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I haven't posted anything in here for what? years? sorry, I'm kinda dead, I'll try to keep up tho. Thanks for all the followers!!!! Hi there! I'm a human (wait but am I?) who likes the arts and listens to music 24/7. Talk to me about anything deep and I'm all for it. Most of these on here are old stories that arent' that great, but still, they're memories that need to be kept. Things I love: anime music art I am a true fan of character development, and that is what I strive to achieve in my stories. I love reading anything fantasy and/or science fiction, and I have started reading realistic fiction as well. Sometimes the best stories are those that hit close to home. 💔💀 Whenever I create a character, I love to sketch them out to see how I'd visualize them and because I just love drawing so much. Update: I posted a story! Please read it! Yesss! Update: Now I have 2! It's not as good as my first, but I will post as many more as I can. I will literally try every week (if the prompts interest me). Thank you for reading my bio, and I hope you have a fantastic day! Update: Now I have, like, 5! Read em' all, please! Update-y Update: 8! yayyyyy And thank you to all the people who comment, like, and follow! You don't know how much it means to me that my stories are being enjoyed! Also, if you have any harsh criticism, please feel free to provide it. Daily Haiku (Or Senryu!) (I will update every time I visit this site): 1. You can run, young child But your feet are small and weak. Oh, wait. So are mine. 2. Nature blossoms bright I think I'm getting taller. Eh. Just random stuff. 3. Losing lots of stuff. I have no money left here. Go rob someone else. 4. The sun is so hot. Not in a good way, I guess. Aah! My skin is burnt! 5. Yoop doo doo da dee Man, I'm feeling so scatty Can haikus rhyme, though? 6. Dark leaves glistening Her eyes look to the sky Hand in hand they stroll. 7. May these offerings satisfy you. They are the remains of cringe. Cringe are my past works. Previous names: Anvi Verma, Peter Parker, Rina Eva