talented writers in my library when you have the time. Stan talent; stan authors on Reedsy prompts. You won't be disappointed! My favourite Books and Series: All 7 Grishaverse novels Six of Crows duology (this needs a special mention because even though I'm a Grishaverse fan, I love this part of it the most) Percy Jackson series Heroes of Olympus series The Kane Chronicles Carve the Mark duology The Infernal Devices series Mortal Instruments series Harry Potter series House Rules The Time Traveller's Wife Hush Hush series The Hunger Games The Darkest Powers series The Fill-in Boyfriend One Of Us Is Lying One Of Us Is Next MY REEDSY DUOLOGIES: For Your Sake For Your Safety Salutations Au Revoir