Take The Fish

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“Grey Cloud... Milton!” Sergeant Oreo turns around in his leather seat and jumps up onto his table. His fancy room with his unforgettable scent of rose and fish fill the air as we take a seat at the two chairs across from his desk.

“Sergeant!” We bow our heads to him.

“The one leader of the gang we are following has been planning a terrible heist on the small pet store that recently opened on Rainbow Street. I’m sure you two know the place.” He looks at each of us.

“Of course! The owner is a swell cat. Very proper and kind. His daughter is China. Lovely lady.” Grey Cloud purrs to the sound her name.

“Anyways, two of the mobsters are planning to take a hit there. I been tracking them, but only found out late last night about this hit on this pet store. This hit, it’s going to take place this afternoon. I need you two to cause a diversion. I cannot have another innocent cat‘s life taken! Do you hear me and understand what needs to be done?” We nod at Sergeant Oreo.

”We can’t lose that place! Best fish in town. I don’t think anyone carries better than China’s father. Is there a reason they are after him?“ Grey Cloud was more concerned than I was. I sit properly waiting to know.

“CatNip, and something with the lovely lady you mentioned. None the less it’s always about the catnip!” Sergeant Oreo explains.

“We better hurry then! The poor cat. He doesn’t have any clue what mess he got caught up in.” Grey Cloud sighs.

“Then be gone! They are on their way. We don’t have much time. A very short window! I sadly cannot go into much detail. I sadly only caught wind of this information recently. Do what you need to.” Sergeant Oreo turns his back to us, then jumps back into his chair. We look at one another then back at Oreo.

“I’m serious you two! Be gone! Why are you still sitting here like two morons?” Sergeant Oreo hisses. We rush out before getting anymore backlash.

Grey Cloud and I leave the headquarters in a hurry. Sergeant Oreo informed us it was one of the toughest of the gang and his partner. The two names that made my whiskers quiver, CatZilla and Weird Mouth. They were on their way to one of their top heists at a small mom and pop pet store in town. Apparently Grey Cloud came rather close to the owner of this store, as well as with his daughter named China. This wasn’t a good situation. I feared what was to come. My mind is racing about the fact that we found out about one of their top heists only last night. This was beyond me, these cats were good, too good!

“Come on, the clock is against us!” Grey Cloud calls to me. I shake my thoughts away and catch up to my partner. We dashed through the bushes, across the bridge, over the small creek, and into the busy small two legged’s park. We do our best not to be noticed by these small creatures. See, if one, only one catches sight of us we are doomed! The small two legged are quick and insist on petting, grabbing and whatever else those small two hands can think of doing. The thought of it always makes me shutter, but getting seen by one of these rascals got me moving!

“We don’t have much time to stop them!” Grey Cloud said in a huff.

“Ten seconds, tops! Now stop dragging your paws!” We stopped at the end of the sidewalk. The busy street taughting us as we stood their like statues. The store was across the way. We watched the large fast- moving rolling legs zoom passed us.

“Hurry! Time is ticking!” We jumped into the street and zig zagged through; We rush to the other side causing the human‘s large rolling legs to almost crash. Yelling and loud honking fill the area.

‘Humans! So mindless, always paying attention to other things, but not the road,’

I think to myself as I leap into hiding with Grey Cloud.

Suddenly a loud bang happens inside the building. Two cats cone running out scared, their meows echoing as they scurry away. Another cat is being dragged out by Catzilla and Weird Mouth.

“We- We’re too late.” Grey Cloud whispers as he lowers his head.

“Leave the cat scratchers, take the fresh fish!” CatZilla says to Weird Mouth. He does as he’s told. CatZilla sniffs the air. Grey Cloud and I duck low.

Let’s get out of here...I think we have visitors.” CatZilla says slyly. They run off with the fish.

Ten seconds too late! We won’t hear the end of this...” Grey Cloud shakes his head before taking off. A light drizzle begins. I chase after Grey Cloud. A Mission unsuccessful. In a short measly ten seconds, all our cat lives changed in a flash. It happens that quick, even for us cats.

”Hurry along!” Grey Cloud calls back to me. I glance for only a moment at the poor soul that has been lost. ‘This is a catastrophe.’ I hurry myself to catch up to Grey Cloud.

‘Ten seconds... Ten seconds too late.’

I hang my head down as we travel back to headquarter. I wasn’t ready to break the news to Sergeant Oreo. Grey Cloud and I stand before the busy street once more.

“Grey Cloud, don’t you think we should go back? We left the body, it’s- the cat could still be alive, maybe he has a chance.” I say quietly. I look back at where we came from. My stomach was twirling.

”If we go back, that’s a death sentence for us both! Don’t be so slow-minded.” He doesn’t look up from the ground.

“Grey Cloud, STOP!” A large SUV comes flying down the street. I run out into the traffic as the car passes. I pull Grey Cloud back up to the sidewalk.

“This can’t be happening! I must find you help!” Grey Cloud was breathing slowly and short. I check my surroundings, the two legged that hit into Grey Cloud comes over to me.

“Oh-I’m so sorry! I will get him help!” The two legged man picks Grey Cloud up into his arms with no hesitation. I start to panic. I meow and meow, but the human pays no mind. The rolling legs disappears out of sight. The storm is coming in and the rain is falling hard. In the far distance I see Catzilla and Weird Mouth watching me.

“Why does everything happen to me?” I race away hoping the darkness from the storm helps with them losing my tracks. I had to inform Sergeant Oreo about the events that took place.

Grey Cloud’s voice echoing in my head “Ten seconds!” The rain hitting my fur hard. I was becoming heavy from the rain. I felt as if I was never going to make it home. My heart beating out of my chest.

If only ten seconds could have ended this cat chase, instead it made it worse by the seconds, by the minutes, and now days. At this point maybe being a house cat wouldn‘t be as bad as I would have imagined in my head.

December 31, 2020 23:54

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